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Chapter 535 - The ill-fated necklace

  The negotiation between Sun Changfeng and Yuan Zhongqing went very smoothly. In fact, I can't even think about it not going well, Sun Changfeng is almost like a fool, and the conditions offered are so good that Yuan Zhongqing can't say yes. After the business talk, Sun Changfeng didn't stay long and smiled at Li Dong, "Mr. Li, then I'll go back first, you can send the goods over in the afternoon." Li Dong nodded and said, "OK, we will send it over in the afternoon." Seeing that Sun Changfeng wanted to leave, Yuan Zhongqing hurriedly said, "Manager Sun, it's better to stay and have dinner together. Or go to the hotel, just talk about things without eating, this is not looking down on me?" Sun Changfeng hastily said politely, "Mr. Yuan, next time, next time we have the opportunity to eat together. Today really can't, the store is still busy, and the afternoon is not to receive the goods, I have to go back to prepare, after all, is hundreds of thousands of things!" When it comes to the last several hundred thousand, Sun Changfeng slightly aggravated the tone of voice. Not to remind Yuan Zhongqing, but to remind Li Dong. This deal is your own negotiation, and he Sun Changfeng has nothing to do, you will not make a phone call back, he Sun Changfeng does not have the right to mobilize hundreds of thousands of dollars at once to buy a batch of furs worth only 100,000. And Sun Changfeng heart also vaguely feel Li Dong some boring, dry this white dragon fish clothing thing is also too down. Yuan Zhongqing and the others are not idiots, they did not react now, can they still not react later? Now make such a play, might as well just send people money, toss so much why. Li Dong glanced at him, this guy is really rubbish. Sun Changfeng read his eyes, some helpless, and the Yuan family couple said goodbye before leaving the house. Li Dong has not yet remembered to send people this stubble, but the Yuan family couple followed behind all the way to send Sun Changfeng downstairs. If not for Sun Changfeng's persuasion, the two families were ready to continue sending. When Sun Changfeng was far away, Yuan Zhongqing and Yuan's mother just woke up as if from a dream, they looked at each other, and then Yuan Zhongqing shook Li Dong's hand and said gratefully: "Little Li, no thanks for your kindness! Today you have helped me a lot, I don't know where to start with my words of gratitude!" Yuan's mother also said with an excited face, "Yes, Little Li, thank you so much!" The words of gratitude kept coming from the two families, and Li Dong smiled and dealt with them for a while, then looked at the time and said, "Uncle Yuan, auntie, since things have been discussed, I'll leave first." "Go? Little Li, how can you leave now, Xiao Xue will be back soon, let's eat together at noon." "Yes, Xiao Xue will be here later, Xiao Li, you can't leave at noon." Li Dong laughed: "Uncle and aunt, I really have something to take care of, I'll come back next time. Also, you better not tell Yuan Xue about this today, I'm afraid she will blame me for being nosy, I think it's better to wait until the deal is done in the afternoon and you have the money in hand before telling Yuan Xue, do you think that's okay?" The two families are a bit confused and suspicious, not to tell their daughter, what does this mean? Seeing that the two did not say anything, Li Dong smilingly said: "In fact, I just say so, after all, the money is not in hand, at this time to say, if then there are some changes, the business yellow, it is not an empty joy." "Change?" Yuan Zhongqing lost his color and said. Li Dong saw his face nervous, and quickly laughed: "I just say so, uncle do not misunderstand. This is not I consider Yuan Xue is to stay in the U.S. high school students, afraid that she can not see the far side, then if she does not agree, this business is not yellow, then I in Sun shopkeeper that is also not good to say is not it." "Do not see, how?" Yuan Zhongqing hurriedly said, "No, our Xiaoxue is not this kind of person. Little Li, you do not misunderstand, our little snow can be obedient …… "Li Dong listened to him explain a few sentences, some helplessly said:" that casual uncle you guys, I just so say, tell or not actually the same. In fact, I ……" Li Dong said slightly embarrassed: "In fact, I just want to wait for your business into, and then give Yuan Xue a surprise. Now the business after all did not become, if you say, I am a little embarrassed. Uncle you better not say I came later, you see if this is okay?" "This ……" the two families look at each other, this guy in the end what do you mean? To surprise his daughter? It's hard to believe that this guy is ready to pursue his daughter? The two people are speechless for a time, Li Dong see themselves more and more confusing explanation, some depressed said: "Uncle and aunt, then I will go first, I will wait for you in the afternoon over the supermarket." Dropping these words, Li Dong hurriedly left. Yuan Zhongqing two mouth has not moved, far they see Li Dong seems to get into a car, wait for the car gone, Yuan Zhongqing only full of fog said: "What is this situation? Xiao Xue her mother, do you understand?" Yuan's mother is also a little confused, but still whispered: "Do you think it …… little Li is not looking at our family Xiaoxue, and then know that our family has difficulties, deliberately come to help? Otherwise, how can there be such a coincidence?" The two families are not stupid people, before is the authorities are confused, some washed out of their minds. But now, once Li Dong and the others left, they seemed to have reacted a bit. Today this is too bizarre, business is good to talk about the death. No, that is not business, the other party seems to be anxious to send them money, the more the two people think about it, the more wrong. For a while, Yuan Zhongqing said: "Then talk to Xiao Xue?" Yuan's mother hesitated, and finally gritted her teeth and said, "How about not talking about it first? If Xiao Xue is not willing, then the business is still yellow." Yuan Zhongqing frowned and said, "But I have accepted such a big favor from people, not to tell Xiaoxue, later ……" "Later what? People Xiao Li also did not say directly, the favor is a favor, does Xiao Xue still have to talk to him to become? Besides, Xiao Li is also quite good …… "Yuan Zhongqing discontented: "You are selling your daughter!" Yuan's mother said angrily: "What do you mean? I'm doing it for the sake of the family, for the sake of Xiao Xue! If we can get rid of the furs and get back more than 300,000, the foreign debt will be almost paid. The rest of the 200,000 owed to the family, no problem to slow down.