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Chapter 536 - The Swap Scheme

  After lunch. Yuan Xue went out early, and Yuan Zhongqing and his family did not care. These days, the store relies on Yuan Xue alone busy work, noon can come back to eat a meal is good, a little busy is normal. Once Yuan Xue left, the two families changed their clothes and hurriedly went to the warehouse. …… Qingyang. Chen Yue accompanied Yuan Xue, the two stood at the door of the pawnshop did not go in. For a while, Chen Yue whispered: "Or give Li Dong a call, this necklace is after all his birthday gift to you, if you pawn it, later Li Dong know ……" Yuan Xue gently frowned and said: "No, it's not necessary. Besides, it's just a pawn, when I have money I can redeem it." Chen Yue could not understand her and whispered, "How about I call him?" "No, don't talk to him about this." Chen Yue saw Yuan Xue's reluctance and did not mention it again, but her heart was vaguely complaining. She called Wang Jie a few days ago, in Chen Yue's opinion, Wang Jie would definitely tell Li Dong about this. But Li Dong do not care, not even a phone call, which also let Chen Yue some disappointment, this guy may not want to care about this. Who let Xiaoxue has been with him as if, like Li Dong such a successful businessman, is now certainly full of brass, no good thing, this guy may not be willing to pay for Yuan Xue. Thinking about it, Chen Yue and some for do: "Then wait no more, Wu Qiang side is raising money with his father ……" Yuan Xue heard it and said: "Wu Qiang side you do not toss him, he is a student, where to get the money. The actual fact is, I don't even want to beg Li Dong, I wouldn't want Wu Qiang's side even if I raised money." Wu Qiang is Chen Yue's boyfriend, his family also has a small capital. The fact that Yuan Xue is known by Chen Yue, naturally, can not be hidden from Wu Qiang. The first time Chen Yue said borrowing money, Wu Qiang was promised a painful, but these days have passed, Wu Qiang is no news, Chen Yue actually know this thing is probably yellow. But in front of her best friend, Chen Yue always can not say so, had to say that Wu Qiang is still raising money. See Yuan Xue refused, Chen Yue was relieved, then said: "That really pawned?" "Pawn!" Yuan Xue bit her lip and said, "Anyway, it's an object, it can't be a meal, at this time, I don't care about that much." Chen Yue wanted to persuade a few words, but finally sighed and did not speak again. When the two entered the pawnshop, the staff inside had seen the two standing at the door for a while, and as soon as they entered, a male employee in his thirties smiled and said, "What object do you pawn?" Yuan Xue slightly hesitated, but quickly took out a box from the bag and opened it: "Look, how much can this be pawned?" The male employee carefully took the box over, and when he saw what was inside, the man's eyes narrowed, and then he smiled and said, "Gentlemen, this is for diamonds, right?" "Of course!" Chen Yue said back in one breath. The male employee said with a look of emotion, "Such a big diamond, if the whole piece, the price is not cheap." The male manager lamented for a while and then said, "Madam, is there a certificate?" Yuan Xue shook her head and said, "No, but the diamond is definitely real." "No?" The male manager looked puzzled and said, "Did you lose the certificate or?" "I don't know about this, it's from someone else." "Oh." The male manager pondered, then said: "Madam, jewelry pawn, that have to identify the authenticity in advance. But I don't know much about jewelry, so let's see, I'll let the store's master appraise it, do you think it's okay?" Yuan Xue two is also the first time to this kind of place, also do not know the specific process, but the diamond identification true or false in their view is still necessary. Thinking of this Yuan Xue nodded and said, "OK, you guys identify it, but this diamond is definitely real." Li Dong is so rich, how could the diamond necklace given to her be fake, Yuan Xue also did not care too much, think that after the identification will certainly not have any problems. The male employee saw Yuan Xue agree, narrowed his eyes and smiled: "That's fine, but the appraisal master is in the back, I'll go and shout. You two sit down first, Xiao Liu, come and entertain the two guests." A young woman called next to see the situation hurriedly came over and began to pour tea for Yuan Xue two. The male employee smiled again and said, "Then I'll go call out to the master first and come over right away." Yuan Xue nodded, and once the male employee left, Yuan Xue suddenly frowned and said, "My necklace is still in his hands ……" She didn't finish her sentence, the girl next to her laughed and said, "Don't worry lady, that's the manager of our pawnshop. He took the necklace to the master, probably let the master look at it in advance and will be back soon. And we also have monitoring here, things will not be lost." Hearing her say so, plus this pawnshop front is also quite large, decoration and what is also quite luxurious, Yuan Xue although feel some wrong, but also did not speak again. The two of them absentmindedly sipped tea while waiting for the manager to return. But this time waiting for a little longer, after more than ten minutes, the other party has not returned. This time Yuan Xue was a little anxious and got up and said: "Why hasn't he come? My necklace is still in his hands." The female employee said soothingly: "Madam, you take it easy, our backyard and here a little distance, the master may be identifying other jewelry. I'll call our manager and tell him to come over quickly." "Then you tell him to hurry up." "Okay." The female employee finished making a phone call out in front of the two, said a few words into the phone, the female employee hung up the phone and laughed: "Two, our manager will be here soon, master Chen who identified the jewelry is helping a customer identify a jade bracelet, some delay." Yuan Xue gently frowned at the situation and said, "That's good, I should have known that I just did not give him the necklace." The female employee laughed: "Madam, don't worry, our security at Jinyuan Pawnshop is top-notch in the city, there will never be any problems." Yuan Xue did not speak again, and after about three or four more minutes, the male manager from before came in late. When Yuan Xue saw that he had returned, she hurriedly got up and said, "Manager, where is my necklace?" The male manager hurriedly handed over the box in his hand and apologized: "Sorry, I just took it in my hand and forgot about it for a while. The necklace is here, take a look, there won't be any problem." Yuan Xue hurriedly took the box, opened it and looked at it, then picked up the necklace and swept it, and found it was the same as before, and was slightly relieved. But when she touched the diamond pendant, Yuan Xue suddenly retracted her hand. Next to Chen Yue saw this and said, "What's wrong?" Yuan Xue frowned and said, "The diamond is quite hot." The male manager on the side laughed at this: "Sorry sorry sorry, I just played with it for a while, maybe it was the temperature of my hand. It will be fine later, it's a little cold outside, the steep contact probably feels a little hot." The male manager smilingly explained for a while, Yuan Xue also did not want to talk nonsense with him, said straight: "Where is your appraisal master?" The male manager hurriedly said, "Right away, right away." When he finished, a 50-60-year-old man came out of the small door next to him, the old man had a shrewd face, seeing Yuan Xue and the two, the old man said indifferently: "These are the two who want to appraise, right?" The male manager nodded and said, "Master Chen, it's them. You give a look, after all, such a large diamond, the price is not expensive, we can not look at the wrong." "Well, bring it." The old man sat down toward the appraisal table, and the male manager hurriedly took the diamond necklace from Yuan Xue's hand. The old man identified the diamond, took a long time, during the various tools used dazzling, looking at Yuan Xue and Chen Yue full of confusion. About half an hour, the old man beckoned to the male manager, who walked over and whispered a few words to the old man. Then the male manager came over with the necklace, handed it to Yuan Xue, and the male manager smiled and said, "Madam, is this necklace a live pawn or an absolute pawn?" "Live pawn? Is it the kind that can be redeemed?" "Yes." "How long can you pawn it?" "The pawnbroker's rule is usually five days to six months, it depends on you." "Only six months?" Yuan Xue frowned slightly, half a year is too short, after half a year, how can she have the money to redeem it. After a slight hesitation, finally Yuan Xue gritted her teeth and said, "Then half a year, how much can you pay?" "Five thousand."