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Chapter 555: Watching his building rise and collap

  Li Dong, who is regarded as a new nobleman, can go to which step, this no one can say. Even Li Dong himself, can not say to which step he can go. Rebirth is not a panacea, and there is a time limit, and after ten years, the world is still a person of Li Dong is a mystery. So sometimes Li Dong also let himself go, reckless some and what? When you can not be aggrieved, Li Dong is not willing to give himself aggravated by. Just a little time, if ten years later, he wore back, then does it mean that he started over again is always low and aggrieved? …… December 14. Between the silent, Jiangbei officialdom ushered in an earthquake. Early in the morning, the usually imposing big shot was brought on board by the disciplinary committee personnel from the capital. This away, Jiangbei officialdom has never seen the figure of this. The storm came so abruptly! Many people have not yet reacted, not even a little wind heard, that high above the big man fell. On the banks of the Baobao River, a sad song faintly resounded. "I have seen, jade trees in Jinling warbler sound dawn, Qinhuai water pavilion flowers early, who knows easy ice fade!" "See him up Zhu Lou, see him feast guests, see his building collapsed ……" building collapsed! Or rather some people's sky has collapsed! The sky has collapsed and this is the normal state of affairs. …… Sky Plaza International Clubhouse. Golf is no longer played, beauty surrounds also became smoke surrounds. The last to enter the door Wang Pengfei, just entered the door was choked, coughing for a while before saying, "What is this, smoking too much hurt." "Hurt your body? That is better than hurting life!" The crowd does not know say slightly mockingly said a sentence, sitting aside Yao Hong glanced at him, lowered his head and continued to smoke cigarettes did not speak. Wang Pengfei laughed at his words: "Why do you all worry, this matter is not uncommon since ancient times. Over the years, I am considered to have gone through, this time chaos can not, the more chaos the more trouble. In fact, the one who has gone, we are still here, it means that we do not have a big deal, this matter should not involve us. So I advise you all to relax, the world is nothing, the mediocre people disturb themselves." "Hey, yes, mediocre people disturb themselves, we are all mediocre people, only you Wang is a shrewd person! You Wang certainly do not need to worry, what does this have to do with you? You are an outsider, Jiangbei officialdom he collapsed or not, you can not be less a hair!" Wang Pengfei frowned and said, "Mr. Zhang, I have not provoked you, right? Time and again to me on the eye, I do not look right ah, I Wang Pengfei which wrong you?" "I eye-dropping? I'm just telling the truth!" "The truth? Then tell me, what did I, Wang, do wrong to everyone? You said to close the plate, well, then I will close the plate. Yes, I have no community in Pingchuan, but at least my attitude is here! You say take Li Dong's property, okay, I pay, 100 million is not a small amount, right? These days, you let others to come up with 100 million try? You want to take the land, okay, I still do not say, even if I want to take the Huaihe Second Road piece of land, but in the end, Mr. Chen said he wanted, I said? As a result, I did not take the land, you began to sarcastic I do not contribute, so how I do is wrong, right? Now that the one down, I advise everyone, this is a good intention, right? After all, the market is still falling prices, this is the big thing, right, and as soon as I came, you started to sneer at me again, I outsiders deserve to be bullied?" Mr. Zhang sneered: "The mouth grows on you, what you say is what you do." "You ……" "Two, eliminate the fire, eliminate the fire. Mr. Wang, you also do not get angry with old Zhang, this time that fell, the old Zhang loss the most, send two complaints, Mr. Wang more tolerance." Wang Pengfei cheeks twitched a bit, coldly snorted: "I do not bother with him! But I Wang Pengfei is not anyone can ride on the head to shit and piss! Even without the Pingchuan market, Wang Pengfei can't fall. Wang Pengfei sent a few words of anger, and the crowd fell silent again. Yao Hong, who had not said anything, saw that they had stopped, and only then said lightly: "Is it interesting to argue about this? If you have time to argue, you might as well think about what to do next." Lu Zhanpeng smiled and said, "Old Yao, what do you think should be done about this?" "I say? I said you can listen to me?" "Of course, you are our military advisor, who else can we listen to if not you, what do you think?" "Yes, Yao, just say a few words. Now everyone is panicking, you have an idea, what should we do next?" "Lu and the others are right, at this juncture, you are the only one who can stabilize it." "……" waiting for the crowd to finish, Yao Hong just smiled: "Then I'll talk about it, and everyone will just listen. In fact, my opinion is also simple, a word stable! As long as it is stable, nothing is a problem. Don't panic, the more panic the more likely to make mistakes, this juncture, a person panicked, everyone panicked. Besides, our relationship with the one is not much, just a normal exchange, these days, business contacts with a few officials, this is not a normal intercourse. Another point, we should deal with the things on hand to deal with. These days we also do not gather, are low-key for a period of time, and so the wind passed, we do our business, someone fell naturally someone up, what to do then do, what is the hurry." Listen to Yao Hong said so, the crowd can not help but nod. After a while, someone else said: "Then the closed plate still continue?" Yao Hong frowned, he was afraid of others to mention this stubble, smiled and explained: "The closure is actually for our own money, and that does not have much to do with. Besides, the property market is so depressed, the price is also low, if we open at this time, the property market is afraid to collapse.