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Chapter 547 - A Heart of Love

  Li Dong heard and understood Hu Ming's meaning. However, Hu Ming did not explicitly say, Li Dong naturally pretended not to understand. After accompanying Hu Ming for a few words, Li Dong left early. As soon as his car left, Hu Ming frowned, inhaled a few puffs of smoke, Hu Ming stomped out the cigarette, slightly shook his head also got into the car and quickly left. …… November 23rd, Thanksgiving Day. If Fang Qingfei had not mentioned it, Li Dong would not even remember this festival. He is even busy with the Mid-Autumn Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, which has the time to care about these Western holidays, and is not a student, looking forward to the holidays all day long. In the afternoon, after finishing things, Li Dong looked at the time and asked Chen Ke, who had entered the door to pack his things, "What time does the party start?" "Seven o'clock." Chen Ke said and added, "Mr. Shen has agreed to attend, will you also go there then?" "Shen Xi is going?" "Well, Mr. Fang invited, plus our company also has a program this time, so Mr. Shen agreed." Li Dong smiled, "Since Mr. Shen is going, I won't go." Just as he said no, Shen Xi entered the door and said, "Come along, don't be bored at home all day, just take a break. I see you are busy enough these days, relax." "Then it's better to go back to bed early." "Sleeping is sleeping, watching the show is watching the show, besides you go, you can also give everyone encouragement." Shen Xi continued, "In these two years you hardly show up at the company party except for the annual meeting, and there are fewer and fewer opportunities to get in touch with the following. Although you, the chairman of the board to maintain a little distance from the following, but too far away is not good. High above the time is long, people only fear you, there is no respect, when the time comes, the people will also be scattered." Li Dong laughed and said, "It's just a party, but you've made such a big point, I'll go." "This is how it should be. And I know you don't like to speak, so the speech or whatever is also exempted, but I have arranged for you, when the party opens later, you go up and sing a song to set the mood, and have fun with the people." "You don't need to do it, and also have fun with the people, I really have such a big gap with everyone?" "It's not a gap, it's a distance. In the past, it was fine, we were all working together, we didn't see each other. But since we moved to the Yuanfang Building, you enter the elevator is your office, usually who can see your face? You have less time to patrol downstairs, everyone can not see you for a month are normal. So this time you listen to me, show your face, smile a little more, drive the rhythm, so that everyone's heart is also comfortable." Li Dong said helplessly, "You say, as if I don't care about the staff at all. The treatment of the staff of the Far Side is not bad ……" Shen Xi said: "I did not talk to you about the treatment, anyway, so it was decided, before I also and Mr. Fang said well." "So you have already decided, right?" "What, you don't like it?" Li Dong sulked, "Yes, how can I not be happy, you asked me to sing, I dare not sing? But I'm not very good at singing, aren't you making me lose face?" "Who said you are incompetent, last time the tears of the iron window, you sang quite vigorously, right?" "I told you not to mention this, but here we go again, you're making fun of me, aren't you?" "……" two people kan a few words, together went down to eat dinner. When dinner was over, Li Dong and Shen Xi walked towards the auditorium, suddenly asked, "What do I sing?" Shen Xi said with a speechless face: "How do I know what you sing, but it is best to sing a little festive, but do not sing the tears of the iron window, can not afford to lose that person." "And mention!" Shen Xi saw him glaring at himself, funny: "Well, well, not to say, you look after yourself." "But I really don't know what to sing, why don't you choose a song and I'll sing it." In fact, it is not that Li Dong can not sing, but his memory is now a bit confused. Many of the songs that appeared later and the songs that are available now, he has some difficulty remembering, Li Dong afraid that when the wrong song appears trouble. Career to this point, Li Dong also more and more cautious a lot. Some things, there is no need to expose, do not try to show off, to save trouble. If he sings a song that someone else is composing, then how can he explain it then? Say he composed it himself? Jokes, who believes ah! They believe that Li Dong has the ability to make money, they believe that Li Dong can write songs, ghosts believe! Hearing Li Dong say let yourself order a song, Shen Xi can not help but laugh: "I ordered, you do not necessarily know how to sing." "You first, find one that I can sing." "Then I really ordered?" Li Dong impatience said: "mother-in-law, can not be canceled, must sing why, do not sing and will not die." Shen Xi lost her smile, and only after a while slowly said, "Will you sing "The Heart Has a Heart"?" "The heart has a unique bell?" "Yes." Li Dong looked at her for a long time before saying, "Yes, the one by Chen Xiaodong?" "Mm." "Why pick this song, it's quite old." Shen Xi stroked her hair, smiled and said, "I just listened to it once recently and felt it was quite good, you said let me order it, so I thought of this one." Li Dong nodded and did not speak again, Shen Xi also did not speak, accompanied him to the auditorium. ……