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Chapter 531: The market breaks through 2000 points

  Li Dong's words fell, the Ji family father and daughter are some big head. This is really a bad move all set to lose! The previous negotiation with Yuanfang, Li Dong's attitude is not so resolute, but now Li Dong is not even want to talk in depth, such a change also let the Ji family father and daughter slightly regret. After a while, Ji Yuanzhong said: "Mr. Li, the cooperation between GDT Jewelry and Yuanfang in Jiangbei is still very pleasant. Now GDT wants to open up the market, so does Yuanfang, and cooperation is beneficial to both sides. In addition to resources, we at GDT can contribute, and in terms of capital, if Mr. Li needs it, we at GDT can also raise some of the funds to support Yuanfang's expansion." Seeing that he was not determined, Li Dong smiled and said, "I'm afraid Ji Dong doesn't know that Yuanfang is not only expanding in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, but also in Lu and Gan Provinces. If there is no accident, before the end of the year, the other two provinces should also enter the preparation stage. As for the capital, Yuanfang can still get this amount of money out, so I would like to thank Ji Dong for his kindness." It was not that Li Dong had to refuse the cooperation with GDT, but GDT did not have the strength, and Li Dong did not want to accommodate them too much. GDT and Yuanfang are just a cooperative relationship, and Li Dong doesn't owe them anything. And besides Jiangbei, GDT's fame is not very big and does not bring much help to Yuanfang. In business, why would Li Dong agree to something without benefits? He has invested 1.2 billion dollars in developing the market in the three provinces, and this is only the money invested in the initial opening of the store, and the next various messy expenses added together, Li Dong must prepare at least 2 billion dollars to do so. The far side of the investment is so large, not who wants to ride the wind can be. Besides, does GDT have the money to expand? Not Li Dong underestimated them, GDT business in the past two years is also general, if not Ji Lanxin make some noise, GDT is afraid that even the current reputation is not. Gold jewelry and stagnant capital is a serious industry, open up a provincial market, they may be able to barely support the entire East China market, sold the Golden Tripod also did not have the capital. And the far side based on other provinces, if you can find local enterprises to cooperate, is not more cost-effective. As for Ji Lanyin and how they think, it does not matter, he and Ji Lanyin just cooperation, and not sold to Ji Lanyin. …… Ji Lansing and Ji Yuanzhong were disappointed and went away. Today's cooperation intention is obviously not reached, which makes Ji Lanxin father and daughter two very sorry. At the same time, the father and daughter were shocked. Today to Li Dong this trip, they know a lot of big news, one is that Li Dong in the stock market has a huge amount of money, up to 1.3 billion. Another is that Yuanfang is not only developing the market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, there are other provinces, Li Dong's gesture is really not small. Jiangzhe side because Wang Yue made a lot of noise, they still know. But Lu Province and Gan Province, the two really do not know anything. When they thought that Li Dong actually developed the market in three provinces at the same time, the father and daughter were shocked and felt a little helpless at the same time. If they had the strength to eat the three provincial markets at the same time, I'm afraid that Li Dong would not refuse their cooperation. But GDT does not have the strength, a small fight, Li Dong is not necessarily willing to pay this matter. …… and the Ji family's father and daughter's conversation, Li Dong also did not care too much. The moment Ji Lanxin left, Li Dong beckoned Tang Kuan to come over to talk, today's Tang Kuan a few people look a little excited. Li Dong opened the topic, Tang Kuan said excitedly: "Mr. Li, the stock market is getting better and better! At most three days, the SSE index will definitely break through the 2000 mark! From the beginning of the year more than 1100 points, this is less than a year, the SSE index nearly doubled. We bought those stocks, 90% of the stocks rose by more than 30%, individual stocks rose even more than 50%, and even doubled. From a capital of 900 million in August, to now, the value of the stocks in our hands is more than 1.3 billion ……" Tang Kuan cracked up a lot, Li Dong first nodded before finally asking, "So what do you mean now?" In the past, although Tang Kuan was happy when the stock went up, he was not so excited. Today is so excited, obviously there is another purpose. Sure enough, once Li Dong asked, Tang Kuan was a little embarrassed and said, "Mr. Li, what I mean is that the stock market is very good now, and the market is even expected to break through 3000 points. Mr. Wang's side is hoping that you sell part of it, but we think we can continue to hold it now, after all, it's a bit of a pity to sell it at this time." This is placed in the past, Tang Kuan is certainly not to say. But seeing that the broad market index is almost doubled, Li Dong's capital has also turned from 900 million to 1.3 billion, and it is even close to doubling. At this time, Tang Kuan and the others could not help but remember Li Dong's promise that if the invested capital could be doubled, then Li Dong would give each of them a bonus of two million. In addition to the guaranteed 500,000, as well as the usual base salary, they can get their hands on the money will be more than two and a half million. 06 years, can get more than two and a half million salary in a year, even the top trader may not be able to reach every year. They are a few not in no less than the trader, can get so much money, each person is naturally full of desire. Of course, Tang Kuan does not dare to say anything nonsense.