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Chapter 554: The division of the gentry

  Far Far Away Building. Shen Xi, who had just left the office and was about to go downstairs for inspection, saw Li Dong come back and was surprised, "So soon?" Li Dong said perfunctorily, "Two big men, what can we talk about, just a few words and we're back." "What did Sun Wenhua talk to you about?" "Nothing, just talk about it." Shen Xi was full of suspicion, staring at him for a while before saying, "Look at your mood is not quite right, is there something wrong?" Li Dong said: "What are you talking about, what can happen after such a short time. Besides, he is an official and I am a businessman, people have good connotation, even if I spit in his face, he can spit on his own face." He did not say okay, as soon as he said Shen Xi knew that something had really happened. Pulling him to the side, Shen Xi frowned and said, "What's wrong again? I thought you said Sun Wenhua was here to give you a hand this time? How come you're in trouble again?" Li Dong at first refused to say, and then saw Shen Xi pulling himself refused to let him go, so he had to honestly explain: "A few words, that guy looked down on me, I do not serve." In fact, the reason why Li Dong was angry, not all because Sun Wenhua looked down on him. Sun Wenhua despise him, he heard it at the beginning, but at that time he did not care too much. Mainly or later Sun Wenhua mentioned Shen Xi, listen to his meaning, Li Dong chose to go out with Shen Xi and Hu Xiaorui, that is entirely because they have the value of use. This point can be considered a poke to Li Dong's sore spot. Hu Xiaorui side dare not say, but when Shen Xi first came to the company, Li Dong is definitely holding the idea of using her to let her into the company. This matter Li Dong know, Shen Xi also have a number in mind. At first, Li Dong did not deny this point, but when Shen Xi picked out his feelings for him, Li Dong mentality gradually changed. In addition to which is mixed with the ten billion, now Li Dong is actually quite sensitive to this. Sun Wenhua, who can't bring up the pot, and the words of his Sun family's identity is quite high, think that the Du family's daughter is no match for his Sun family girl, the Du family girl can see Li Dong, his Sun family is not. Not to say that Li Dong and Hu Xiaorui is nothing, is really what, he also does not serve the official lord. The old man's mother did not send word, Sun Wenhua and which onion. See Li Dong casually, Shen Xi frowned: "Quarrel? This is not just met?" "Anyway, I'm not to blame, originally I thought that guy as an official to this point must have a few brushes. But I think he relies on his old man's composition mostly, the kind of high and mighty attitude, you do not see, really think they are aristocrats. Although the surface can not see what, but this guy second generation style is quite heavy, do not deal with do not deal with it." Shen Xi gently whistled, frowned: "really do not deal with that is fine, but there is no need to offend the dead. You did not do it, right?" Li Dong straight rolled his eyes and said: "What do you think, I do what. This guy is at least a leader, if I beat him up, he must go in and drink tea, I am not stupid." "You're not stupid, but you're not too smart either." Shen Xi angered a sentence, and then funny: "Forget it, lazy to say you, obviously may be a big help, I see now hanging, do not get to the end of the anti-feud." "What help ah, there must be gains and losses. Hu Ming is his brother-in-law, but I listened to his tone, Hu Ming in their eyes of the Sun family, is also a soft rice eaters. No wonder Hu Ming wants to divorce, on this attitude, I can not stay for three days, who can not live without it these days, why suffer this anger." Li Dong's thoughtless words, but let Shen Xi slightly changed color. Sun family this attitude, other big family is not this attitude. Li Dong's words reminded Shen Xi of herself, her father's side is indifferent, the old Du is also the bottom up, he does not think too much of the doorway. But not the Shen family! That is the authentic famous family, I heard that from the Ming dynasty generation has flourished, can also be counted as the descendants of Shen Wansan. Shen's family's family's view, the clan's arrogance, compared to the Sun family, that is more than ever. It is reasonable to say that Li Dong has reached this point, there are not many people who look down on him. But money does not mean everything, in the eyes of the real famous family, Li Dong such a person is actually nothing. There is no thousand-year-old dynasty, only a thousand-year-old family, the Shen family Sun family regardless of whether it is counted as a family of great families, but people like Li Dong is undoubtedly grassroots. These people, by chance, can be counted as the tide of the times, but in the eyes of the family, they are just a little bit of luck of the rich. They lack the aristocratic temperament should have, as for the nobility of the cold family, perhaps usually do not see, but usually in the life of a little bit or can be reflected. In short, in a nutshell, the Shen family side is not necessarily able to look up to Li Dong. Even if he is rich, even if he is richer than the Shen family! That does not even mean anything, at least in the Shen family's view, Shen Xi is a noble identity, the Shen family is also a famous family, or heirloom of the famous family. And Li Dong, where Li Dong will be in ten years is a doubt. Just now Li Dong's thoughtless words, can't help but let Shen Xi heart a panic, one day, Hu Ming and Sun family that future, and will not be her and Li Dong's future? Hu Ming is still good, at least tolerable. But Li Dong's temper is so violent, I'm afraid he won't even tolerate, such a temper, can get along well with the Shen family side? The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Unless …… unless she can do and Li Dong with the same breath, do not care how the Shen family. But she can do it? There is her mother, her aunt and uncle, when she was a child, a large part of her time was spent in that big house. Want to cut off, how difficult it is! …… Li Dong also just casually expressed a few sentiments, he did not think too much in his heart. Seeing Shen Xi's soul, Li Dong could not help but laugh: "Why? I do not worry, you worry about what. Anyway, this matter is over, I and the Sun family again do not deal with. Even if Sun Wenhua does not care about this matter, the most anxious is not me, Hu Ming has been preparing for so long, they should also be anxious." Li Dong actually would like to Sun Wenhua do not care, this guy looks like the wind is not as strict as he thought. Don't turn back to the people down, Sun Wenhua received the credit, and then sold himself, then Li Dong is a big loss. Before he looked for Sun Wenhua, that is to think that can be an official in the Central Committee, or the discipline inspection side, the person must be more ancient than Wu Changguo serious, this person Li Dong not afraid of what he spread the gossip. But now Sun Wenhua flirted with him in front of his face, picking up Hu Xiaorui to help him fix people. This kind of person to say how much credibility, Li Dong really do not dare to believe too much, other than that, I am afraid that this matter is not necessarily a secret within the Sun family. Shen Xi returned to his senses, slightly tired said: "It's okay, I'm not worried about this, the Sun family is not stupid, not to this small matter and you can not get over, kill the enemy a thousand self-loss eight hundred, these big families consider more things than you, they will not be messy."