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Chapter 546 - Marriage of Interest

  The 22nd land auction ended with a somewhat unexpected ending. The industry leader in Jiangbei, Longhua Group, won nothing at this auction. The newly emerged Dongyu Real Estate also just spent 300 million yuan to take a suburban residential land in the southern suburbs. The protagonists of this auction were not them, but the outsiders, Yurun Group and Yao Hong, a group of interests that came together because of the sealing. Rain Resources this time with a big deal, 2.2 billion price took a commercial street site, when the auction was Zhu Yizai personally past, after the auction, Zhu Yizai revealed that next year Rain Resources Plaza will be officially settled in Pingchuan. In addition to the rain, Yao Hong, these people are not small. During the auction, these people cut off Longhua's offer several times and finally took three residential sites and one commercial site at a total price of 3.3 billion. Once the auction was over, the industry spread the word. After many people knew the situation of this auction, they could not help but have a strange feeling that Longhua, the leading company in the industry for many years, was not working anymore. During this period of time, the real estate group led by Yao Hong has frequently made some amazing moves. In this land auction, Yao Hong and his group defeated Longhua Group head-on, leaving Longhua Group with no revenue at the auction. Change of dynasty! This is the first thought that came to many people's mind, maybe, maybe Longhua has really stayed in the position of the boss for too long. Look at Yao Hong and their stance, some raging feeling. Now these people have been seen by outsiders as one, of course, in fact, they are still independent individuals. But once they have really joined forces then! If these people merge to form a new group of companies, then I'm afraid that Longhua is really dangerous. As for the Far Eastern Group's Dongyu Real Estate, there are also many people concerned. This time, although the far side took a piece of land, but the stroke is too small, not in line with Li Dong's style. Some people speculate that it is because of the price reduction fiasco some time ago, Li Dong some can not carry the pressure, look at his appearance, as if he gave up on the real estate industry on a large scale to enter. Faraway contracted strength, Longhua was sidelined, and the two largest private groups in Jiangbei province seemed to have lost their voices for a while. The day the auction ended, Yao Hong the prestige of these people in the real estate industry reached its peak. …… That night, Yao Hong these people held a celebration banquet at the Skyy International Club. The celebration banquet Yao Hong they also invited Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe, but the two naturally will not go. At the same time as Yao Hong and the others celebrated, Li Dong and the others also gathered together silently. Lanshan Clubhouse, inside the largest private room. Hu Ming lit a cigar and instructed the service staff to light it for Li Dong, then he smiled and said, "Authentic Cuban cigar, I heard it is specially supplied to Castro, let's try how it tastes." Li Dong took a light puff, and a mixture of chocolate and black pepper entered his nose, and then penetrated deep into his lungs. Slowly exhaled, Li Dong lightly smiled and said, "It's quite good, but a little not used to it." Hu Ming smiled and said, "Normal, look at you should not smoke cigars, turn around I still have some, take away together when leaving, smoking used to you will feel better than cigarette smoking." Li Dong lost his smile and said, "Just a taste, and I'm ready to quit smoking, and I don't smoke much these days." Next to Xu Shengzhe smiled and said, "Mr. Hu, old Li does not want, you give me ah, I do not mind." Hu Ming laughed and said, "You still lack me these? I've heard that your old man collects rare and exotic goods from all over the world, when will you let me open my eyes?" "That's the old man's private collection, not mine." Xu Shengzhe joked, and then turned back to the topic, "This time Yao Hong and the others should be overjoyed, it looks like these guys should be too excited to sleep at night." "That's not true, but these days, Yao Hong and the others do have a lot of scenery." Hu Ming said playfully, and then laughed: "Since he organized this small group, teamed up to seal the market, control the price of Pingchuan, Yao Hong's reputation in the Jiangbei real estate sector is higher than a day." "I think this old boy money is still secondary, look at his attitude, is trying to become the arbiter of the Jiangbei real estate industry ah." Xu Shengzhe smiled lightly and said, "That also depends on whether he has the strength." A few people chatted for a while, after a while, Li Dong asked, "This time they spent more than three billion dollars, although they will not pay all, but the down payment should also be in the minority, old Xu, you calculate, they can now use the funds on hand about how much?" Long Hua Group's roots in Jiangbei are much deeper than Yuanfang's, and this seemingly secret news is not difficult for him to find out. Hearing Li Dong ask, Xu Shengzhe thought about it and said, "If we throw away the down payment this time, the total funds they can use on hand probably won't exceed 200 million. But ……" "But what?" Li Dong and Hu Ming asked at the same time, this juncture this information may change the whole situation, the two had to care more. Xu Shengzhe frowned slightly and said: "Others are okay, I am now worried about two things, first, whether the Rainwater side will intervene. Second, that is Wang Pengfei and Chen Hongming." Rain Resources side is okay, Zhu Yicai is ready to enter the real estate sector in Pingchuan, the possibility of intervening is still there. But hearing Xu Shengzhe talk about Wang Pengfei, Li Dong could not help but be surprised: "What happened to Wang Pengfei and Chen Hongming?" "These two people you have also dealt with, before you also suffered a loss in your hands. But you do not really underestimate them, in Sichuan Shu, these two people are not weaker than Yao Hong. Yao Hong, they organized a small group, Wang Pengfei in which the statement is not obvious, seemingly dispensable, and even Chen Hongming did not participate. But these two are also the biggest variables, they can not use much money this time, Wang Pengfei from beginning to end, there is no property closed, this time to get land he also did not play. The only time out of money is probably the last time he took over your property, he took a billion. I calculated, Wang Pengfei this guy has at least four or five billion liquidity, plus Chen Hongming side, the two may be able to put together a billion out. And we shot this time, they do not have much impact. These two base business are in Sichuan, Pingchuan side on a commercial area in the development, the bank side they do not have much loan, engineering they are given to the Sichuan side of the company to do, so the scope of our fight, is not including these two." "You are worried that they will fund the rescue when the time comes?" "It is very likely!" Li Dong frowned slightly and said, "Shouldn't you have taken precautions about this? Now that it's coming to a head, you're just saying that, so what are we going to do?" Xu Shengzhe sighed: "I also did not expect Wang Pengfei will be so stingy, before I thought he would take a few pieces of land, but this guy actually did not move, who knows what he wants."