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Chapter 530 - Jinding's Sense of Crisis

  Lanshan Manor. Li Dong just got out of the car and saw Ji Lansing who was walking with an old man not far away. Ji Lanxin also saw Li Dong long ago, and when she saw Li Dong get off, Ji Lanxin walked over with the old man. After greeting Li Dong, Ji Lanxin smiled lightly and said, "Mr. Li, this is my father, the chairman of Jinding Jewelry, you probably haven't seen my father, right?" Before Li Dong could make a sound, Ji Yuanzhong said with a smile, "Yes, of course I have. Mr. Li probably does not remember, last time at the Chamber of Commerce, we met." Li Dong stared at him for a while before he smiled and said, "Excuse me, Mr. Ji, I didn't recognize you last time, so I'm sorry for the delay." Ji Yuanzhong smiled and said, "It's okay, it's okay, a bunch of old men, they all look the same, besides we haven't met before, it's normal that Mr. Li doesn't know me." Li Dong smiled and chatted with the two, and then said, "Ji Dong, Miss Ji, why don't we go in and have a seat?" He thought they would refuse, but Ji Lanxin said, "Then go in and sit for a while, it just so happens that I haven't seen Stone and Xiao Yu in the past few days, so I'll go in and see them." Li Dong was surprised: "You know Shi and Xiaoyu?" Ji Lanxin said with a smile, "Mr. Li, we are next door neighbors, of course I know Stone and Xiaoyu." "That's true." Li Dong gave a laugh and guided the two towards the villa. As soon as they entered the villa door, Wang Jie's impatient voice came from inside the house: "Dongzi, the stock market has gone up again! Now the stock market funds have reached 1.3 billion, do you see if we ……" said Wang Jie before walking out of the door. Before he only saw Li Dong, wait to see Li Dong behind Ji Yuanzhong father and daughter, Wang Jie to mouth words abruptly shrunk back. The corners of his mouth twitched gently, Wang Jie smiled sarcastically and said, "Mr. Ji and Miss Ji are also here, look at my mouth, I like to talk nonsense all day long, so, you guys talk, I will go to the hospital to see, Mei Zi is still in the hospital." Li Dong's eyelids drooped slightly, then he returned to his normal state and smiled, "Plum is due soon, right, how many more days?" "Just this week, then I'll go first, Dongzi, you sit for a while, I'll be back later." "Okay, I'll go to the hospital later when I'm done." "Okay, then I'm leaving." Dropping these words, Wang Jie hurriedly walked away, while walking also gently slapped his mouth, apparently some chagrin. Li Dong whistled, but did not say anything. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. If not for Wang Jie's accidental omission, I'm afraid no one would have thought that Li Dong actually had such a large amount of money in the stock market. Li Dong speculation, Ji Lanxin and Ji Yuanzhong are actually aware of. After all, Tang Kuan they have lived here for half a year, Ji Yuanzhong and they are not stupid, long ago figured out the other side of the bottom. But before they had always thought that Li Dong in the stock market should not invest much money, do more than a few tens of millions over a hundred million. After all, Far Eastern has been expanding since this year, and funds are very tight. Far Eastern Group seems to be not small in size, but actually profitable only a supermarket system, and the supermarket system not only to support the expansion of the supermarket, but also to support the expansion of other subsidiaries. In Ji Yuanzhong's opinion, Li Dong should have little extra funds on hand. But what did they hear just now? 1.3 billion of stock market capital, which is almost as much as the market value of a GDT jewelry, and still silent kind. I'm afraid no one in Jiangbei could have imagined that Li Dong would have so much money in the stock market. Ji Yuanzhong took a breath and gently winked at Ji Lansing, who saw this and nodded slightly. …… into the villa, Li Dong first beckoned Ji Yuanzhong father and daughter to sit down, then and Tang Kuan and they waved and let them go about their business. When the nanny poured the tea, Li Dong lightly smiled and said, "Ji Dong, we have been neighbors for quite a few days, today by coincidence, we finally met, I tea instead of wine, to you a cup." Ji Yuanzhong quickly laughed, "Li is too polite." The two of them drank a cup of tea, and then chatted a few words of gossip. Ji Lanxin, who was sitting at the side, listened for a while, and when Li Dong and Ji Yuanzhong talked about Zhu Yicai, Ji Lanxin suddenly said, "Mr. Li, I heard that you know Mr. Xia Ran Xia?" "Xia Ran?" Li Dong smiled, "Miss Ji also knows her?" "I've heard a little, after all, they are all peers." Ji Lanxin smiled and said, "I heard that Mr. Li and Mr. Xia dined together at Tianhu before, is that true?" Li Dong frowned slightly, Ji Lanxin hurriedly said: "I do not mean anything else, just heard a friend mention a mouth, I was thinking whether to let Mr. Li introduce Mr. Xia to me." Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "It's just a one-sided acquaintance. Last time, Mr. Xia and Mr. Zhu had dinner together and I happened to run into them." As if she really did not know the inside story, Ji Lanxin nodded and said, "So that's how it is, then it looks like Mr. Xia is ready to cooperate with Yurun, which is a bit unexpected." Li Dong glanced at her and laughed a little in his heart. This woman probably has some sense of crisis, after all, she and Xia Ran are both in the jewelry business. When he met with Xia Ran, Ji Lanxin should be afraid that he would cooperate with Qing Ren, so this is why he mentioned a mouth in a roundabout way. Li Dong saw her pretending not to know, smiled and said, "Mr. Xia and Mr. Zhu should have talked about cooperation, besides Mr. Xia has not come to Yuanfang, I just want to find Mr. Xia to cooperate, there is no way to do so." Ji Lanxin smiled a little embarrassed and laughed dryly, "That's because Xia Ran has self-awareness, Yuanfang is the leading retailer in Jiangbei. Although the development of clear love jewelry in Shudu is good, but the popularity is only limited to a corner of the land, there is no advantage to speak of in Jiangbei.