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Chapter 543 Branding and pre-sales

  The night of the 19th Li Dong rushed back to Pingchuan overnight. Morning, back at night, just one day, but a lot of things happened. This night Li Dong did not sleep well, the first half of the night through the strength of alcohol half asleep half awake squinted for a while, the second half of the night after waking up, but how can not sleep. In addition to him, this night Yuan Xue also did not sleep well. The next day when you get up, Yuan Xue realized that not only did she not sleep well last night, but her parents also had a black eye all around the house. …… feelings are not the whole of life. Every time the feelings are frustrated, Li Dong likes to numb himself with busy affairs. Back to the company, Li Dong once again opened a busy day. Soon after entering the office, Wu Shengnan came over. This time Wu Shengnan came not to ask for money, but to report a good news, the pre-sale license got! From the end of September when the two subdivisions in the far side started, until now, almost two months have passed, which is not fast, of course, is not slow. Compared to those who got the permit before building the house, Li Dong this speed is naturally considered slow. But compared to the compliance, the district under the name of Dongyu real estate can withstand the inspection, compared to other compliance to get the license of the real estate company, the speed is not slow. Getting a pre-sale license means that Dongyu's house can now be officially pre-sold. This is a happy event, Li Dong vigorously praised Wu Shengnan a few words. However, Wu Shengnan came here today mainly not for this matter, after reporting on the permit, Wu Shengnan said again, "Mr. Li, there is something else I want to report to you." Li Dong smiled and said, "Go ahead." "I want to change the names of several neighborhoods." "Change the names?" Li Dong was a little surprised and said, "Change the name for what? Is this name bad now?" There are only three neighborhoods under Dongyu Real Estate, a famous garden neighborhood, a crystal garden, and one called Wantai Mansion. Although these names are a bit rotten, but it still sounds quite upscale. Hearing Li Dong ask, Wu Shengnan thought about it and said: "I want to engage in branding, now these community names, I want to unify with a brand. Let people think of Dongyu Real Estate when they think of this name, they can think of Yuanfang Group." "Branding ……" Li Dong muttered, this point is that he himself ignored. It can not be considered neglected, only that he still does not pay enough attention to the real estate company. Before he was ready to get a vote and leave, naturally not too concerned about what the community is called, after because the community is not yet completed by Yao Hong and they got a large part of the community, Li Dong also did not care too much about the name of the community. But when Wu Shengnan mentioned, Li Dong realized the missteps. Go branding and scale, this is what the big real estate developers are doing. Just like Wanda Plaza, Evergrande Oasis, Bi Gui Yuan, Longhua Plaza …… as soon as you mention these places, you can think of which company developed the property. These leaders in the industry are taking the road of branding, and in the end, even the brand value is more than the enterprise value. If Far Eastern really wants to develop in the real estate industry, this is the way to go. If you don't engage in branding now, you may make the same amount of money, but what about three years later? What about five years later? At that time, real estate developers are all over the street, why should people buy your house? Li Dong gently knocked on the table and nodded: "You reminded good, I almost overlooked this, then what do you think is a good name to change?" Seeing that Li Dong agreed, Wu Shengnan showed joy in his eyes and added: "I want to divide the industries under Dongyu into three grades: high, medium and low, and the first batch of my goal is to create three grades of residential area brands. After that, if we enter the commercial plaza, then we also follow the trend and create a plaza series that belongs exclusively to us. The plaza side is simple, either called Far Square, or Dong Yu Square. But the residential area series, I still want to hear your opinion, Mr. Li, do you think you can provide a few more upscale series names?" As soon as he heard the name, Li Dong had a bit of a headache. He was really weak in this area, whether it was Far Far Away or Dongyu, he had used the names of people to pile up. Now Wu Shengnan asked him to name Yuanfang's real estate brand series, which is not a light matter. If the name is good, then when the time comes, whether it is publicity or dissemination, the expansion of the corporate brand is beneficial. But if the name is poorly taken, not conducive to publicity or dissemination, it will play a counterproductive role, and may even cause others to be jealous. Li Dong touched his chin and asked: "Your real estate company did not come up with an opinion?" Wu Shengnan laughed: "How can someone else do this kind of thing for you, or you give a plan first, Mr. Li, and we will discuss it then." "My opinion ……" Li Dong scratched his head a bit, for a long time before saying, "Why don't we wait a few days, I have to think about it, I can't think of anything for a while. Why don't we just go back and let the planning department list out a preparatory plan, and I'll pick from there." Li Dong said so, Wu Shengnan also have no opinion. The name is not just on a whim, it is related to the future promotion of the brand, have to be careful. Many large companies spend a lot of money for a brand name, and even set up special departments and institutions to explore, so you can see how important the name is to the enterprise. After talking about preparing to build the brand, Wu Shengnan's report is not over, continued: "Another thing I want to talk to Mr. Li, there is a land auction to start in Pingchuan on the 22nd, before you did not allocate a hundred million dollars to Dongyu, this auction I am ready to see, Mr. Li have time then?" "Land auction ……" Li Dong suddenly thought of Zhu Yizai, and quickly said: "Yurun will participate?" Wu Shengnan nodded: "Yurun will go, in addition to Yurun, many companies will go over." "What about Longhua?" Wu Shengnan shook his head and said, "It seems not, Longhua focus on Suan New City development this year, the proportion of land taken in Pingchuan is quite small." "One hundred million, seems a bit small." Li Dong muttered. For real estate developers, one hundred million dollars is really less, even if you take land, you can only get some remote or small lots. In order to get the same two pieces of land that Li Dong took, one hundred million is really just a drop in the bucket. The opposite Wu Shengnan heard a happy voice and said: "Mr. Li, one hundred million is indeed too little. You see how about this, the beginning of next month we start the pre-sale of the property, pre-sale money this time can not be left for the development of Dongyu? If the real estate industry can be done, I think it is actually more profitable than the supermarkets more extensive. And these years the state vigorously promote, so the future of the real estate industry is still bright." Li Dong narrowed his eyes and smiled, "Okay, no problem!" Wu Shengnan was overjoyed and said, "Really?" "Of course it's true, but the premise is to pay the rest of the land first, and then how much is left, all allocated to Dongyu."