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Chapter 528 - The Genius of the Junior Class

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Dong returned to the office after the meeting, it was already an hour later. As soon as he entered the office, Li Dong froze. This is sure this is his office? Looking back at the door, Li Dong said with a black line on his face, "Chen Ke, come in!" Chen Ke cautiously entered the door and said apprehensively, "Mr. Li, you are looking for me?" "You said it!" Li Dong pointed to the messy office and said, "Didn't I tell you to keep an eye on her before I left? What's going on here?" Chen Ke wanted to cry and said, "Mr. Li, I really can't keep an eye on her. Miss Hu sat in the office for a while, too depressing office, had to call people over to rearrange, when you were in a meeting, I did not go to bother you. So ……" "So my office can now open Part?" Li Dong grunted, and looked at the workers who were arranging the balloon ribbons, waved his hand, "Let them withdraw the stuff, what's going on, let people see it still must be a joke!" Chen Ke stole a glance at him and whispered, "Mr. Li, actually I think it's okay, why don't we leave those flower pots?" Li Dong looked at the extra pots of flowers and plants in the office, looked at them, it seems that they are indeed more pleasing to the eye, and the office also has more life, nodded and said: "The flowers stay, the other things are withdrawn for me. By the way, where is Hu Xiaorui?" "Miss Hu ……" Chen Ke swept around the office, then said: "should go to the rest room, she did not go out, I was watching outside." Li Dong rubbed his head, while walking, "You first let these people clean up, I go in to see, next time without my permission, do not move my office, understand?" "Understood." Li Dong also did not say more and went into the break room in the office. Because Li Dong had been in the company for a long time, his rest room was still luxuriously arranged, and the place was also large and sunny. When he entered, Hu Xiaorui was lying on the sofa, seriously reading a book. Li Dong saw the light cough, Hu Xiaorui looked back at him, then began to lie down again to continue reading. Li Dong said: "Rui, what is the whole thing, I've only been gone for a while, the office is messed up by you." Hu Xiaorui now came back to his senses, a moment to climb up, gleefully said: "Is not a lot better? You are too depressing, not good at all, I help you rearrange it, this is my own pocket, are you touched?" "Touched my head!" Li Dong said with a speechless face: "Okay, do not talk about this, what are you just reading?" "A storybook." "Storybook? You brought it?" "No, inside your office." Li Dong was confused, there are story books in his office? After taking a look, Li Dong patted his head when he saw what Hu Xiaorui was reading: "Oh, I almost missed it, but you found it." Hu Xiaorui read not what story book, but the last Zhang Mang left the script of the book "Ears Great Blessings". Li Dong almost forgot about it because he was so busy these days. Zhang Meng is still waiting for a reply in Pingchuan, if not Hu Xiaorui turned the script out, Li Dong almost really forgot about it. See Hu Xiaorui look serious, Li Dong said funny: "This is not what story book, the script understand, shooting movies with." Hu Xiaorui some contempt said: "You think I'm stupid ah, I will not know this is the script? What's wrong with the script, the script is also a story, how can I not read it?" "I ……" Li Dong some headache said: "Forget it, and you pull these useless, you a girl in addition to reading the story probably will not be other." Hu Xiaorui puffed out her mouth a little angry: "Look down on people! You do not know how to pretend to understand, watch the movie is not the story, if the story is not well written, who will go to see ah! And dare to look down on people, I do not look down on you, you still look down on me, I am angry!" "I do not look down on you ……" "You just look down on me!" Hu Xiaorui puffed out. "Really did not!" "Just did!" Li Dong found and this girl can't say, some head Avenue: "get get get, count me wrong, don't fight these." "Originally you are wrong!" Hu Xiaorui some proudly said: "I am a genius girl, much smarter than you, to look down on, also have to be me to look down on you right." Li Dong face black line, black face said: "point face into it?" Also genius girl, this girl is really getting more and more narcissistic. Hu Xiaorui mumbled: "I didn't say it, people say so, okay." "Who is so insensitive?" Li Dong teased, Hu Xiaorui said: "Many people, my father, my mother, and my great uncle they all say so. And my classmates teachers also said so, I was originally a genius girl." "Well, you really take it seriously." Li Dong let out a laugh, feeling that this girl is really naive. People praise her, that is on the face of her family history, but also this girl still remember in the heart. Seeing several times by Li Dong despise, Hu Xiaorui some angry, aggrieved: "originally is! When I was in school, I was always the first in the class, I went to the junior class, too, in the hospital, I was always the first! Only once did I come second in the exam, and that was when I was sick and didn't do well."