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Chapter 526 - An opportunity not to be missed

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Xu Shengzhe said Zhu Yicai wait anxiously, that is just a joke. Like Zhu Yicai this kind of person, can become the richest man in southern Jiangsu at the age of knowing the fate of the day, enough patience that is a necessary quality. The richest man in a province, not anyone can be. Jiangbei side of Xu Jianghua are almost old, and he started earlier than Zhu Yicai, but now the two are very different, so that even Xu Jianghua ability is not necessarily strong Zhu Yicai. Li Dong two people to the time, Zhu Yicai very warm, but also very polite. Like pulling a family, pulling one person to the table, Zhu Yicai red face: "Today I have the honor to share a table with two young handsome people in Jiangbei, I am particularly happy! You also know that I am the old Jiangbei origin, also went out from Jiangbei back then. Now I am honored to see that my hometown has produced such handsome people!" Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe followed a few words of courtesy, Xu Shengzhe behaved as usual, but Li Dong was a little helpless. He found that these old men seem to like to hold the hand of men to talk about things, you say we are not familiar with, although they are men, but you always hold hands, do not be awkward ah! Spit, Li Dong also did not capricious to shake off each other's hands. Since the old Zhu wants to show his enthusiasm, he will suffer, he also counted over these two years of experience. No matter how the heart thinks, Li Dong on the surface smile has not been broken. He and Zhu Yicai is not familiar with, now also can not see is an enemy or friend, there is no need because Xu Shengzhe a few words of scorn Li Dong will be the other party as an enemy. Besides, Xu Shengzhe's enemies, that does not necessarily mean that he is Li Dong's enemy. After a period of courtesy, Zhu Yicai finally let go, put down two people, Zhu Yicai said: "I'll introduce you two, this is the general manager of the Jiangbei Yurun branch, Huang Jie, this is the general manager of the Jiangbei Yurun food branch, Liu Yunfei ……" booth in addition to In addition to Zhu Yi Cai, there are three men and one woman. The three men are the people of Yurun, Li Dong also did not pay too much attention, smiled and said hello, Li Dong then looked at the woman standing on the right side of Zhu Yicai. Not how beautiful this woman, but Li Dong felt that he should have seen her. But the impression is a little vague, Li Dong did not remember for a while who the other party actually is. When he looked at the other party, the woman seemed to notice Li Dong's gaze, looked up at Li Dong, the woman smiled coquettishly and said, "Mr. Li, we meet again." Li Dong snorted and laughed: "Yes, we meet again, coincidentally." Seeing this woman greeting herself in front of Zhu Yicai in a relaxed manner, Li Dong knew that this should not be someone from Yurun. Sure enough, seeing Li Dong and the woman greet each other, Zhu Yicai then laughed: "So Mr. Li and Mr. Xia know each other, but I'd better introduce you again thickly, Mr. Xia Ran Xia, the chairman and general manager of Qing Ren jewelry, this is a strong woman in the business world, a woman who can't let go of a man!" "Xia Ran!" Li Dong's eyes flashed for a moment, he finally remembered who the other party was. When he clashed with Wang Pengfei and his group, there was a woman named Xia Ran among Wang Pengfei's group at that time. Afterwards, Li Dong had someone investigate their background, Wang Pengfei and Chen Hongming is in the real estate business, and after that also opened up in Pingchuan. But Xia Ran seems to have disappeared from that time onwards, Li Dong did not hear news about her again. Originally, Li Dong thought that Xia Ran went back to Shudu, after all, the market in Jiangbei is not so good to open, Xia Ran retreat is not strange. But now look at Xia Ran and Zhu Yicai familiar look, Li Dong suddenly some understanding. The woman did not go back, but diverted to Sunan, and even hitched a line with Yurun. Yurun seems to have nothing to do with the jewelry industry, but now Yurun is also involved in department stores and supermarkets, and even many Yurun commercial plazas have sprung up in East China. This time Xia Ran and Zhu Yizai cooperation, it seems not surprising. Just like Li Dong and Jinding Jewelry, both sides are actually mutually beneficial, a company that has just ventured into the retail industry and a jewelry company that has just entered the East China market, these two may be more acceptable to each other when they cooperate. Li Dong pondered while greeting Xia Ran. After all, it was the first time we met, and we had nothing in common. After a few simple conversations and a couple of drinks with him, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe got up and said goodbye. Zhu Yicai also did not stop, the first meeting, we are to mix a face, to talk about things, the next time there will be an excuse, there is no need to say anything more. The first meeting of all people is officially over. …… Once out of the private room, Xu Shengzhe said, "That Xia Ran you know?" "Met once, not too familiar." Xu Shengzhe frowned: "You are not familiar with, but I have heard a few times, this woman is not simple. Before she went to Sunan, I actually heard about it, this time she and Zhu Yicai returned to Pingchuan together, what do you think their purpose is?"