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Chapter 545 - Jiangda's invitation to cooperate

  From Shen Xi that get 500 million, Li Dong did not do anything else, the first will be Hu Ming's money to return. When returning the money, Hu Ming said politely that there was no need to rush. At that time, Li Dong really wanted to say a "then there is no hurry!" But after thinking about it, it is not necessary, Hu Ming call, this is a common sense, they can not blame him, others do not owe them. Can come up with 500 million funds to lend themselves when they are in trouble, Hu Ming this person is already considered enough friends, enough atmosphere. These days, non-relatives, who can just lend 500 million to outsiders? And it was also this 500 million to help him get through the difficult times, the anti-acquisition of the customer, otherwise Li Dong is not so comfortable now. After repaying Hu Ming the five hundred million, Li Dong owes a lot less foreign debt at once. Times side to repay the loan of two hundred million, not to mention that these months times and paid off part of the acquisition, almost a hundred million. In other words, alone, the times side, still 700 million acquisition money and 400 million bank loans, a total of about 1.1 billion. On the far side of the supermarket, the 800 million loan is still the same, not much. Together with Xu Shengzhe's one hundred million, these three together, Li Dong's total debt is about two billion. The land payment Li Dong is not in a hurry, the pre-sale will soon begin, the house payment to pay off the land arrears or no problem, that is, he is now a total of only a little debt. Of course, Shen Xi that one billion Li Dong now do not want to count, this money can not be counted as a debt alone so. Two billion, thinking of this figure, Li Dong slightly relieved. The current market value of the Far Eastern Group is definitely over ten billion, two billion debt ratio is really not high, to reach this debt point, Li Dong has been walking a tightrope mentality slightly relaxed. And the Yuanfang supermarket is still profitable, these debts are not a problem. The second half of this year because the times have been rounding up foreign companies, not much profit, Jiangbei side also frequent accidents, profit is not much. But now that we have taken down Hakkasan and cleared the obstacles on the Jiangbei side, the profitability of Yuanfang Supermarket is high. This is only a matter of a few months on the Sunan side, after this year, next year should also be able to resume normal profitability. Supermarket profitability is not low, just the current Yuanfang Supermarket and Times Supermarket, I'm afraid that annual sales can reach more than eight billion, the net profit is probably between seven or eight hundred million. When the market of other provinces is opened next year, I am afraid that Yuanfang Supermarket will usher in a wave of great development. By then, the annual sales will easily break ten billion, and the annual profit will at least break one billion, at that time, the road of Yuanfang will be much better. In addition to supermarkets, and so on next year, the mall, logistics, I'm afraid that can also be profitable. Throw away the real estate side, just these three companies profit I'm afraid a year to pay off the debt, so Li Dong now is indeed quite easy. Of course, investment in expansion that has to be calculated separately. This money is certainly not saved, want to expand, the enterprise before a few years around debt is inevitable, who let Li Dong head without a tens of billions of dollars of parental support. …… No. 22, Wu Shengnan went to attend the land auction. Li Dong did not go, but he also left a few heart in this, on the one hand, this time there are Rainwater this outsider to participate. On the other hand, I heard that Yao Hong and these people also participated in the auction. Li Dong now can't wait for them to spend all the money on hand, to buy land, and then have to come up with some real money to do so. The original is almost empty Yao Hong and other people, this time if you take some land, then I'm afraid there is really no money left on hand. While waiting for the results in the office, Li Dong was bored and picked up the newspaper to read. After a brief glance, Li Dong suddenly noticed a news report that did not lift his eyes. "Jinling Peng Yu case!" Seeing this news, Li Dong couldn't help but freeze for a moment, this is happening now? This lawsuit, which is known as a moral slide in China, this is starting? Not many people seem to be concerned about the Peng Yu case now, and the news report only briefly talked about the collision that happened in Jinling the morning before yesterday. But Li Dong knew that when the final result of the lawsuit came out, it caused a huge uproar. Staring at the news report for a while, Li Dong slightly shook his head, whether or not it is related to the moral slide of China, which has little to do with him. Jinling in the south side of the Sunan, although he has a certain number of contacts and influence in the Sunan, but this matter is not his turn to manage, he will not manage. The far side of their own affairs are too busy, which has the time to care about such things. After reading the newspaper for a while, Li Dong's cell phone rang, Wu Shengnan called. The auction is not yet over, Wu Shengnan called Li Dong in advance, once the phone call, Wu Shengnan said in a low voice: "Mr. Li, Mr. Yao and the others have come quite a few people. In addition, Long Hua also came, I see Long Hua seems to be not in the land acquisition, but some like to raise the price of land. Mr. Yao and the others took two plots of land, Longhua side at least let them spend an extra 100 million." Li Dong raised his eyebrows, it seems that not only himself is concerned, Xu Shengzhe is also watching. Without saying much on this matter, Li Dong asked, "Has Yurun taken the land?" "Not yet, they should be preparing to bid for the commercial street piece of land, the auction has not yet started." "What about us?" Wu Shengnan laughed when he heard that, "Mr. Li, I was just about to tell you that the land in the southern suburbs will be auctioned later, I think there are not many people competing for this land, we should be able to get it within 300 million." "Then take it down, a little more is fine, but not too high. You can make your own decision not to exceed three hundred and fifty million, after that you can contact me." "Okay." Hang up the phone, Li Dong slightly pondered for a while. Yao Hong and their money is probably spent almost, this is a good thing, Yurun side, so far have not seen anything, I hope Zhu Yicai will not mess up for themselves. As for the land in the southern suburbs, in Li Dong's opinion, it is not a big deal. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. As he was thinking about it, the office door was knocked, and then Chen Ke entered and said, "Mr. Li, Ms. Fang is here to see you." "Let her in." …… Chen Ke went out for a while, and Fang Qingfei walked in. This is her first time to enter Li Dong's office, although in the far side of the internship for almost twenty days, but Li Dong's office this floor, Fang Qingfei almost never come up. Some curiously surveyed Li Dong's office, and so see that the gold brave, Fang Qingfei some surprised: "This is the legend of the gold brave?" "Legend?" Li Dong said funny: "How did it become a legend? You also know this thing?" Fang Qingfei laughed lightly: "I heard people talk about it, and many people know that the old boss of the far side like gold, but also let people specially create a gold brave. I heard that you can get rich, also related to this, now many rich people in Pingchuan have followed the example, also built a lot of gold fortune objects it." "Boring!" Li Dong snickered: "This thing is the day I set up the group, Xu of Longhua and Hu of Nanrui sent me, if I get rich on this, I would have lost money long ago, my parents do not know." Fang Qingfei did not care about this, but only slightly emotional: "Come here, I just feel that we are more and more distant. These people in your mouth, I used to listen to them as stories, but you casually said these people, as if they are just like that in your eyes."