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Chapter 542 - Don't You Dare!

  Dongping. When Li Dong returned to Dongping, it was already dark. When they arrived at the entrance of Yuan's neighborhood, Chen Yue got off the car to go, Yuan Xue refused to let her go first and insisted that she stay and eat together. The next Li Dong smilingly said: "A meal, so polite why. When we are free later, we will invite a meal alone." Yuan Xue was choked and rolled her eyes, this is not what you just said. Chen Yue also can not laugh, but Li Dong has said so, if she stays again, also seems too insensitive. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Yuan Xue finished talking to her and came back with a reddish face. Li Dong glanced at it, smiled and did not tease her, but asked, "How is Chen Yue in Dongping at this time?" It's only late November, and it's not the time to be on vacation. Hearing Li Dong ask, Yuan Xue explained: "They started their internship, but her side did not go to the internship, Wu Qiang did not allow. Wu Qiang's family opened a small company, when the time comes, can directly give Chen Yue open internship certificate, so she did not go." "Wu Qiang is not a good bird, Chen Yue is not self-reliant now, sooner or later will regret it." "You are good ……" Yuan Xue just wanted to despise a sentence, but to the mouth to feel that the words are too vulgar, some speechless said: "You look at who is not like good people, Wu Qiang and did not offend you." "Did not offend me, but offended my brother." Li Dong said: "Wang Jie which is not better than that Wu Qiang, Chen Yue eyes have problems! But it is good, now Wang Jie small life is also quite prosperous, soon to be a father, I will find something for you, to their son as a godmother how?" "You as a godfather?" "Yes, you are really smart, no wonder you can study abroad." Yuan Xue was speechless and said helplessly, "Okay, don't talk about this, still go to dinner or not, my father has called several times." "Go, of course go. Your father is so polite, I am embarrassed not to go ah." "I don't care about you!" Yuan Xue gave him a white glance, and then said to Zhou Haidong, "Two big brothers, go eat together, you are also tired after a busy day." Zhou Haidong and Tan Yong quickly said no, not waiting for Yuan Xue to say, Zhou Haidong said: "We will go to the restaurant to eat a little later, Miss Yuan, you do not have to be polite." Seeing that Yuan Xue wanted to say more, Li Dong waved his hand and said, "Old Zhou, you guys go eat first. No need to wait down there, I'll take a little longer to eat, I'll call you when I get back." Zhou Haidong two people also did not say anything, drove the car in a smoke and disappeared. People are gone, Yuan Xue polite again also can not find people, white Li Dong glance, Yuan Xue also do not talk to him, self-conscious to go home. Li Dong carrying two bottles of wine in his hand, and not impatient, slowly followed outside followed together upstairs. …… door was opened by Yuan Zhongqing. Seeing Li Dong and his daughter standing outside the door, Yuan Zhongqing's eyes showed a flash of strange color. Soon, Yuan Zhongqing then returned to his senses and said: "Come in, rice is almost cooked, soon you can eat. By the way, Xiao Xue, you and Xiao Li met downstairs?" Before Yuan Xue could say anything, Li Dong smiled and said, "Yes, Uncle Yuan, do you think it's a coincidence." "Oh, quite a coincidence." Yuan Zhongqing said perfunctorily, and when he saw Li Dong carrying wine in his hand, he complained, "I told you not to buy anything, why did you bring wine here, do you think Uncle Yuan's wine is not drinkable?" "No way, it's just that a friend just gave me two bottles. I don't usually drink, it's a waste to leave it here, so I might as well bring it here to drink with Uncle Yuan tonight." "You, Li, you're just too polite." Yuan Zhongqing accompanied Li Dong with a few words of courtesy, and then said to Yuan Xue, "Xiao Xue, go to the kitchen and help your mother clean up, Xiao Li and I will have a few words, and dinner will be served later." Yuan Xue answered, and warned Li Dong with her eyes as she left, telling him to keep his mouth shut. Li Dong squeezed his eyebrows, his face full of smiles. Yuan Zhongqing next to him saw this and was heartbroken and had an expression that he had expected. As soon as Yuan Xue left, Yuan Zhongqing picked up a black plastic bag from the sofa and handed it to Li Dong: "Little Li, keep this, I'm really thankful to you today." Li Dong weighed it slightly and knew what was inside, so he hurriedly waved his hand and said, "Uncle Yuan, aren't you slapping me in the face? You're giving me money for such a small favor, what kind of person do you think I am? Besides, Yuan Xue and I are friends, if she finds out about this, she will scold me to death." "How can I let you work for nothing? If you don't tell me, she won't know about it." "That can't be, if Yuan Xue asks about it, I can't hide it." Hearing Li Dong's words with deep meaning, Yuan Zhongqing had a bitter smile on his face, followed by a few polite words, seeing that Li Dong insisted not to accept, Yuan Zhongqing had to give up the move of taking money to thank him. Soon, Yuan's mother and Yuan Xue came out from the kitchen with dishes. The theme of the evening meal was gratitude. Yuan Zhongqing pulled Li Dong to drink a lot of wine, and also let Yuan's mother and Yuan Xue follow to toast a few cups, and only then let Li Dong go. Li Dong drank a lot, after eating the meal, the whole person is a little unable to stand. The company Yuan Zhongqing on the sofa chatted a few, Li Dong straight yawn, Yuan Zhongqing see this can not help but say: "Little Li, drink too much, can not deal with the night in my night." Li Dong has not refused, next to Yuan Xue who has been watching the two hurriedly said: "No! Dad, we only have two rooms at home, we can't sleep!" Yuan Zhongqing said, "You sleep with your mother, and I'll sleep with Xiao Li." "I said no, he's not used to sleeping with others!" Yuan Xue's words just fell, the entire living room abruptly quieted down. The mother, who was cleaning up the mess, didn't hold the spoon in her hand and it fell and hit the basin with a crisp chirp. This is when Yuan Xue reacted and saw her parents looking at themselves incredulously, and Li Dong staring at her with an innocent face, she suddenly blushed and said: "Why are you all looking at me! I just said that casually, or you can ask Li Dong himself, he must not be used to sleeping with others, right?" Seeing Yuan Xue threatening himself with his eyes, Li Dong smiled through the strength of his wine and said, "Well, actually I don't mind too much ……" Halfway through the sentence, Li Dong apologized and said, "But I still have things to deal with when I go back tonight, Uncle Yuan I'll sit for a while and leave." Yuan Xue smiled slightly relieved, Yuan Zhongqing as if also relieved, polite a few sentences then did not persuade. After accompanying Yuan Zhongqing for a while, Li Dong got up and said, "Uncle, auntie, then I'll leave first, I'll see you next time." "So urgent, do it again for a while." "No, it's not too early, you guys should rest early." "Then we'll see you off." "No, no, I can do it myself." Said Li Dong and looked out the window and said, "It's a little dark outside, I'm afraid I'm not familiar with finding the way out, Yuan Xue send me to the door." Yuan Xue cried and laughed, see mom and dad looking at themselves, some exhaustion said, "Mom and dad, I'll send him, you guys get some rest early." "That ……" Yuan mother hesitated slightly for a while before saying, "Are you still coming back at night? Did you bring the keys?" Yuan Xue angrily said, "Mom, I'm just going out for a while, I'll be right back!" Yuan Zhongqing also scolded, "What are you talking about? Xiao Xue, dad is opening the door for you, later come back to the entrance of the building is a bit dark, call me when you get downstairs." Seeing these two mouths with wolf-like, Li Dong a burst of amusement. The two of them said goodbye again, and Li Dong went out with Yuan Xue. When they came downstairs, Yuan Zhongqing hurriedly went to the balcony and looked up. Yuan's mother was angry and funny, "What are you looking at? If you're not sure, then go over and take a look." The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services. I am a big man how to follow, just now you have to say that you also follow a piece, this surnamed Li Taoist is quite deep, I look at Xiao Xue that look, maybe my daughter will have to lose out!" "How do you say, what do you mean lose out!" Yuan mother scolded a sentence, and then said: "This little Li I look quite good, but I do not know how the family ……" "Do not talk about these useless! What's the hurry, is my daughter still can't get married? My daughter is so good, what kind of son-in-law can't find, this little Li I think is still a bit worse!" "Come on, you!" Yuan's mother laughed, then hesitated a bit, and only after a long time did she say, "Did you hear what Manager Sun said this afternoon?" "What words?" "Little Li answered the phone and went out that time, the manager Sun called him Mr. Li."