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Chapter 539 - Bragging is not taxable

  Police station lounge. Zhang Liang said with an indifferent face: "I say two, I think you better not toss. I did not take the diamond, I also do not have to ah. Since you and Wu Liangnong know each other, it's okay for me to talk to you about it. Not that I'm showing off, I really don't lack this money, not to mention what 600,000 diamonds, oh, you sound quite expensive, but in fact, it's just the same to me. Do you know who I am?" Chen Yue said with an indignant face, "You are a liar, a thief, who else could it be!" Zhang Liang said with dissatisfaction, "Miss Chen, words can't be said carelessly. I reiterate, I am not short of money, and when I explain it to you, you will know that the diamond is definitely not taken by me." "Let's put it this way to you guys, do you know Li Dong?" Chen Yue froze, and Yuan Xue also froze for a moment and said, "Yes, you also know?" Zhang Liang laughed and said, "It's good to know, but there are not many people in Qingyang who don't know Li Dong. That is the richest man in Jiangbei, look at that distant supermarket open, which can be seen. Since you all know Li Dong, then I speak again you will understand well." "Do you know where Li Dong's hometown is?" "Dongping's!" "Yes, it's not a secret, then you know who else is in Li Dong's family?" Yuan Xue frowned at him and coldly said, "If you have something to say, just say it!" Zhang Liang laughed: "Okay, then I'll say it straight. In fact, that guy Li Dong does not look very bright outside, but in fact, when he sees me, he has to behave himself! Know why? Because I am his brother-in-law! Now you understand it, I am Li Dong his brother-in-law, that is, the brother-in-law of the richest man in Jiangbei, I am short of your two money? That guy Li Dong has more money than he can spend, I still need to take your diamonds? Last time he came to our home for dinner, after dinner, he gave me a card without saying a word, saying that it is five million, is a tribute to my brother-in-law. But am I a money grubber? Li Dong is actually not easy outside, I pushed the card on the spot, if I really want money, this money to take than your diamonds to take the peace of mind? Hey, these things I originally did not want to say outside, but this is related to my reputation …… "Zhang Liang rambled half a day, see Yuan Xue two people frowned and did not speak, Zhang Liang said funny: "Do you do not believe?" Said Zhang Liang to the next Liu chief said, "Liu, you and they say, Li Dong is not my brother-in-law?" Chief Liu laughed dryly and said, "Sort of." Zhang Liang said with some dissatisfaction: "What do you mean, yes, yes, no, no. Yes, I am not married to his sister, but that is a matter of a certificate. I do not care about this, Li Dong also do not care about this, I and my brother-in-law relationship is still quite good, he also listened to me. I am a low-key person, usually do not love to show these, but today the words catch up, then I will say a few more words. You know that Yuanfang has established a group, right? Last time when Li Dong came to Qingyang to invite me to dinner, he insisted that I go to Yuanfang as general manager, and I thought, which I have this ability. He is also ten million annual salary, and shares to me, all the good words, I did not go. In fact, I also know what he means, a family, to help him look after the family business, ability or inability is not important, but I do not do this ah, if word gets out, it is not that I rely on nepotism to get to the top?" "Really? I see that you are not weak, saying that you are not capable is not self-effacing!" Zhang Liang was talking when a group of people suddenly walked in outside the door. Zhang Liang frowned at a glance, feeling some familiar, but he had only seen Li Dong's photo on the Internet, and did not recognize him in person for a while. Seeing Li Dong interject, Zhang Liang dissatisfied: "Old Wu, you brought people?" He did not recognize, the police station chief Liu is recognized, once he saw Li Dong came, Liu was ready to go forward to whistle, but when he heard Zhang Liang's words, Liu almost sprayed! Your sister, your brother-in-law you do not know? You did not just say that together with dinner, Li Dong and give money, and invite you to be the president? This will be his outsider have recognized, you did not recognize? A time Liu chief heart with ate a dead fly, not to mention how awkward, and then look at Zhang Liang, Liu chief then realized that he seems to be this guy to be fooled. Li Dong also did not bother to pay attention to this guy, just outside the door he heard this guy bragging. But Zhang Liang's matter he is not in a hurry to deal with, wait for Li Qing to come. Li Dong cast his eyes to Yuan Xue, at the moment Yuan Xue is still sulking, saw Li Dong, lowered his head and refused to look at him. Li Dong said with some tears and laughter: "What's wrong? I've come to pick you up, be happy, it's just diamonds, I'll send you another one if you lose it." Yuan Xue frowned at him, and only after a while said, "No need for you to send! I'm ready to sell the one you had before, the necklace in front of me when I owe you, when I make money I'll pay you back! But now the diamond is lost, your brother-in-law took it, you find your brother-in-law to ask for it!" "Come on, what brother-in-law, eight words have not yet been written." Li Dong laughed, and did not look at Zhang Liang's stunned eyes, walked to Yuan Xue and laughed: "Well, I said the diamond is fine, turn around I will give you back the previous one, you want to sell it or throw it away, whatever you want. Don't be angry, I just made a big deal with your parents, but also ready to pick you up to go back to dinner, you give me a face why."