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Chapter 534: Up and coming is also a sale

  The store manager of Dongping store came quickly. Li Dong hung up the phone less than ten minutes, Dongping store manager Sun Changfeng jogged over panting. Although Sun Changfeng has a car, he wasted more time going to the garage to get the car than running at this time. The big boss summoned, Sun Changfeng which dare to slow down, also can not care to get the car, jogging all the way to rush over. Before he reached the front, Yuan Zhongqing recognized him. Seeing that Li Dong had really summoned the distant store manager with a phone call, Yuan Zhongqing was full of surprise. Only when he recovered, Yuan Zhongqing panicked and said to Li Dong: "Little Li, this …… really came? Then let's quickly take Manager Sun home to sit, here is the garden, look at me, all busy forgetting." Li Dong laughed at his words, "It's okay, Manager Sun doesn't care about these details." Yuan Zhongqing still wanted to say something else, Sun Changfeng had already walked over. After slowly calming down his breath, Sun Changfeng reached out his hand from a long distance and smiled, "Li …… Mr. Li, you see I'm not late, right?" Li Dong stepped forward and shook his hand, smiling: "No late, no late, Sun, we have not seen each other for some time, how are you?" The corners of Sun Changfeng's mouth twitched slightly and he hurriedly smiled, "Yes, thanks to Mr. Li." The two people squirmed a few words of courtesy, and when Li Dong introduced Yuan Zhongqing, Sun Changfeng was relieved. The big boss does not know what to play, but let him pretend not to be familiar with, Sun Changfeng heart twisted not. Can pretend not familiar with it? Now the far side is growing, Li Dong's prestige is getting higher and higher, the big boss is standing next to him, his heart is full of pressure, how can pretend not to see. But no matter what Li Dong is going to do, Sun Changfeng knows that the Yuan Zhongqing in front of him cannot be underestimated. Li Dong told him a few words on the phone, deliberately let him come to talk about the sale of nothing, use your brain to think about it also know that a man and a woman in front of you may be the big boss of what relationship. So when Yuan Zhongqing introduced himself as the owner of Zhongqing Clothing Store, Sun Changfeng immediately looked respectful and said: "So it's Yuan, I've heard a lot about you! I've always heard that the owner of Zhongqing Clothing is a capable person in Dongping, but unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to meet him, so it's an honor to meet Yuan today!" Yuan Zhongqing looked embarrassed, Sun Changfeng's polite words made him feel a bit uncomfortable. It's not that he had never met Sun Changfeng, but unfortunately Sun Changfeng didn't remember him at all. This is not surprising, Yuan Zhongqing may be richer than Sun Changfeng, but the two social status is completely unequal. The most obvious example is that Sun Changfeng is the guest of honor at the county party committee and county government, while he, Yuan Zhongqing, went to the county, the leaders did not take a few eyes on him. The small boss of the clothing store, even if he opened a store in downtown Qingyang, but that is only a small boss, small businessman. And Sun Changfeng, don't look at him just a store manager, but he is the store manager of Yuanfang, the highest responsible person of Yuanfang Group in Dongping. Far Eastern Group, that is the top group of companies in Jiangbei Province. The person in charge of their group in Dongping is naturally higher in social status than Yuan Zhongqing, a small businessman. So although Yuan Zhongqing and several other businessmen had met with Sun Changfeng before, Sun Changfeng did not remember this, and did not remember who Yuan Zhongqing was. Although Yuan Zhongqing's heart was not feeling good, but after all he had been in business for many years, the embarrassment on his face quickly collected and he said smilingly: "Manager Sun is too complimentary, it's just a small business, Manager Sun is the big shot in Dongping. In Dongping, even if you have not heard of the governor, you must have heard of the great name of the distant manager Sun." Now it is Sun Changfeng's turn to be embarrassed, this is usually just to say, Sun Changfeng will only be pleased to hear it will not be embarrassed. But today the real big boss is here, saying this is not shameful to himself. However, Yuan Zhongqing is after all saying flattering words, Sun Changfeng is also not good to say anything, only dry smile and nod. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. I'll go to the market to buy some food, let's eat at home at noon, Manager Sun must not leave at noon." Sun Changfeng did not have time to refuse, Yuan Zhongqing said: "also at home to eat what, you quickly go to the Tianhu Hotel to book a table, noon I am the East, Manager Sun must be appreciated!" Sun Changfeng was full of bitter smiles and twisted his head to look at Li Dong. Li Dong raised his eyebrows and said smilingly: "Uncle Yuan, auntie, let's not be polite. Let's talk about the meal, it's important to talk about business first." Sun Changfeng was relieved and hurriedly said, "Yes, yes, let's talk about business first, Mr. Yuan, so let's talk now?" Yuan Zhongqing saw that both of them did not mention the matter of eating, so he could not say any more, so he said, "Then let's go back to the house to talk, it's not very convenient here, not even a mouthful of water, it's too much of a slack." Yuan Zhongqing persuaded a few words, Li Dong saw that the two of them insisted, slightly nodded towards Sun Changfeng. Sun Changfeng see Li Dong no opinion, also smoothly agreed to go back to the house to talk again. …… Yuan's house. A few people just went upstairs, Yuan's mother was opening the door when the next door opened again. The middle-aged woman who spoke with Li Dong opened the door and said: "Old Yuan, just someone ……" halfway through the sentence, the middle-aged woman saw Li Dong was also there, some embarrassment laughed: "That, it's okay, I just want to say This young man came to see you." Saying that, the middle-aged woman was slightly surprised again: "Young man, your two companions in black suits have gone?" The middle-aged woman's voice fell, Yuan Zhongqing couple is a bit strange: "Xiao Li, you have friends also came along? Why don't you call over and sit down together, this is home, people are still here?" Li Dong coughed lightly and laughed: "Back, it's just my two friends, just downstairs and left." "Gone? Look, how embarrassing, to the doorstep, did not even have time to drink water." Yuan Zhongqing chattered a sentence. Li Dong was a little helpless, these two are really polite. It's a good thing Zhou Haidong didn't go upstairs, otherwise they would have had to be polite for a while. Li Dong gave a couple of perfunctory remarks and waited for Yuan's mother to open the door and for several people to enter the house before Yuan Zhongqing dropped the subject. Once inside the house, Yuan's mother also began to work on. The home does not have boiling water, Yuan mother is boiling water, and also take food, and so see the fruit eaten, Yuan mother also had to go down to buy fruit. Li Dong saw her busy work non-stop, and quickly persuaded: "Auntie, you also come and sit down. Uncle Yuan and Shopkeeper Sun talk business, you also come to listen." Yuan's mother hurriedly said, "No, no. You guys can talk, I'd better go down and buy some fruit." "Don't bother, Yuan's wife also sit down, you're so busy, I'm embarrassed to sit down." Sun Changfeng saw that Li Dong had advised, also followed the advice.