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Chapter 523 - Shen's

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! A few words of work, Li Dong's 3 billion is almost finished. Because still have to leave two hundred million to repay the loan, and then to the Eastwood real estate allocation of 100 million, Li Dong now actually can freely use the money left only two hundred million. The two hundred million, Li Dong ready to slow down. Rich again, can not be so spent, and say other people money can be a little later, the 15% of the shares of the customer Long mortgage of one hundred million loans must be paid back as soon as possible. Returned this money, Li Dong left but 100 million funds. Finished dividing the spoils, Li Dong did not say anything else, waved his hand and said, "Okay, today's meeting is here, everyone go back to the preparation of the preparation, the next is our busy time." Now the four subsidiaries have got the money, especially the supermarket side, I'm afraid the next are busy. Others did not stay, but Sun Tao did not leave. When people finished leaving, Sun Tao said softly: "Mr. Li, you injected so much money into the supermarket this time, let's recalculate the accounts, dilute the shares, don't mess up again like before." Li Dong also did not polite, nodded and said, "I will ask Director Liu to count it later, after that you can also continue to increase the capital. Of course, you should not have so much money now, deducted from the dividends afterwards can also be, maintain 5% of the shares, should not lose. Otherwise, if I continue to inject capital, your shares will be diluted a lot, think about it yourself." Far Eastern Supermarket opened up the East China market, with the current profit of Far Eastern Supermarket, it is difficult to support the expansion of the supermarket. Li Dong must continue to inject capital to do so, and a capital injection, Sun Tao's shares will have to be diluted. In the end, Sun Tao's shares are likely to be diluted to a negligible level, which is not what Li Dong is willing to see. At first kicked Sun Tao from the group to a subsidiary, Li Dong felt enough, if also dilute his hands of shares, this will not be justified. Sun Tao thought about it and finally nodded, "Yes, then I'll thank Mr. Li in advance." Using dividends to offset the capital injection, Sun Tao actually took advantage of it. As the scale of Far Eastern Supermarket expanded, the profit naturally rose, and Sun Tao maintained a 5% share, the dividends he could get were naturally more. This is equivalent to his taking Li Dong's money to make money for themselves, Li Dong is indeed very preferential treatment for him. Sun Tao also did not refuse, on the one hand, Sun Tao also do not want to dilute their shares to that point, on the other hand, is to take care of Li Dong's face. Otherwise, in the end, he Sun Tao was kicked out of the supermarket system, that before Li Dong preached the common wealth became a joke. And Sun Tao is now also a flag, many people know that he holds the supermarket shares, the group's senior management are Sun Tao as the ultimate goal of struggle. At this time, if Sun Tao's shares are diluted to a decimal point, it will be a shame to spread the word. After talking about the shares, Sun Tao got up and said, "General Li, then I'll go back to Sunan now, there are still a lot of things there." "There is no hurry, I have greeted with Director Yuan before, he will go with you this time." Sun Tao looked suspicious and said softly, "Didn't you say to let him ……" "let him take over the Yuanfang Group?" Seeing Sun Tao nodding, Li Dong smiled: "There is this idea, but still wait, Yuan Chengdao is still a little tender. This time let him go back to Sunan with you, it is also a final test, you let him develop the market in Lu Province. If he succeeds, then come back to take over the far side, I have no problem, others have seen his ability. But if he can't even do this well, forget it. I can't just hand over Yuanfang to a random person." As soon as Sun Tao heard it, he agreed: "This is good, I was thinking before, I can't leave the Sunan side, what about Lu Province, now I have Yuan Chengdao to go over, I'm also relieved." "Well, then you go ahead and discuss with Director Yuan, and leave the Sunan and Lu Province side to you." "Don't worry, we will do a good job." …… dismissed Sun Tao, Li Dong rubbed his brow. Next Li Dong picked up the map again and looked at it, the distant East China strategy this time is considered an official step forward. Jiangbei, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, southern Jiangsu, Lu Province, Gan Province, the five provinces of Li Dong began to layout. The only thing left is Minnan and Shanghai, the layout of these two places and then complete, Far Eastern China's road is officially on the right track. But Li Dong is not in a hurry to develop the market in these two places, Shanghai is too competitive, Li Dong temporarily do not want to go over. Minnan is close to the island, and there is a Gan Province between Jiangbei, Li Dong does not want to run so far. In fact, Li Dong now wants to open the road to Sichuan and Shu, between Jiangbei and Sichuan and Shu, separated by a province of E and a mountain city, Li Dong stared at the map for a while, it seems that time is not much. It is now November 06, only one and a half years from May 08. A year and a half, you want to change something, the pace must be accelerated to do so. Li Dong calculated for a while, set himself a goal, half a year, at most half a year, he must open the road to do so. Complete the layout of E province and Shancheng, and then enter the Sichuan Shu market, so that it will not look so abrupt. After all, from the overall layout of Yuanfang, if Yuanfang does not want to enter the Beijing-Tianjin belt and the Pearl River Delta belt, it can only develop in the central and western regions. Compared to the Shaanxi-Gan area, the Sichuan-Shu region is easier to develop, and by then, even if Li Dong develops massively in Sichuan-Shu, outsiders will not suspect. This is a little slower, but more secure and safer. Although Li Dong wants to save people, but also do not want to take themselves into it, he did everything on the premise that is based on their own safety. Otherwise, what's the use of doing all this if you take yourself in. After reading the map, Li Dong was about to get up when his phone rang next to him. After picking up the phone and looking at it, Li Dong laughed and said, "What's wrong, didn't you go out with your aunt?" Shen Xi on the other side of the phone said, "What to play, I am still in the mood to play. Li Dong, why didn't you inform me of your meeting? Liu Hong said you took 3 billion out to share the spoils, but the mall only took 200 million, you are too eccentric it! Although the mall is not as profitable as the supermarket, but now the mall is the time to develop, and the number of registrants will soon reach ten million! With ten million users, the rise of the mall is a matter of time. The sooner it reaches, the sooner the mall can bring benefits to the far side, what makes you give the mall so little money?" Li Dong cried and laughed: "You rest at ease you, can not worry about everything. Give the mall two hundred million is not enough, how much more do you want? The supermarket's East China strategy is now the first goal of the Far East, the mall still has time to develop, the supermarket can not. These two years you have seen, how other retail companies are developing?