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Chapter 553 - Li Dong, nothing more than that!

  December 12. This day is not Taobao what double 12, but Hu Xiaorui's great-uncle and his entourage quietly to Jiangbei's day. Hu Xiaorui's brother-in-law is who, said out to know probably not many people. But Jiangbei provincial officials above the ministerial level, but there are few who do not know this person. The director of the Seventh Supervision Office, people are in charge of this mess in Jiangbei! Although Sun Wenhua's reputation is not obvious, and is only a department-level officials, but if you know he came to Jiangbei, I'm afraid that many people have to tremble in their hearts. The entire Jiangbei, can really and Sun Wenhua top wind, probably also Du Anmin and the provincial government that. But these two a low profile, one and the one who is about to fall does not deal with, so this time Sun Wenhua to Jiangbei, almost can be said to be a foregone conclusion. …… Guanhai District a small hotel. After a phone call to Du Anmin, about the meeting time, Sun Wenhua said to his counterparts: "Secretary Du's side meet the morning after tomorrow, then in Secretary Du's office on taking people. You guys work hard these two days, organize the materials, in addition to be responsible for communicating with Secretary Du's side, I'm going out a bit now to deal with." "Director go busy, here we have us on the line." "Director, things have almost been decided, he can not run, director go, we are here to watch on it." "……" Seeing that everyone said so, Sun Wenhua smiled and walked out with his briefcase. In fact, at this time he can not just go out, but this time he brought almost all of his direct line, as long as there is no chaos in the end, even if he went out, it is not a big deal. In addition, many people know that his former brother-in-law is from Jiangbei, and there is a niece who is favored by the Sun family's old man is also here. This time he went out, others will not think much of it. Out of the hotel, Sun Wenhua turned around on the street, looking for a relatively quiet cafe, went in and took a seat, and only then did Sun take out his cell phone and make a call. …… Far Far Away Building. Li Dong was talking with Shen Xi when his phone suddenly rang. After looking at it, seeing that it was an unfamiliar phone, Li Dong simply hung up. But soon the phone rang again, Li Dong frowned and answered the phone: "Who is it?" "Li Dong?" "I am, who is this?" "Sun Wenhua, do you have time? I'm waiting for you at the Lanting Cafe in Guanhai District, let's chat for a few minutes." "You say you want to talk for a few minutes? Do I know who you are? Nuts!" Li Dong hung up the phone in a bad mood, and seeing Shen Xi's curious face, he laughed and said, "Another psycho, asking me to go chat with him for a few minutes, his face is really big." These days no secret is a secret, Li Dong's phone number, know more and more people. The insurance sales, car sales, and some of the self-proclaimed ready to beg for funds to let Li Dong support business, this period of time Li Dong not less received these calls. Now Li Dong is also accustomed to, unfamiliar calls almost always do not answer. Generally this kind of people do not answer once, the second time will rarely play, just played a second time, Li Dong only to connect to ask. Shen Xi smiled and said: "This can't be helped, why don't you change your number?" "Forget it, this number has been used for many years, also have feelings." "You ah." Shen Xi laughed, from this point can be seen Li Dong this person is still relatively nostalgic. But also because of this, let Shen Xi many times headache, yes, even a phone number can not change, can also change the woman? This kind of thing is also in her heart to think about, Shen Xi generally do not say out. For their own and Li Dong's future, Shen Xi is now a burnt account, let's make do and live with it, and then one day have to face it. Li Dong talked about this, Shen Xi also asked in passing: "Male female? If the female, don't be you to start a mess, when it comes to the company will not look good." Li Dong said: "What do you think! The male, the big man, called what Sun Wenhua came, do you know?" "Sun Wenhua ……" Shen Xi murmured, always feel a little familiar with this name, but for a while she did not think of it. And Li Dong chatted a few words, and when Li Dong said the opening ceremony of the 16th, Hu Xiaorui organized a number of people to participate, Shen Xi suddenly doubted: "Sun Wenhua? Are you sure?" Li Dong was surprised: "What's wrong? Why bring up this person again?" "If I remember correctly, Hu Xiaorui's uncle is called Sun Wenhua!" "Her great uncle?" "Yes." "I'll go!" Li Dong sniffed and hurriedly picked up his phone and dialed back, hoping that this one was not angry, otherwise this would not be easy to do. People this time to come to Pingchuan, it can be said that Li Dong single-handedly contributed to. The result is that people called to invite themselves, was rejected by their own not to say, but also scolded a nerve, this is if the measure of small, must not be angry exploded lungs. …… Lanting cafe. Li Dong's sentence of nerve after hanging up the phone, let Sun Wenhua froze for a good half day. Holding the phone, Sun Wenhua suspected that he heard wrong? He, being scolded? First of all, not to mention their identity is not identity, the key is the opposite person if Li Dong is correct, then the other party is a famous domestic tycoon. Such a rich man, not to say how good connotation, at least the performance should also connotation a little better. As a result, this guy opened his mouth to curse? Sun Wenhua first cried and laughed, and then frowned, Hu Ming this guy is really not very reliable, Li Dong praised like a flower, the results of the person has not yet met, has left a deep impression on their own. Just when Sun Wenhua was ready to call again, the phone rang. Looking at the caller number, Sun Wenhua let out a light hum and said when he picked up the phone, "Mr. Li, can you come to the Lanting Café for a chat now?" "Be right there! Don't misunderstand, Director Sun, I've also been annoyed by harassment recently, I just didn't think about it for a while, so I'm a bit rude, don't blame me." "It's okay, you do it, I can't be out for too long on my side." "Understood, I'll be there soon." Hang up the phone, Sun Wenhua gently tapped a cup, this guy arrogant, this does not feel good ah, hope to meet later to have a good impression. …… Sun Wenhua expects to have a good impression. But really wait to see Li Dong, what good impression is gone. Looking at the Maybach outside the coffee shop, Sun Wenhua said in a deep voice: "You know what I came here for, you're so flamboyant, and the attention is high, I'm afraid someone will soon notice me?" Li Dong laughed dryly, "Sorry, I just came in a hurry, I'm used to riding in this car, I forgot about it for a while." "Habit is really a terrible power."