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Chapter 537 - A Nest of Snakes and Rats

  Qingyang. Jinyuan Pawnshop. At this moment, there are already many people in the pawnshop, a few more police officers in police uniforms inside the store, and a lot of onlookers outside the store. Although the police came, but this time Yuan Xue and Chen Yue is not the least bit happy. Yuan Xue frowned and did not say anything, but Chen Yue could not help but angrily: "Is this how you handle the case? Come to see once everything is clear? They said they did not change ah, should not be a careful investigation?" The plainclothes policeman in the lead was not impatient: "Miss, we don't need you to teach us how to handle cases. These days, everyone knows how to solve a case? We have been handling cases for decades, but are we not as professional as you?" Chen Yue said indignantly: "Decades of handling cases? That's how you handle cases for decades, then there are really many unjust cases under your hands!" In her anger, she was also a little bit tongue-tied. The leader of the plainclothes eyes flickered for a moment and said lightly: "Miss, I can sue you for slander believe it or not? This attitude, if not because you are still young, I would have taken you back to assist in the investigation! And hundreds of thousands of diamonds? Ask everyone if they believe it. Little girl, this is the end of the matter, you have to be entangled, then fine, you two come with us back to the police station, we will definitely give you a clear investigation!" Next to Yuan Xue at this moment had to speak out: "Officer, even if you want to investigate, should also be to take them back, right? We are the ones who reported the case, is this how your process goes?" The leading police officer did not panic and said: "We will naturally take them back to investigate, you do not need to teach this matter. I say, if there is anything, we can sit down calmly and talk about it, Manager Zhang, don't you think so?" The male manager of the pawnshop nodded as soon as he heard that, "That's what happened. In fact, we are afraid to encounter this kind of situation in our business. If the usual, we are generally willing to settle things, but this time not ah, Liu, the two girls are not small appetite, open mouth hundreds of thousands of diamonds. You said the pawnshop is not my open, I am a part-time job, which has so much right to make up for this hole. Hundreds of thousands, you just sold me, I can not afford to give ah. Hey, this is also no way, otherwise we would not give you trouble." As soon as he said that, Chen Yue said angrily: "Do you still have shame? You swapped our diamonds and you still don't admit it! I think you are all in cahoots, a nest of rats and snakes!" Yuan Xue heard the words and hastily pulled her clothes, Chen Yue is too impulsive, how can such words be said at this time. No matter if they are in a group or not, it is not good for them to poke out now. As expected, Chen Yue's "snake and rat" words came out, several police officers face turned ugly. Seeing that there are still people watching outside, the leader of the plainclothes faintly said: "Little girl, rice can eat, words can not talk nonsense, talk nonsense is subject to legal responsibility! How about this, I think today this also can not understand, you all with our bureau trip, things will always be investigated a clear!" See a few police officers look playful, Yuan Xue face slightly changed, frowned: "can not be investigated here? I suspect that my diamond is still in the store, you should be able to find it if you look for it now. As long as we find the diamond, then everything will be clear." The leading plainclothesman sneered: "If you can say everything, then why do you need the police? Find the diamonds, how to find? Search? Do you know the law? Can you just search? We have to go back to the case to investigate, and then apply for a search warrant, can just search other people's things?" Seeing Yuan Xue wanted to say more, plainclothes police officers some impatient: "That's it, either you private! Or you can come with me to the police station, hundreds of thousands of dollars of diamonds, this is a big case! Whether it is a real swap, or you blackmail, this crime is not small, think it over!" The pawnshop manager next to me also said with an agreeable face, "Yes, yes, that's it. We are definitely fully cooperating with the police investigation, but it is best to go through the police and return our name. The Golden Resources still has to do business, how can we do business after such a mess by them? I think we should go to the police station now to find out what happened, hundreds of thousands of dollars, I can't take this crime." The male manager's words drew many approving glances, and many of the people gathered outside the door were nearby businessmen. As soon as the male manager's voice fell, someone advised: "Little girl, let's forget it. It's not easy for us to do business, you are blackmailing people left and right, who can stand it. The last time a girl came to our store, she was a good-looking girl, but she didn't do anything. Buy our TV, the result said that our TV radiation, causing her miscarriage, I have to pay, open mouth is 50,000, you say that these days it is easy to do business?" "Yes, business is hard to do." "Hey, the little girl now, can not say." "……" the sound of emotion coming from the crowd made both Yuan Xue and Chen Yue turn pale, Chen Yue was half dead with anger, turned around and glared at the crowd angrily, "What nonsense you guys! Who blackmailed you? It's obvious that he swapped our diamonds, so don't follow the ruckus!" "Yo, look, this little girl is still very spicy." "Haha, I think it's because the deception failed and was exposed, and she's annoyed and angry." "……" Chen Yue's face was white with anger, Yuan Xue was also full of anger, took a deep breath, Yuan Xue asked the lead plainclothesman: "So this is something you have determined that we are blackmail?" The plainclothesman smilingly said, "I do not mean that, but how things really are, we all have a scale in our hearts." Yuan Xue bit her lip fiercely, she knew she was afraid that it was very difficult to get justice today. On the one hand, there is no direct evidence to prove that something has been changed, on the other hand, the police side is not acting. Whether the two sides have long conspired, or the police side really do not want to bother, it is not good news for Yuan Xue. But she is alone, and the Yuan family has few roots in Qingyang, or else Yuan Zhongqing would not have been evicted so easily by the landlord, and at this moment, she is isolated in Qingyang. If you usually encounter this kind of thing, if the loss is not too big, Yuan Xue will admit it, because this is the national situation. But not today! That is hundreds of thousands of diamonds, expensive or secondary, the key to that or Li Dong sent. She came to pawn the diamond necklace have been considering for some days could not make up their minds, let alone be swapped. Pawn, that means she still has a chance to redeem it back. But being swapped, that means the diamond is really gone, even if the money can't get it back later. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Chen Yue knew who she was talking about, in fact, if not for Yuan Xue, she would have called Li Dong.