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Chapter 529 - The Idea of Relocating the Headquart

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The next morning Hu Xiaorui arrived as scheduled. Li Dong saw this girl came again, did not even think directly to Zhang Meng called. If you don't find something for this girl, Li Dong's office will soon become Hu Xiaorui's playground. Zhang Mang came quickly, Li Dong put down the phone soon, Zhang Mang hurried over. Once he saw that there were outsiders in Li Dong's office, Zhang Mang looked a little formal, Li Dong saw the situation and smiled: "Zhang, let me introduce you, this is the Miss Nanrui Group, Hu Xiaorui, is also my friend." After saying that, Li Dong introduced to Hu Xiaorui: "This is Zhang Meng, director Zhang, Xiaorui, the script you read yesterday was written by director Zhang." Hu Xiaorui listened with some interest and said, "You wrote that script yesterday?" Zhang Meng has come to Jiangbei for some time, Nanrui Group is still somewhat famous in the local area, Zhang Meng has also heard of this enterprise. Knowing that Hu Xiaorui is the first lady of Nanrui, Zhang Meng hurriedly said politely, "Miss Hu, the script was written by me." "It's quite interesting, but it feels a bit depressing, can you change the script? Can you change the script to be more cheerful, I like to see a little humor, you write quite well, but not many people like the black humor." Li Dong heard, this girl's evaluation is quite professional. The comedy written by Zhang Meng is indeed a bit depressing, and the "Ears are blessed" is actually not a comedy when you get down to it, but more of a realistic documentary. This subject matter of the film, to be honest, the audience is a little small. Zhang Meng himself is also clear about this, but Zhang Meng did not rush to speak, but looked at Li Dong. Change the script, it is not a big problem. Zhang Meng still has some talent in comedy, really want to write a comedy, it is not impossible to write. If he didn't have comedic talent, old Zhao wouldn't have taken him as the royal scriptwriter. But the script is not just change, and not just anyone can let him change, Hu Xiaorui he does not know, why she said change. Li Dong saw the situation and laughed: "Director Zhang, you said before looking for investment? I discussed with Miss Hu, the two of us jointly invest in your film, what do you think?" Zhang Meng was delighted when he heard that, "Yes, yes, Miss Hu can see my script for investment, I can't wait to rejoice. If Miss Hu is not satisfied with the script, I can change it until Miss Hu is satisfied!" Zhang Meng is now also anxious, he wants to change careers, but no one sees him. Looking for investment for so long, has been no play, now Li Dong they want to invest, Zhang Meng which still care about changing the script. If it was the time when the script just won the award, someone said he wanted to change the script, Zhang Mang is not necessarily happy. But now at this point, change the script, just change the script, as long as they are willing to pay for it. This is his first film, even if it does not come to his mind that is fine, as long as the industry, with the work, the next time to find someone to invest is much easier. Seeing that Zhang Mang agreed, Li Dong smiled and said, "Then tell me, director Zhang, what is your budget?" "Five million!" "Too much, four million, I and Miss Hu each contribute two million, what do you think?" Zhang Meng didn't even think about it and said, "OK, four million is fine." In fact, his budget for "Big Ears, Big Fortunes" was really not high, and he thought that three million would be fine. When he said five million, it was because Li Dong had money and he deliberately misrepresented some of it. Now Li Dong said four million, has reached his psychological expectations, Zhang Meng naturally have no comments. Li Dong is also too lazy to say too much, he now only wants a quick battle, after finishing the matter of investment amount, Li Dong said: "Zhang director, I have a few small requirements, you listen to consider." "Mr. Li, you say." "First, the shooting location can not be in the northeast, you change the script, it is best to put in Jiangbei, any questions?" Zhang Mang frowned slightly and thought about it, "Mr. Li, if you change the background, you may not be able to shoot that kind of flavor." "It's up to you, director Zhang, or you can use the northeast as the background, but the actual shooting location is still Jiangbei, is that okay?" Zhang Meng gritted his teeth and nodded, "Yes!" "Second, Miss Hu serves as the producer of the film." It's not unusual for an investor to act as a producer, so Zhang Meng said, "No problem." "Third, the shooting time should be fast, we can get the money immediately, you immediately arrange the personnel in place, start shooting as soon as possible. What can be solved in three days, don't delay five days, the sooner the better, okay?" Zhang Meng gritted his teeth and said, "Yes!" "Okay, then I have no other requirements." Li Dong didn't ask much of Zhang Meng, so he took it as a test run for the first time. As for how the results would be, let's talk about it when the time comes. After saying this, Li Dong said to Hu Xiaorui: "Xiaorui, why don't you accompany Director Zhang to work together for a few days, after all, Director Zhang is unfamiliar in Jiangbei, you help out." Hu Xiaorui said enthusiastically, "Yes, right, director Zhang, I can find my favorite stars to play?" Zhang Meng glanced at Li Dong, who laughed: "Director Zhang is the gatekeeper, as long as you feel appropriate, it is not a problem. If the budget is exceeded, it's okay, we can add more later." As soon as he heard Li Dong say that the late stage can be added, Zhang Meng's eyes immediately lit up and said: "No problem, who Miss Hu likes, I will immediately go to contact. But I'm afraid they can't arrange their schedules." "This you discuss yourselves, Rui, I still have some things on my side, you and Zhang director continue to talk." "Got it, you go ahead and get busy." Hu Xiaorui now found something of interest, also have no time to take care of Li Dong, waved his hand and sent him away. Li Dong lost his smile, did not say anything else, the office to the two himself went out to busy. …… Hu Xiaorui and Zhang Meng how to discuss, Li Dong did not have time to care. Anyway, these two people talk very right, the morning after the discussion, the afternoon went out to work. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. Whether it is the venue or the staff, it is not difficult for Hu Xiaorui. However, Zhang Mang has to go back to the northeast, he can not shoot the film alone, but also some helpers. Although Jiangbei side can find people, but he is not familiar with these people, can not control the situation, a new director is a big problem for him. The two of them how busy, Li Dong also do not care, without Hu Xiaorui toss, his side is also a lot easier. …… November 18, after a week of preparation, the expansion of the far side finally kicked off. Yuan Chengdao and Sun Tao had already rushed to Sunan and Lu Province, and Yuan Chengdao officially began to conduct market research and site search for Lu Province.