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Chapter 544: One billion love debt

  Li Dong a few people ready to snipe Yao Hong in the property market, this is not a small matter. The money involved is up to tens of billions of dollars, the slightest mistake, that is a big problem. At this juncture, Li Dong also felt that he was too busy for one person. Originally he was ready to let Shen Xi rest for a few more days, but seeing that the pre-sale period is getting closer and closer, Li Dong had to call Shen Xi to let her come back earlier. Shen Xi did not say anything, Li Dong called the first day afternoon, the same evening Shen Xi rushed back. Early the next morning, people from far away found the vacationing Chief Shen back. Li Dong arrived at the company at eight thirty, he just came, Shen Xi came out of the office next to him. Some days have not seen, Li Dong again see Shen Xi, can not help but eyes lit up said: "good ah, white and tender a lot, over young!" Shen Xi choked and rolled her eyes, said in a good mood: "Fuck you! If you talk about my age again, I'll kick you to death believe it or not!" "No, I really admire. It's really too young, white and soft, before the face is yellow." "Really?" Women still do not have much resistance to these words, Shen Xi saw Li Dong does not look like a fake, can not help but touch the cheek asked. Seeing this, Li Dong laughed and nodded, "Really, it's more real than real gold." Shen Xi face a flash of joy, pretending to be reserved said: "What nonsense, people are old and pearl, which is still white and tender." This kind of contradictory words, Li Dong has heard more than once from the mouth of women. He is now also used to these women's mouth is not right, also do not refute, smiling said: "Well, young is good, after often give yourself a vacation to rest and rest. Come to my office, there is something I need to talk to you about." "Okay, it just so happens that I also have something to talk to you." The two talked and went into Li Dong's office. The two of them talked and went into the office. When he beckoned Shen Xi to sit down, Li Dong did not hurry to talk about the matter, but asked, "How is your aunt?" Shen Xi laughed lightly and said: "Good, living younger than me, I'm jealous. These days as much as possible with my mother to go to the beauty, you see my face is much better, probably is the effect of beauty." "That's right, that's right, turn around and do more, make yourself look beautiful." "What do you mean? Are you disgusted that I'm not pretty enough now?" Li Dong's face is full of black lines, I just mentioned a sentence in line with your words, how you can so associate? Lazy and she dwell on these, Li Dong changed the subject: "Speaking of business, December 6 Dongyu side of the two neighborhoods I am ready to officially open the sale of buildings! These days I will mainly focus on this, in addition to the pre-sale of the property began, I and Xu Shengzhe and they still have things to do, so you have to suffer more during this period, I probably do not have too much time to deal with the company's affairs." "So urgent?" Shen Xi thought about it and said, "Why don't I plan this with you, there's nothing big on this side of the company for now, I'm not sure about you alone." "No, this time Xu Shengzhe and the others are the main force, I am responsible for the money. Besides, who said there is no big deal for the company?" Li Dong shook his head and said, "The company has a lot of things going on lately, especially the supermarket side, you have to care more about it, don't be biased towards the mall side. You are not only the general manager of the mall, but also the vice president of the group, so you should pay more attention." Shen Xi gave him a white look and said, "Who said I'm not concerned about it? But we are still short of manpower, especially the top side, I suggest recruiting another executive vice president to help deal with the company's miscellaneous matters. Yuan Chengdao side I know you want to train him a little, then hold off again. But it's still feasible to recruit an executive president to run the daily affairs, so that the requirements are not so high." "That's true." Li Dong nodded and said, "Then I will look at it again and recruit one in as soon as possible." This time he did not ask Shen Xi to recommend, and Shen Xi did not open her mouth to say this. Yuan Chengdao and Wu Shengnan, the two people she recommended, already occupy the two top positions in the group, if Shen Xi recommended again, then the Shen family gang will be more conspicuous. Even now, in fact, there are still people within the company will say a few words of small talk. Usually Shen Xi and Li Dong do not care too much, but also really can not take no account of the impact, the internal factions of a large company is too obvious, that is certainly not good. After talking about himself, Li Dong asked Shen Xi: "Don't you still have something to do? What is it?" "That ……" Shen Xi was a little hesitant, but soon said: "This time I got some money from my mother's side, if you are useful, you can take it first." Li Dong frowned at once and frowned: "Didn't I say I didn't use it before?" "I understand what you mean, but this money is not Shen's group, but my mother's personal. She didn't ask for it, she just lent it to us for a while. When you have more money on hand, you can pay her back. And my mother has no other place to invest now, when you give her a certain return, this is a win-win situation. You don't have to guard against anyone, this money from my hands to your hands, even if you don't pay, I will not chase you for debt." "I don't mean that. I just …… forget it ……" Li Dong sighed softly and asked, "How much money was raised from your mother?" "Not much." "Not much is how much?"