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Chapter 550 - Thinking of danger in times of peace

  Just when Meng Qiping was grief-stricken, Li Dong and his group came. From a distance, Li Dong saw the lone fat figure outside the sales office. Looking at the long line nearby, looking at the stark contrast, Li Dong laughed and said, "Did you arrange this on purpose?" Wu Shengnan is also a face of incredulity, for a while before shaking his head: "No, I just arranged him as an ordinary employee down, as to why so, this …… I really can not say." Li Dong laughed for a while, the two of them did not understand, but next to it was someone who understood. Seeing Li Dong in a good mood, a real estate company employee who followed Li Dong explained softly: "I'm afraid there is a misunderstanding, because all along, the sales of buildings are mostly women, men are rarely seen. Plus this gentleman wears some different clothing from women's work clothes, people who bought the house probably thought he was another staff member, not when he sold the house." "That's true, but also this guy is stupid, he will not open his mouth to explain?" Li Dong grunted, then shook his head again and said, "Forget it, leave him alone, none of you are allowed to give him reminders and help, he can sell it, can't sell it even don't pay his salary, just provide him with three meals." Wu Shengnan nodded his head, but in his heart he sighed, this fat kid has good luck ah. Li Dong seems to be harsh, in fact, Li Dong as the chairman of the group, care about a sales staff is not normal. This abnormal, is not enough to say anything? Wu Shengnan how they think, Li Dong does not care too much, look for a while, frowned slightly said: "Tomorrow, tomorrow, that piece of property began to open, too many people, so on, I am afraid that instead of pulling up the price of housing. Tomorrow, the opening, there are more than 2,000 sets of properties, the first day to me to release 1,000 sets! I don't believe it, there are really so many shortage of houses in Pingchuan, those speculators, you keep a close eye on me. I would rather do one less business than their business, there are not many houses, you tell the staff below to pay attention to screening, do not ignore everything for the sake of performance. Tell them that if they find out that the house is bought by the speculation group, who is responsible for who handles it!" Whether it is speculation, in fact, if you really want to screen carefully, you can still distinguish it. Even if you can't tell them all, more than 80% of them can't be hidden from the professionally trained sales staff. In the past, the speculation group was rampant and had nothing to lose, just because the open houses also felt they were profitable, anyway, selling to whom is not selling, the house can be sold. But not on Li Dong's side, he does not have many houses, so he would rather be scolded by these people, but does not want to end up in a mess. Wu Shengnan nodded, then asked, "Mr. Li, then let's go in and take a look?" "I won't go, you guys should go on your rounds, you should go to work, no need to accompany me. Today just opened, you guys are more tired, when this month is busy, I will give you all a celebration." "Thank you, Mr. Li!" "Mr. Li, you are busy then." "……" people greeted a few words, Li Dong nodded without saying anything and got into his car to leave first. Once he left, someone asked Wu Shengnan: "Wu, Mr. Li had to suppress housing prices why? In this way, we lose a lot of profit." Wu Shengnan scolded: "This is not something you should worry about! You get your salaries to do your work, how much profit, Mr. Li knows better than you and me." Seeing Wu Shengnan's anger, the person who asked the question also shrank, hastily bowed his head as a quail. Wu Shengnan glanced at him, frowned and did not speak, frowned naturally not to the staff who asked, but Li Dong. Not only they do not understand, Wu Shengnan actually also do not understand. To say that before, Li Dong suppression of housing prices she still have a few understanding, think Li Dong is helping Du Anmin. But Du Anmin situation in the end how, after these months, everyone's heart also gradually some understanding. Old Du is deliberately pretending to be a goose, the fiefdom, and I do not know what is in his heart, deliberately make this gesture, and I do not know who to confuse. Since Lao Du is not in crisis, then why does Li Dong want to suppress housing prices? Is it just for these people to be able to buy a house? What a joke! Can afford to buy a house, will not care about the price of a few hundred dollars more a square meter, can not afford to buy or can not afford. The only way Li Dong alone, can top the trend? …… Wu Shengnan wondered at the same time, there are people who do not understand. Skyy international clubhouse. Yao Hong ruthlessly smashed the ashtray on the ground stall, angrily: "The surnamed Li is playing a game with us, right! He said he was raising the price, and then he came up with something like a full tax exemption, does he really think we are stupid? We spent more than two billion dollars to take his property, not to give him peace of mind to lower the price! Play this game with me, I'm not finished with him this time!" Yao Hong was furious, and someone next to him immediately advised, "Yao, calm down, don't be angry. We actually did not get nothing, we took a large part of the houses in the hands of Li Dong, he can actually sell less than 4,000 units of property, according to the current market, it will only take a few days to sell out. At that time, just how he lowered, it is necessary for him to have a house to do." "That is, really can not, we blow the wind, said the surnamed Li has reached an agreement with us, the two neighborhoods a large part of the house are ours. When the market is tight, his hands are not enough houses, what he can fight with us?"