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Chapter 524 - Business Leaders

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Pingchuan. Hanging up Shen Xi's phone, Li Dong slightly shook his head. Shen Xi called to help him raise money, Li Dong believes that Shen Xi is kind and is concerned about himself. But Shen Xi does not represent Shen, and Li Dong currently does not really want to deal with Shen. Hearing the other party's request for a shareholding in the Yuanfang Group, Li Dong hardly made a consideration before he felt bad and directly rejected the offer. No matter how many shares the other party wants to hold, at this time Li Dong does not want to draw wolves into the house. Get up and put on his jacket, Li Dong went downstairs and asked Tan Yong to drive to the Guanghe Group. …… photoshop group. Hearing Li Dong say pay back the money, Hu Wanlin was surprised: "So urgent?" Li Dong laughed: "Now there is a bit of money left in hand, first pay the money, so as not to save the money in a few days." Hu Wanlin laughed: "A few days after the money is gone, too exaggerated, right, Yao Hong and them this time but a lot of blood." Last time Yao Hong and Li Dong negotiated, Hu Wanlin was also present. Although I don't know the exact amount, but a rough estimate, Hu Wanlin can also calculate exactly how much money. Li Dong saw her disbelief, did not explain, smiled and said, "Anyway, it does not matter whether there is money or not, or get the shares back first, the mortgage there I do not feel at ease." He only holds 60% of the shares, excluding the 15% shares, Li Dong holds less than half of the shares. This is also the reason why he is anxious to redeem the shares, or else something goes wrong, it will be a big problem. Of course, after a period of time, the plan to increase the share capital of Hakkaslong is completed, the 15% less shares is not too big a problem, but more than one thing is better than less, Li Dong is also lazy at this time to stir things up. Seeing Li Dong said so, Hu Wanlin also did not say more, made a phone call out. Not much time passed, there are two middle-aged men and a woman in her twenties into Hu Wanlin's office. The two sides did not communicate much, although the other side knew Li Dong, but not too surprised. Li Dong entered the customer supermarket, there are many people who know the news. What's more, Li Dong still has 15% of his shares pledged to them, so they naturally know that this is the shares held by Li Dong. Simply calculate the interest, Hu Wanlin's friends, although borrowing money generously, the interest rate is not low. Only a month or so, the interest is almost four million, the average person really can not afford to borrow. Of course, even if you can afford to borrow, people will not borrow, these money lenders are not stupid, if not sure to recover the money, who will lend such a large amount of money at once. It is difficult to borrow money, but it is easy to pay back. The two sides simply signed a few documents, and soon Li Dong's equity certificate came to hand, as for the money, naturally, is also less. The equity certificate came to hand, Li Dong slightly relieved. As soon as the other party left, Li Dong laughed: "These friends of yours have good strength, a hundred million said borrowed, not ordinary people, right?" Loan sharks, in general, really can not get so much money to lend people. There are so much money, but also rarely will continue to do this business. For example, when the Hu Wanlin, even if the one behind her does not step down, she probably will not continue to do. Always walk by the river where there is no wet shoes, these days the wealth of more than 100 million that is very rich, but also do not take the risk. Hu Wanlin smiled and said: "You think too highly of them, you think the money is really their own? Most of them are actually the bank's, and they are a few partners, a person will at most take out ten million only. It's only been a month or so and they've earned four million from you. High risk and high income, a few months time, a person earn a million, who does not want. That is, I wash my hands, otherwise I would have sold my iron to facilitate the deal, anyway, with the shares of the customer Long collateral, the risk is not so great." "That's true, the interest rate is really not low." Li Dong sighed, before he thought Xu Shengzhe was black, in fact, Xu Shengzhe is not really black. The two billion land money turnaround almost one or two months, Xu Shengzhe only 20 million in fees and interest, are close to the good people. If according to Hu Wanlin side, that Li Dong almost have to pay hundreds of millions of interest. This is the capital of Longhua, this kind of channel Li Dong is not, if there is this kind of channel, before he also do not need to beg grandpa and grandma around to find people to borrow money. After settling the outstanding amount, Li Dong talked with Hu Wanlin for a while. Because Hu Wanlin recently took over the business from afar, the company also began to be busy, and in a short time the office came to several groups of people. Li Dong saw the situation and did not stay long, and soon got up and left. After paying off Hu Wanlin's side of 100 million, Li Dong now does not have much money on hand, except for the 200 million reserve of Yuanfang Supermarket and the 200 million loan that is about to expire, Li Dong can really use only 100 million. Thinking about this, Li Dong could not help but feel that the richer you are, the less money you have. The day before he was holding three billion dollars in his hands, the blink of an eye, the money is gone, when will this day be a head. …… afternoon, Li Dong in the company also did not idle. The time passed quickly after discussing with Wang Yue and the girls about developing the market. Around five o'clock, Li Dong's cell phone rang. As soon as the call was answered, Xu Shengzhe asked, "Is there something going on tonight?"