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Chapter 533 - Smashing money is too brutal

  Li Dong said no hurry, anyway, Yuan Xue's parents can not die of hunger. But wait back to the company, Li Dong and some can not sit still. Now that Yuan Xue has returned to China, I don't know if her studies have been delayed, plus when she left, Yuan Xue was still sad to leave. Since he knows that the Yuan family is in trouble, he can't just watch the show from the sidelines. The company's business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. He was ready to go, Liu Qi had to whisper: "Mr. Li, Director Yuan has now gone to Lu Province, Mr. Shen is also on leave, you are leaving ……" Li Dong frowned: "Just a few days' work, I'll be back soon, can Yuanfang even a few days can not hold up? Is it possible that without me, you are all white rice eaters?" Liu Qi looked embarrassed, but still said, "Mr. Li, I don't mean that. But do you think you should inform Mr. Shen and ask him to come back?" "No need!" Li Dong vetoed the proposal in one breath, having Shen Xi come back would be more trouble. The reason he went by himself was to solve the Yuan family's trouble on the one hand, and to see Yuan Xue on the other. If this matter is known by Shen Xi, the woman jealous will not care if you know each other first. …… 19 morning, Li Dong rushed back to Dongping. This time he returned to Dongping very low-key, even his own Maybach did not open, but replaced the company's an Audi. The people accompanying him are not many, on Zhou Haidong and Tan Yong two. These two guys are aware of Yuan Xue, and they are tight lipped, Li Dong is not afraid of them telling others. When we got to Dongping, Li Dong was a little hesitant again. How should he help the Yuan family? Is it possible to directly go over and give money? But this seems a bit inappropriate, he knows the nature of Yuan Xue, if you give money directly, she will ten ** will refuse. One person short, Li Dong thought about asking Zhou Haidong: "Old Zhou, you help me together, how to deal with this ……" Li Dong will briefly say the matter, Zhou Haidong confused: "Mr. Li, hundreds of thousands of things, you yourself to help pay off the debt will not be?" Li Dong said: "Nonsense, how do I know who they owe money to. Besides, directly helping to pay off the debt, that does not show my brilliant!" Zhou Haidong held back his laughter, and Tan Yong next to him also held back his laughter and said, "Mr. Li, I seem to have some understanding of what you mean, you don't want to smash the money directly, it seems too rough, right?" "Yes, that's the reason, it's still Lao Tan who understands me. Old Zhou, go back and read more books, look at you, at least you are also the department director, the more you mix back." Zhou Haidong want to cry, all said and done is not to pick up a girl, which came so much to say. But since Li Dong like, Zhou Haidong had to say: "This matter is actually also simple, Mr. Li, you do not want to directly smash money? Then do not smash money, Yuan family does not do clothing, the hands of the batch of furs were cheated, but the furs are not still in it. We also have a clothing counter in the supermarket, you help to sell it is not enough. Although it is weasel skin, but weasel skin is actually quite valuable, the Yuan family can not sell out, that is no channel. We are so many supermarkets, a supermarket to sell a few pieces that also sold out. Three hundred pieces of furs, one sold for a thousand, that is also worth 300,000, a thousand dollars can actually be sold. If 300,000 is not enough, you can add some more when the time comes, to pay off the debt, how much to sell a specific piece, the Yuan family does not know." Li Dong laughed at this: "Good, you are finally enlightened, I just thought so too." Zhou Haidong is full of bitter smile, but the boss said so, he has nothing to refute. After agreeing on a plan, Li Dong looked at the time and said, "Then do not go to the clothing store, go directly to Yuan's house, looking for old Yuan to talk about cooperation. Old Yuan is now sick at heart, do you think if I help him deal with the furs and still recover part of the capital, will he have to be grateful to me?" "Definitely!" "Then you say, when old Yuan gets well, will Yuan Xue have to be grateful to me too?" "Absolutely!" "If Yuan Xue is grateful to me, isn't it better than me directly smashing money?" "Undoubtedly!" The corners of Li Dong's mouth twitched, black face said: "Where did you learn these, next time just say yes and no!" Zhou Haidong smiled, the boss became difficult to serve when it comes to women, next time this kind of thing involving women they better stay away from the right. …… Yuan family. The original Yuan Xue parents are usually in Qingyang development, since Yuan Xue went to college, they have rarely returned to Dongping. But because they were cheated last time, the two families gave their house in Qingyang against the debt. In Qingyang without a house, plus the Qingyang side of the trouble too much, the two are not very good health, they chose to go back to Dongping to recuperate. Yuan Xue's home Li Dong is known, but he has never been to the door. This time over, Li Dong is still the first time to go to the door. Outside the door, the whole clothes to make themselves look sharp, Li Dong then knocked on the door. The door knocked for a while, but there was no movement inside. Just when Li Dong thought that Yuan Xue's parents were not at home, the door of the next house opened, and a middle-aged woman opened the door and cursed: "Tired of asking for debts all day long! Old Yuan is not at home, go to his store to ask for debts! The whole day to knock on the door, we still can not live!" Li Dong's jaw dropped, he is so like a debt collector? When he saw the middle-aged woman looking at Zhou Haidong and Tan Yong behind him with a wary face, Li Dong suddenly came to his senses and said, "Auntie don't misunderstand, I'm not a debt collector. I am Yuan Xue's classmate, I heard that something happened to her family, I came to see. Auntie, is Uncle Yuan not at home?" Seeing Li Dong speak politely, plus the person is also young, the middle-aged woman stared for a while before muttering, "Old Yuan and his family are downstairs, their daughter should be in the store, you want to find it, go downstairs to the garden side to see." After saying this, the middle-aged woman snapped shut the door of the house. Li Dong some speechless, also do not bother with her, and turn the road to go downstairs. While walking, Li Dong said: "You two don't follow me, stay away from me, be taken as a debt collector, don't scare others later." Zhou Haidong and Tan Yong were full of helplessness, so they had to step back a bit. …… community garden. At this time there are not many people hanging out in the garden, although Li Dong does not know Yuan Xue's parents, but a glance to see who these people in the garden is Yuan Xue's parents. Yuan Xue's mother and Yuan Xue look very much alike, in addition to older, must have been a beautiful woman when she was younger. Yuan's father also has thick eyebrows and big eyes, should also be handsome when he was young. The two families also have a sad look on their faces, sitting in a corner of the garden for a long time without a word, needless to say this is Yuan Xue parents. Li Dong paced over and saw an outsider coming, both mouths looked up. See is a young man I do not know, the two families looked at and then lowered their heads, staring straight at the ground, and do not know what to look at. Seeing this, Li Dong coughed lightly, and when the two families looked up again, Li Dong smiled and said, "Is it Uncle Yuan and Auntie?" Yuan Zhongqing frowned slightly and said softly, "You are?" "Hello uncle, I am Yuan Xue's classmate, I heard that Yuan Xue has come back, so I specially came to see her." Once they heard that it was their daughter's classmate, the two families first sighed in relief, then Yuan Zhongqing got up and said with a strong smile, "Hello hello, you are Xiao Xue's classmate, look, Xiao Xue is not at home now either, I will call her right away to come back." Yuan Xue's mother also followed at the side: "Look, this is no way to entertain you outside, young man, let's go home, sit down and drink a glass of water." The two mouths are very polite, it seems that usually receive people should be very good. This is also doing business for many years instinctive reaction, otherwise the general parents see their daughter's male classmates, the reaction is not necessarily so. Li Dong quickly waved his hand and laughed: "Don't, uncle and aunt don't be polite. Since Yuan Xue is not at home, there is no need to call, I will wait here for a while." Hearing Li Dong say that, Yuan Zhongqing hurriedly said, "How can this be, Xiao Xue still doesn't know when she will be back, I'll call her."