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Chapter 552 Wanda Model

  On December 11, the two Dongwoo neighborhoods were still being pre-sold. Even Dongyu also withdrew some of the previous restrictions, except for the necessary condition of full payment, Dongyu side gives less and less restrictions up. But the more this happens, the fewer people buy houses. On the one hand, the market price is falling, on the other hand, everyone's eyes are shining. Look, the house in the distance can't be sold, right? Why can not sell? The price is high! In their view, the far side must now have a large backlog of properties on hand, a long time, if these houses can not be sold, the far side will not fall again! People's ** are endless. Before the pre-sale of Yuanfang, many people took Yuanfang as a life-saver, as a ray of sunshine in the darkness. But when the crowd saw, look, there are others selling lower than Far Side! At this time, the previous gratitude, the previous life-saving straw, that is all an empty word. As for whether Far Far Away's house can be sold, it's none of their business? Who let the far side price is high. By this time, there are many rumors on the market, all of which are derogatory to Yuanfang, saying nothing more than that Yuanfang has not reached the bottom line of its previous promises. Although the full waiver of the deed is to give them a rebate, but people do not think so, at least the price of the property is explicitly higher than the price of the property next to Longhua. As for the Longhua statement that the district is not theirs, not too many people care about this. …… Yuanfang Building. Wu Shengnan said worriedly, "General Li, these two days some people started to come to check out." "Are there many?" "Not a lot, but also quite a lot, the past two days have more than ten people to check out, if this continues ……" "Let them back! In addition to the contract to me to sort out, you also give me the things that have gone through, don't come to the house price rose later, these people again to pester." Wu Shengnan did not come here to say this, hesitated, Wu Shengnan said: "Mr. Li, or Huaqing Yuan side do not sell, or Dong Yu these two neighborhoods will really have a backlog of houses." "How many houses are left in Crystal Garden and Wantai Mansion now?" "From the 6th to now, a total of more than 1,800 houses have been sold. Crystal Garden was originally 5500 sets of properties, then Mr. Yao and his team took over 3000 sets, leaving 2500 sets. This time, because Longhua's Huaqing Yuan is not on this side of Binhe New Area, so this side sold out a little bit more, almost 1200 sets, so Crystal Garden we probably still have about 1300 sets left. On the Wantai side, except for the first few days, the sales were good, but then Huaqing Yuan opened, and the sales fell down. Originally we had about 1300 sets of houses left, now we still have almost half of them left there." "That means there are almost 2,000 sets left in total?" "Well, besides this side, Huaqing Yuan has a total of 2,500 houses, and now there are nearly 1,500 left." "Huaqing Yuan has sold 1,000 units, which is not a slow pace. But on the other side of Huaqing Yuan, the price doesn't seem to be lower than ours, so why is it selling better than Wantai?" If you add the deed tax, the price of the two sides is actually about the same. But Wantai opened first and ended up selling 400 units less than Huaqing Yuan, so Li Dong was a bit puzzled. Wu Shengnan explained: "Two reasons, the first is that the house is made by Longhua, people now have more trust in Longhua. The other point is some of the feeling of the three, although our prices are similar, but the other side is indeed lower than us, many people buy houses but do not consider the deed tax. In their view, the tax that is extra, we even exempted, they do not feel any big deal. But if the price is lowered, these people feel that they have picked up a bargain, so Huaqing Yuan sold better than Wantai." Li Dong helplessly shook his head and said, "I don't understand how these people think, forget about it, forget about it, how much money we have back now?" "Crystal Garden side received a total of almost six hundred million, Wantai Mansion side received more than three hundred million, the total amount of money in 950 million, because we pay the deed and other taxes, the actual income can probably be about 900 million." "How much can we sell the rest of the houses?" "According to the current price, a little over one billion." Wu Shengnan said: "Just the deed tax paid on behalf of more than 50 million, plus our price is there, so after the sale of the house, just to be able to pay off the land. You promised us a few hundred million dollars, but what about this now? And the house will not be sold out for a while …… "Li Dong also frowned slightly, thought:" I thought I could sell more than two billion, but now it seems that I have over-calculated. This side can pay off the land, what about the Huaqing Yuan side?" "Huaqing Yuan side because the house type is smaller than our side, the price of housing is also lower, although not to pay the deed tax, 1000 sets of houses will be sold for 400 million. If you finish selling, you can probably sell up to one billion, but the Longhua side you set before, the price given there is 950 million. We will pay some taxes and actually earn not much, only about twenty to thirty million." Li Dong smiled and said: "The money of Longhua is not in a hurry to give, so the calculation, this side of the one billion can still be borrowed for a period of time. How about this, you put together one billion from the money to me, when the house is all sold, after paying off the land, the rest of the money will be left to Dongyu." Wu Shengnan face black line, the rest of the money? Where is the rest of the money! Three neighborhoods, even if the house sold out, the income does not exceed three billion. Li Dong siphoned off a billion, after paying off the land payments, can leave ten or twenty million even if it is good, maybe not so much. When the time comes, if the Dong Yu side of the money backwards, then the joke is too big. Wu Shengnan was about to open his mouth to protest, Li Dong interrupted with a smile: "Just a joke, what's the hurry. Don't worry, I will support the real estate side, you don't need to rush. The group is expanding too much and needs a lot of money, you wait a little longer. When I'm done with the business at hand, I should have some money left in my hand. At that time, there is no need to spend money in other places, I will be the first to allocate money to Dongyu, this is always okay." Wu Shengnan said with a suspicious face, "Really?" "Nonsense! I have even launched three series of Da Qin, can't you still not see my determination?" Seeing Li Dong say so, Wu Shengnan was quite relieved. It is also true that if Li Dong did not have the heart to develop real estate, why would he still launch several series of properties, if the future of the far side does not develop real estate, this name taken out will not make people laugh. Settle down, Wu Shengnan some relaxed out of the office. Waiting for her to go out soon, Li Dong's cell phone rang, once the phone, Hu Xiaorui said carelessly: "Tomorrow my great uncle they are coming to Jiangbei."