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Chapter 541 - Still the same Li Dong in his bones

  Li Dong out of the police station is not in a hurry to go back. Looking at Li Qing who looked a little complicated next to him, Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "Go to your supermarket, is it convenient?" Li Qing suddenly woke up and hurriedly said, "Convenient, it's near here, it will be there soon." Said Li Qing walked in front and said, "I'll show you the way, just walk there." Seeing her walking in front, Yuan Xue slightly hesitated and walked to Li Dong and said, "How about ……" "Or forget it?" Seeing Yuan Xue staring at himself, Li Dong lightly laughed: "Do not sympathize with that kind of people, think about it yourself, if not for me today, the diamond can get back? Hundreds of thousands of dollars of diamonds have dared to swallow, this time if he is allowed to muddle through, what else is he afraid to do in the future? Let him go in and sober up is saving him, or else take advantage of once, you think he kind of people will stop?" "But ……" "You mean Li Qing?" "Well." "It's okay, besides they are not suitable. Zhang Liang how old, at least must be more than 30 years, right, Li Qing how old, just two years older than me. Li Qing is a new social bird, Zhang Liang kind of people know at a glance only full of sweet words to coax people, in fact, this kind of people are the most waste material. Now that he's in, he's also helping Li Qing save the day, save the future entanglement." "But ……" "You are saying that Li Qing is a little sad? I see it is not sad, just a little difficult to accept for a while. After a few days it will be fine, to ensure that by then the guy is forgotten clean, do not worry." Yuan Xue rolled her eyes, for a long time before she helplessly said, "Can you not interrupt me, I have not finished talking." Li Dong smilingly said, "I don't need to finish to know what you want to say, do we have a heart to heart?" "Disgusting!" "How disgusting? Just tell me if I'm right." Yuan Xue rolled her eyes and ignored him, next to Chen Yue saw this and could not help but laugh: "You guys just don't show love, the street, pay attention to the impact." Li Dong laughingly did not say anything, but Yuan Xue pinched her. Chen Yue played with her for a while, and then asked Li Dong Dong with a smile, "Li Dong, is your diamond necklace really worth 600,000?" "No, I bought it from a street stall for 60 yuan." Chen Yue said with a disbelieving face, "Really? Don't lie to me." "Why lie to you, really spend 60 in the street to buy, at that time I was poor almost when the pants, which has 600,000 to buy a necklace." See Li Dong said with the real, Chen Yue really some doubt, a long time before a trance: "That does not mean that we really wronged that guy?" The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. He is a pawnshop manager, will not even recognize the fake goods on the street? But Yuan Xue did not bother to remind her, let the girl continue to be silly, sometimes women are silly is actually quite good. They are not silly enough, so they feel that they do not live happily enough, if they are silly, maybe they will live happier than now. …… Li Qing's mini-market soon arrived. The distance from the Yang Shan police station is not too far indeed, and it is only a ten-minute walk. When they arrived at the supermarket, Li Qing hurriedly beckoned Li Dong to go in and sit down. Li Dong did not rush in, but looked outside the door for a while, and only after a while said: "Why is it called Yuanqing supermarket?" Li Qing was a little embarrassed, whispered an explanation: "I do not see the far side is quite hot, so it ……" Li Dong nodded, and said: "Where is the great aunt? Did not help you watch the store?" Li Qing's store in addition to her own, only a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl watching the store, not only as a salesman also has to act as a cashier. Although the supermarket is not large, but the flow of people is still quite good, a short time, the little girl is busy working around. Hearing Li Dong ask about his mother, Li Qing said with some loss, "My mother went to help my big brother." "What is Li Nanming doing now?" "Still doing engineering, my father's former engineering team has been scattered, but then my brother somehow found back, now with them to take some small projects. My mother is over there helping to cook, I have not seen her for some days." Li Dong nodded again, eyes thoughtful, but did not say anything. Into the supermarket turned around, in the cashier girl full of confusion, Li Dong and took people out of the supermarket. Out of the supermarket, Li Dong thought about it to the side of Wu Liangnong said: "back to arrange two people to help re-clean up, the shelves are too confusing. In addition to the future payment once a year, usually also look after ……" admonished a few words, Li Dong turned his head to look at Li Qing, see her eyes a little red, Li Dong said softly: "people still have to rely on themselves, I can not help you too much, and will not directly send money to you Live your life. If you have any difficulties in the future, you can call me. And your brother's side, tell him for me, restrain some. Do some small projects will be enough, other than the extravagant hope.