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Chapter 532 - The Scourge of the Yuan Family

  Outside the hospital room. The two men found an unoccupied aisle, and one lit a cigarette and smoked it. Wang Jie took a hard puff and lamented, "It's been a while since I smoked, I just quit, and you've brought me down." Li Dong rolled his eyes and said, "Get lost, if you don't smoke, pinch it, don't throw sewage on me." Wang Jie gave a heated laugh and continued to smoke with pleasure. Li Dong did not care about him, smoked a few mouthfuls before asking: "Say, what is it, mysterious, is it that you are having an affair?" Wang Jie said with a black line on his face: "Don't bullshit, I am that kind of person? Besides, I'm about to become a father, which has time to think about this." Wang Jie finished smoking a cigarette and exhaled a smoke ring before saying, "This matter actually does not have much to do with me, about you." "My?" "Well, I was a little hesitant to tell you, but I thought about it for a while, it's not really possible not to tell you." Li Dong cried and laughed: "If you have something to say, why are you beating around the bush, do I have something to hide?" Wang Jie skimmed his mouth, and did not rush to speak, after a while Wang Jie extinguished his cigarette, and only then slowly said, "Yuan Xue is back." "Hmm?" Li Dong raised his eyebrows, a little surprised: "This time is not on holiday, right?" "It's not a holiday." "Not on vacation? Could it be that the exchange time is up?" Yuan Xue is an exchange student of NPC, and the exchange time is usually one to two years, but last time Yuan Xue seemed to have said a mouthful that she had applied to stay in the United States. If the application is successful, then Yuan Xue can not have to return to the NPC. Now that he heard that Yuan Xue had returned, Li Dong's first thought was naturally that Yuan Xue's application had been rejected. "No." Wang Jie shook his head and said, "It has nothing to do with studies, her family had a change of heart, so Yuan Xue came back." "Change of heart? What kind of change?" Wang Jie did not rush to reply, but asked: "Yuan Xue her family what do you know?" Li Dong said: "Nonsense, her parents do not open a clothing store? I heard that there are several stores in Qingyang, and the trend is developing into a chain of stores, I can not know?" Wang Jie smiled and said, "You are still inquiring quite clearly. Today I want to talk to you is also this, her family business problems, her parents are now almost bankrupt, the old couple are anxious to jump, you said Yuan Xue can not come back?" Li Dong was confused: "Bankruptcy? Their family clothing store business is not quite good? I have not seen the Qingyang side, Dongping side I know, their clothing store business is very good, how suddenly went bankrupt?" "I'm not too sure about the details, listen to Chen Yue said ……" "Wait!" Li Dong suddenly interrupted his words, frowned: "You and Chen Yue still have contact?" Said Li Dong also deliberately looked outside the aisle, see no one, before continuing: "Mei Zi but soon to be born, even if you want to do something, do not rush at this point, know how bad. Besides, Chen Yue kicked you in the first place, you can't get up a bit of memory, and now you're hooking up?" Wang Jie stared at him with a black face and grunted under his breath, "Don't take me for you, okay? I'm a family man, don't slander me! Chen Yue looked for me, but not because of you, Yuan Xue family accident or Chen Yue told me. I know what she means, is not only know you have money, want to find you to help. But Chen Yue embarrassed to look for you directly, only to find my head in a roundabout way, this matter Mei Zi also know, you damn now also lecture me?" Li Dong saw him glaring at him, and laughed dryly, "Okay, I misunderstood. But this matter again how to involve Chen Yue head, and Yuan Xue also did not call and I said." Wang Jie looked like he didn't know him and said, "Li Dong, are you a classmate with me or not? Class president you still do not understand? Even if there is something she will not tell us, only smothered in the heart. Even Chen Yue, that is also heard from others, and then she went to the class president's home, only to know this. Otherwise, you think the class president will say such things to the public? You see her back home to tell others? Still expect her to call you, dream on!" Being despised by Wang Jie, Li Dong depressed, "OK, OK, OK, forget what I just said. Just now you said that Yuan Xue's family is going bankrupt, what happened?" Wang Jie also did not bother to talk to him, crackling the original story to tell. In fact, the specific Wang Jie is not too clear, he said all Chen Yue told him, after finishing the matter, Wang Jie said: "True or false I dare not guarantee, I also do not have time to test. But Chen Yue should not lie to me, before I think about you and Qin Yuhan side, has not been ready to tell you. But then Meizi said this matter or have to ask your own opinion, I think it is right, this time to tell you, save you blame me later." Li Dong nodded and did not say anything, lit a cigarette and smoked. In fact, Wang Jie said the matter is also simple, business bankruptcy, no more than those few reasons. And small business bankruptcy to the point of jumping, the biggest factor is to be cheated, as when Wang Jia's father. This time Yuan Xue side is similar, her parents were also cheated. Do clothing, it is reasonable to say how to cheat again can not cheat much money, not to mention the Yuan family before there is a lot of capital, not to the point of jumping off the building. But this time Yuan Xue's parents were really cheated. After all, it is still greed. Yuan Xue's parents have been doing a lot of business over the years, just in the city of Qingyang opened four stores, Dongping side also has two, the total assets dare not say too much, two or three million that is certainly there. But also because of this, the two families have become the eyes of the scammers fat. The first half of this year, the Yuan family clothing store came a big boss, a breath in the Yuan family clothing store to buy tens of thousands of dollars of clothing. This is 06 years, and the Yuan family is still doing low-grade clothing, tens of thousands of dollars, that is the authentic luxury customers. The parents of Yuan Xue naturally had to personally receive the luxurious customer. After a few exchanges, the big boss claimed to be a businessman from Lingnan, now investing in a factory in Qingyang. These clothes are bought for the employees as work clothes. And this is only the first batch. The big boss said that if it works well, he will buy clothes from Yuan's side next. 10,000 is just a small amount, but if all the clothes from Yuan's side are used as work clothes, 100,000 is not much. When they met such a big potential customer, Yuan Xue's parents didn't rush to flatter them and didn't care to think why such a big customer didn't go to the garment factory to customize but came to their store. And the other side did not lie to the Yuan family couple, just after the other side bought the first batch of clothing, the other side came twice more. These two big boss from Lingnan the same generous, not even return the price, again spent 20,000 yuan to buy a batch of clothing. Before and after a few days of work, the other side bought 30,000 yuan of things, at this time who will still think the other side is a fraud. Because the big boss said, behind at least there are nearly 100,000 yuan to buy things, Yuan Xue parents have been looking forward to each other door. But this wait is three months, three months after the big boss again door-to-door. This time or the same routine, door to door to buy clothes, but from the spring clothes changed to summer clothes. Yuan Xue's father asked a few questions in a roundabout way where the big boss went this time, when it was not said to 100,000 of goods? How come the latter did not come again? The big boss did not hide, explained that he was busy working, these days have been talking business. The latter batch of clothing was bought, but unfortunately his staff went to buy, the big boss also forgot to instruct to come to him to buy. This can be Yuan Xue parents regret, that is 100,000 yuan of goods, a change of hands is 20,000 to 30,000 profit is gone.