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Chapter 549 - Faraway Property Series

  Li Dong said the time to take time, time quickly. Before the 30th Meng Qiping these people left the far side, Li Dong then one by one and to stay to negotiate with the people who want to stay. Bai Su these people, can think of staying in the far side, that must have been considered before. Li Dong and their negotiation, not only did not dissuade them, but also made these people more determined. Li Dong still had a welcoming attitude towards these people to stay. Since they want to stay, then Li Dong also no longer say more. However, when talking to the last person who wanted to stay, Li Dong's tone was not so kind, and he said, "Pack up and get out immediately, don't add to my mess!" Meng Qiping complained, "What's wrong with me? You are not treating me differently? I know what you and Nan Nan said just now, but how come when you come to me, you don't even ask your opinion, you just get out?" "I'm happy, I'm in charge of my own place, do you understand?" "I'm not leaving!" "On what grounds?" "My daughter-in-law is here!" Li Dong snickered: "Your daughter-in-law? Are you married? Male and female friends only, maybe one day will be divided, even if it is your daughter-in-law, that is not, so more trouble, Cheng Nan is here, you still have the mind to work?" Meng Qiping patted his chest and assured, "I'm sure I can do it!" "Believe you're a ghost! Don't make trouble, you and Cheng Nan are here, what about your fast food restaurant? In my place, it is not necessarily more comfortable than you as the boss." Meng Qiping muttered, "Anyway, I'm going to stay here, with you to cover me, I mix a small leader is better than being a fast food restaurant boss." "No motivation thing! Besides, leader, what kind of leader can you be?" Li Dong hummed and continued, "Since you are determined to stay, then okay, you do not blame me for not giving you a chance. How about this, I have a few positions here, you pick yourself, if you can do it, you can do it, can not do it before you give me to leave." Meng Qiping was overjoyed to hear this and said, "You said, I can do anything." "First, the courier company there is still a shortage of couriers, if you can go to try. Second, the supermarket is still short of some porters, you are so fat, still have a few strength. Third, the real estate company over there will soon begin to pre-sell property, you go to sell houses, which is also a good job, there are many beautiful women. Fourth ……" did not wait for Li Dong to finish, Meng Qiping cried: "Do not fourth, brother Dong, master Dong, you deliberately rectify me, right. This is all what work ah? Is it something I do? Courier, porter, sales lady …… is not right, sales fat man, I heard how so tasteless it. I am at least a student of Jiangda University, you are so down on me? Bai Su and Nan Nan also mixed an administrative assistant position, the rat guy also mixed an office clerk when, why to me, I have to sell hard labor?" Li Dong smiled and said: "Because I am happy! Just ask you to do it, or not to do it, pull down. Don't compare yourself with them, they are the ones who get scholarships every year, but you, kid? You fail every year, I'm lucky I let you in! Don't be picky, do it or not, just say the word, don't do it immediately pack up and go back to school with the car." Meng Qiping looked bitter, and stared at Li Dong indignantly for a while, and only after a while grunted, "I'll do it!" "Yoo-hoo, fatty, you're still fighting with me, aren't you?" Meng Qiping said with a face of indignation: "Anyway, I just won't leave, you see, I'm Meng Qiping is also a genius, there is nothing I can't do! I'm going to sell the building, I have to sell all the houses in your company, so that you have no house to sell by then!" "Then I'll wait." "I'll wait, I'm going to enter your company, before it was for Nan Nan, now it's you who look down on me, I have to prove it to you!" Meng Qiping bulged the fat on his face, hummed in anger, turned around and walked out. Li Dong laughed cheerfully, "I advise you to go and work as a porter, you are so fat, I am afraid you will scare the people who buy houses." "Look down on people!" Meng Qiping shouted sadly and turned his head: "You'll see, I'll have to scare your jaw off by then!" "We'll see!" …… waiting for Meng Qiping out of the door, Li Dong could not help but smile. In fact, Meng Qiping is willing to stay in the far side, Li Dong still holds a welcome attitude. Meng Qiping ability is there, even if the ability is not strong, may be mixed in Jiangda like a fish in water, can not really be as he showed so scrappy. Fatty is also one of the few people close to Li Dong in Pingchuan, he came to the far side, even if it really can not be management, some times can still help Li Dong, more a close person in the company, not all without benefit. However, the fat man is not too worried about this guy. This time to stimulate him a few words, Li Dong also want to see this guy can not sink his heart to do something serious. If it is similar to the previous, three days of fishing and two days of sunbathing, then Li Dong will not give him any too important tasks in the future. Even if this guy can stay in the far side, that at best can only be said to be mixed, want to do something famous, I'm afraid there are not many opportunities. …… December 6, the 16th of October. Today is a good day, Li Dong and Wu Shengnan deliberately found someone to calculate, is an auspicious day. Doing real estate, even if you do not believe in feng shui this business, you have to take a cautious attitude, even if you want a lucky, it is necessary to find a good day to open. Good, today is the time for the opening of two large subdivisions of Dongyu Real Estate. At 8:18 a.m., the two properties opened at the same time. Li Dong first went to the Binhe New Area side of the sales office to take a look, the first thing that caught the eye is not a sea of people, but a large few large golden letters. Dong Yu Dahan Crystal Garden! Crystal Garden or Crystal Garden, but more than a few prefixes, the first prefix said naturally is the East Yu real estate. The second Dahan is the main property series promoted by the Far Side this time. For the name of this matter, Li Dong but racked his brain, but he thought of the name, almost everyone else thought of. At this time and then want to push the new, which is so easy. In the end, Li Dong was ruthless, regardless of vulgarity, he used the three most powerful dynasties in China to set the name of the series for the residential property in the distant future. Great Qin series, Great Han series, Great Tang series! These three series, also represents the three grades of Far Eastern Yu's property, the previous famous garden district, this time also changed to the Great Tang famous garden district. As for the top grade Da Qin series, Far Eastern has not yet developed such a high-grade district. The Crystal Garden in Binhe and Wantai Huafu in the government affairs district are mid-grade districts, both named after the Dahan series as well.