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Chapter 538 - Li Dong's "brother-in-law"

  Along the way, Li Dong constantly urged Tan Yong to drive faster. Tan Yong's heart secretly screamed, the gas pedal are stepped on the bottom, how fast, and then fast to fly! Finally or Zhou Haidong persuaded a few words, Li Dong this quiet down. Li Dong sullen voice does not speak, Zhou Haidong two people naturally do not know what to say. Waiting for the car to halfway, Li Dong's cell phone rang. The phone is Wu Liangnong called, the phone, Wu Liangnong tone is a bit strange, half a long time before stammering: "Mr. Li, I arrived at the police station. Have and this side of the chief Liu good whistle, people are fine, but …… "Hearing that people are fine, Li Dong was first relieved, then said:" But what? "That is, is the chief Liu advised us to private." "Private?" Li Dong frowned a little: "You have not told me what happened in the end? Also, you asked Yuan Xue to give me a call." "That, that Miss Yuan seems to be quite angry now, not saying a word. How about I ask Miss Chen to call you back?" "That's fine, by the way, you still haven't said what's wrong?" "Ahem …… that, Chief Liu said they might be involved in fraud." "Fraud?" Li Dong's voice just fell, the phone changed to Chen Yue, Chen Yue grabbed the phone and shouted, "What fraud! Li Dong, we've been framed! They exchanged Xiaoxue's diamond, but also falsely accused us of fraud ……" "Wait, what diamond?" "Just the diamond necklace you gave us last time!" "Where are the diamonds now?" "It's gone!" "Gone? Didn't store manager Wu go to deal with it?" Chen Yue glanced at Wu Liangnong next to him and said, "Deal with what ah, your store manager is useless, came to make apologies, not a word about the diamond, which can be returned!" "Apologize?" Li Dong frowned and took a breath, "Give the phone to Wu, I'll talk to him!" Chen Yue handed the phone to Wu Liangnong and gloated, "Li Dong is looking for you to talk about something." Wu Liangnong's face changed and he picked up the phone and cautiously said, "Mr. Li, you're looking for me?" "I'm asking you, what's the matter with the apology? Didn't Chen Yue and the girls say that the pawnshop had cheated them? Now the diamond worth 600,000 yuan is lost, and you apologize? Are you out of your mind?" "No, Mr. Li, it's like this ……," Wu Liangnong was a bit stuck, and for a while he was depressed: "Mr. Li, why don't we wait until you come, it's not convenient to talk about it over the phone. " "That's fine, I'll be right there!" Li Dong hung up the phone, his brow furrowed tightly. …… Yang Mountain Police Station. Wu Liangnong hung up the phone with a depressed face, saw Chen Yue glaring at himself, some helplessly said: "Miss Chen, things are not as simple as you think, I also have hardships." "Why are you explaining to me. You also do not misunderstand, I can not command Li Dong, you talk to Xiao Xue, you said you are at least a distant leader, even the diamond can not come back, it is also really humiliating." "It's not like that ……" Wu Liangnong wanted to say a few words, but found that the more explanations the more trouble, and finally had to stifle the voice: "Or wait for Mr. Li to come I will explain to him." "Whatever, I don't know if I can still get the diamonds back." "Probably …… probably can." Wu Liangnong also did not dare to confirm, said a sentence and did not say another word. Next to Yuan Xue smelled a slight frown, this time not far from the director of Liu is leading a person to go out, not that manager or who. As soon as he saw him, Yuan Xue got up and walked over and said, "Give me back my diamond!" The pawnshop manager said with a smile on his face, "Look at what you're saying, I didn't take the diamonds. Besides, you are Wu's relatives, so we at least have some relationship, how about this, I will talk to our boss later, let him pay you a few tens of thousands of dollars for the damage, this is the total, right?" Yuan Xue frowned and looked at Wu Liangnong. Wu Liangnong also frowned and said, "Manager Zhang, Miss Yuan is not my relative, this matter can not be said in three or two words. But if you took the diamond, better return it as soon as possible, if this matter is a big deal, it will not be good for you." Manager Zhang frowned and said, "Lao Wu, what do you mean by that? What do you mean return it? I didn't take it, so why are you looking for me? Also, if not for the fact that we are all family, do you believe I will sue you for blackmail?" Wu Liangnong grunted and said in a muffled voice: "Whatever you want, anyway, I have advised you." Said Wu Liangnong and said to the plainclothes police officer next to him: "Liu, we have also dealt with many times, I do not say anything else, I see you mean to let him go back, I think it is better to wait and see. Also, later you'd better give Miss Yuan and their apologies, you're involved in this matter is not pleasing to the eye." Liu chief frowned slightly, looked at Wu Liangnong, and finally thought before saying, "Then, I see that you guys are waiting for someone to handle this, so let's all sit down for a while. I say, you are also involved in the relationship, it is best to deal with the matter themselves. Wu shopkeeper, your side ……" Liu wanted to say two sentences, but finally did not say, just looked at Yuan Xue and Chen Yue. Wu Liangnong he has dealt with, this guy is the head of the Far Eastern Group in Qingyang, face is still not small.