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Chapter 551 - The wind rises at the end of the gre

  Yao Hong, they are waiting, Li Dong, they are also waiting. For a time, the original outsiders thought there would be a melee did not happen, Pingchuan real estate sector a calm and quiet. But the calm real estate world did not last long, and soon made waves again. One of Longhua's completed community officially opened! That is a property located in the government affairs district, the district is not small, more than 2000 sets of houses! The first day of the opening of the district, the opening price shocked off a ground jaw. 5000 yuan / flat! This price, and Yao Hong they took Li Dong in the government district property prices, the same price, a serious recovery of the August prices. The price of Li Dong's government affairs area also sold to 5300 yuan / flat, although this guy engaged in what the deed tax is fully exempt, but the actual price also reached 5100 yuan / flat. But what people never expected was that Longhua actually also reduced the price, and the price was lower than Li Dong. Coupled with the policy adjustment storm circulating in the market these two days, many people who were ready to buy a house shrank back at once. They bought a house on the far side in the first foot, feeling that they have taken advantage of a big bargain. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for. On the 7th, because of a change in the middle of the day, Longhua's district was not opened, and the 300 sets of properties were still sold out. But wait until the 8th, after the opening of Longhua's district, the morning side of the far side is fine, rush to buy a house not too many people, but wait until the afternoon, the queue of people to buy a house steeply less than half. Although less than half, but the 200 sets of houses thrown out by the far side still sold out. However, on the 9th, this time Li Dong deliberately threw out 500 sets of properties to test the water, the result was unexpected, by the end of the night, 500 sets of houses actually did not sell out, there are still dozens of sets left. By the end of the night, the 500 houses were not sold out and there were still a few dozen left. It's not that the houses on the far side are not cheap enough, nor is it that the prices on the Longhua side are really ridiculously low, after all, with the deed tax, both sides are actually about the same. What really stops the buyers is that, in addition to these two, a number of inexpensive second-hand and new houses have steeply appeared on the market. Such a result is not only beyond Yao Hong's and their expectations, but also beyond Li Dong's expectations. …… office. Hearing Wu Shengnan's report, Li Dong immediately called Xu Shengzhe. As soon as the phone call, Xu Shengzhe said with a headache: "Don't ask me, these low-priced properties are not my sell-off, I was ready to sell some to try, but I have not been able to sell before someone can not sit down, directly sold off. I checked, many of them are speculators, and some are small and medium-sized real estate developers. These guys are not well-informed, afraid that the price is really going to fall, so before it falls to the bottom line, so start selling in advance." Li Dong frowned, "It won't trigger a massive sell-off, right?" "Hard to say!" Xu Shengzhe was also a little worried, a small-scale sell-off was not a big problem, but helped them a little. But if there is a large-scale sell-off, the price of housing really fell to the bottom line, then the trouble will be big. Li Dong they are now doing everything to make money, but if the price of housing fell to the bottom, then how to make money? After thinking about it Xu Shengzhe said: "It should not, after all, just some small real estate developers, the hands of the housing is actually not as much as we thought, even if they collectively sell, it will not affect the big picture." "Then what if Yao Hong and the others can't sit still and start selling too?" "I don't think so, they've been closed for so long, they're willing to sell now?" "This can not be said, I said ……" Li Dong had not finished speaking, opposite Xu Shengzhe's side of the problem, Li Dong clearly heard a noise coming from his office. Then a woman shouted, "Mr. Xu, they have to barge in, should we call security?" Before Xu Shengzhe could make a sound, someone spoke up and said, "Mr. Xu, we've asked you to meet twice, is it so hard to see you?" Xu Shengzhe did not know whether he forgot to hang up the phone or deliberately left it on, smiling and saying, "Mr. Yao, Mr. Chen, I know what you are looking for me, but I explained this to you on the phone. That community, in fact, Longhua has long been disposed of, really not our dumping. I am not Li Dong that two-hundred-fifty, guilty of not earning money?" "You said the disk out, okay, I believe you! But where did this windy real estate company emerge from? You have to give us an answer, a real estate company that has only been registered for a short time, where did it get the capital to take over your property? Also, is it not a bit too strange that you don't sell your property and give it to someone else after it's built?" Xu Shengzhe shouted, "Gentlemen, do you think Longhua wants this? You also know that the built community, it is almost sitting and waiting for the money. But we can't help it, sometimes there are some favors we can't get past, want to not sell can not.