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Chapter 540 - Locked up for a few years

  The family shame can not be publicized, this matter can be handled by themselves, do not need and others to preach these. The thought of Li Nanming playing with his own reputation, Li Dong hate itchy teeth, this son of a bitch, if this guy just playing with his own reputation and bragging to make a living and forget it. If he does something else illegal and disorderly, then Li Dong has plenty of ways to clean him up! In fact, this is also inevitable, after all, is a cousin, Li Dong do not see not see, but the relationship here, Li Nanming outside that he is his cousin, can he still get him killed? Li Dong gently sighed, fortunately this bastard is not in Pingchuan development, or else they have the trouble. But that guy probably wouldn't dare to go, if he was in Pingchuan, he couldn't have known, Li Nanming knew he didn't treat him well, and went there which was free in Qingyang. Li Dong is talking to Liu, when Zhang Liang also came back to his senses. This guy stood up with a smile on his face and said: "Brother-in-law, look at you, came and did not tell brother-in-law, I just froze. The evening dinner together ah? I asked your sister to cook you some delicious food, your sister misses you." Li Dong looked at this guy with some disbelief for a while before saying, "You are thick-skinned enough, huh? Who do you call brother-in-law?" Zhang Liang smiled and said, "That, it is not appropriate to call Mr. Li. If you don't like it, then I'll call you by your name, Li Dong, right?" Li Dong's face suddenly turned cold and he stared at him, "Li Dong is also what you can call it?" Zhang Liang's face instantly changed, a little embarrassed and a little at a loss for words. Just when the atmosphere in the lounge was cold, someone outside the door cautiously probed to look in, and only when he saw Li Dong, Li Qing steeply sighed with relief and said with an apologetic face, "Dongzi, just now the police stopped me from coming in, and they let me in only when I said you were here. You guys are?" Said Li Qing also saw Zhang Liang, a little surprised, "Zhang Liang, why are you with Dongzi?" As soon as Zhang Liang saw that Li Qing had arrived, his face immediately showed joy and he hurriedly said, "Li Qing, you're here too. I'm chatting with Li …… Dongzi, so it's good that you're here, let Dongzi come to our house for dinner tonight." Li Qing was bewildered, looked at Zhang Liang, and then looked at Li Dong, for a long time before saying, "Eat what meal?" Zhang Liang was anxious and was about to speak when Li Dong laughed, "Li Qing, this is your boyfriend?" Li Qing first nodded, but then shook his head and said, "Talked for a while, then split up. This guy every day and my brother fooling around, you know my brother that nature, I advised several times he did not listen, and then split up." Next to the Zhang Liang hurriedly said, "Li Qing, did not split ah! We just had a little disagreement, your brother's side I'm not stirring with him, I change, I change. I'll change, I'll change everything. Whatever you say, okay?" Li Qing frowned at him and looked at Li Dong Dong: "Dongzi, is something wrong?" Li Dong smiled and said, "There is something wrong, but it's not a big deal, this guy swallowed one of my 600,000 diamonds. He said it was my brother-in-law, so I asked. If it is really my brother-in-law, 600,000 just, I will take it as a wedding gift to you. But since it is not, Li Qing, then I can deal with it according to my way?" Li Qing turned a bit pale when she heard that, but she knew Li Dong. This guy is not a good match since childhood, when Li Nanming bullied him, his head was broken by Li Dong. Then after some years Li Nanming did not dare to provoke him, it was still a child, and Li Nanming than he grew taller. At that time, Li Dong was like this, now he said so, that must not be the person to death. Li Qing frowned slightly and glanced at the thirsty Zhang Liang next to him, before sighing for a long time: "Dongzi, this is something you can do on your own. But if the thing is back, you still …… or to raise your hand, after all …… "Li Qing words did not say, in fact, she knows she said not to say the use of not much. Li Dong to her cousin can not have much respect, of course, the previous matter Li Qing also do not want to mention again. Li Dong smiled and said, "Li Qing, since you said so, then this point of face I still have to give." Turning to look at Zhang Liang, Li Dong said with a smile, "Where are the diamonds?" Zhang Liang hurriedly said, "Dongzi, I didn't take it, really, how could I possibly take this." "Give you a chance, you know who I am, then you should also know what I can do. Take it or not, I want to find out easily, you yourself now take out the diamond, I can consider letting you go." Zhang Liang a face torn, look around a circle, and finally see Liu chief are staring at themselves, Zhang Liang had to dry: "That, that may also be the diamond really fell in my place. I'd better go back and look for it, or maybe I took it by mistake." "No, just say where it is, I'll have someone go get it." "I'd better go look for it myself, you're not familiar with it, you may not be able to find it." "It can be found, just say where it is." Li Dong was not in a hurry and said with a smile. Zhang Liang gulped, for a while before laughing awkwardly: "It's better for me to go back, you guys will definitely not be able to find it if you go."