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Chapter 556 opening ceremony, the storm is coming

  December 16th. The opening ceremony of the movie "Big Ears, Big Fortune" was officially held at the Sky Lake Hotel. Although it was only a small production with 4 million investment, the opening ceremony was not small in scale. First-time director Zhang Meng originally did not intend to be so ostentatious, but could not help but Hu Xiaorui to show off, the result of a total investment of only four million movies, the opening ceremony was a grand scale comparable to the opening of hundreds of millions of investment movies. At 9:30 a.m., the guests arrived one after another. The hotel's welcome guests were a bit dumbfounded, this is really an unknown movie to start shooting? Look at the limousine parked at the entrance, those who don't know still think it is some international film festival has arrived. In the crowd's surprise, as the host of Li Dong arrived early, the Maybach stopped, many people cast a look of concern. It was Li Dong who came down from the car. In addition to Li Dong, Hu Xiaorui also walked on the red carpet with his arm. The media reporters next to him hurriedly took pictures, and Hu Xiaorui said with some satisfaction: "It feels so good, no wonder they like to be stars, did you see? Once we came, the flashing lights, how exciting." Li Dong said speechlessly: "You are now exciting, I see how you do after." "Whatever, anyway, I have inquired, the movie box office misrepresentation that is normal. We will casually announce a few tens of millions of box office, and people will not check us." "You're really thick-skinned." "Hee hee, it's okay, people don't know me anyway, they only know that you Li Dong invested in the movie, shame on you too." Li Dong was speechless, for a long time before he said in a muffled voice: "Let's go, and pose!" "Don't rush, I haven't enjoyed enough yet. Besides, the friends I invited haven't come yet, so I have to show them how cool I am. Look at their petty and stingy energy, they just know how to be cool at the bar and drive around. I'm an investor now, an investor in movies, I can walk the red carpet, how fun, envy them to death!" See this girl smug energy, Li Dong some face black, he picked her up to make a movie in the end is not reliable? Because Hu Xiaorui refused to go, the public, Li Dong can not drag her away. The two had to stop at the end of the red carpet, and not a moment later, someone around the red carpet shouted: "Yang Si has arrived!" "That's Fan Wei, right? This movie is starring Yang Si and Fan Wei?" "I go, no way, beauty and the beast ah!" "What kind of movie is this "Big Ears, Big Fortunes"? If it's a romance, I'll drown in the river!" "Hahahaha, then you jump!" "But you guys don't say, in addition to the movie name sucks a little, or a little sense of anticipation. Fan Wei can be funny, Yang Si is also good-looking, or the first time to make a movie, I see what can be made out of the movie." "Sense of anticipation? I have no sense of expectation, I heard that the film is invested by the far side, but only a few million investment, a few million can shoot what out?" "No way, Li Dong is so cheap?" "He is just playing the ticket, did not see the little beauty he just carried it, people in order to make women happy. When the time comes, if the Yang Si also took, a few million is nothing …… "crowd chatter, Li Dong crowd is not to hear these. See Fan Wei sat on Yang Si's arm, Li Dong especially want to laugh, Fan Wei is not tall, people are quite fat, standing next to Yang Si, that really ** naked beauty and the beast. In fact, the film "Ears Great Blessing", the main character on Fan Wei a, originally is nothing female protagonist. But can not stand Hu Xiaorui pestering, finally Zhang Meng only drastically changed the script, to the play Fan Wei's daughter added a little play. That's right, Yang Si played not Fan Wei's daughter-in-law, but his daughter. Originally, this kind of small production, and the play is not quite right movie, Yang Si usually will not take. She was willing to act in "The Piano of Steel" because she felt the script was to her liking, and "The Ears are Blessed" was not in her consideration. However, because she had signed an endorsement contract with Far Far Away, and because Zhang Meng and she were friends, she could not resist Zhang Meng's request for help, so Yang Si agreed to be the female lead in the film. Because they were the main actors, the creators were the first to arrive. Zhang Meng walked in the front and politely said when he saw Li Dong: "Mr. Li, you were busy the other day and I didn't have time to introduce the creators to you, so I'll give you a brief introduction of the main actors." Li Dong nodded slightly, Zhang Meng then introduced them one by one: "This is Brother Fan Wei Fan, I have worked with Brother Fan many times before in Benshan Media, this time ……" Li Dong listened to his introduction and shook hands with Fan Wei, then he smiled and said. "Mr. Fan's sketches I like very much, I hope this time also can cooperate well." Fan Wei himself was not as amusing as in the TV series and skits, but seemed a bit formal and serious. Hearing Li Dong speak, Fan Wei hurriedly and politely said, "Definitely, don't worry, Mr. Li, I will definitely give my best." Li Dong smiled, Zhang Meng and continued to introduce: "This is Yang Si ……" Li Dong and Yang Si familiar, Zhang Meng also know, just a polite introduction, Li Dong also and Yang Si shook hands, smiling, "Miss Yang. Mr. Fan is responsible for amusing in the play, you can be responsible for the beauty, this time can attract young people to see the movie, can depend on Miss Yang's." Yang Si covered her mouth and laughed lightly, "Mr. Li, hearing you say that, I feel like I am with the vase." "That can't be, Miss Yang is not a vase, it has to be a flower." The two of them joked for a few minutes, and Li Dong got to know a few other creators. At this time, the guests also started to enter. Li Dong stood at the door to greet several people, there are many people coming today, in addition to friends from the business world, there are also many people from the show business. Zhang Meng Yang Si invited guests, not to mention the Benshan Media side also came a lot of people, are here to support Zhang Meng. In addition to them, Hu Ming afraid that the scene is small, his daughter is not happy, but also specially spent money to invite a group of stars. With the arrival of the stars, the crowd of onlookers became more and more, and the flashing lights around them flashed non-stop. Originally these media reporters for a few million to participate in a small production of the opening ceremony of the film still feel some ridiculous, but wait to see such a big gesture, the crowd immediately felt that it was worth the trip. Other than that, the opening ceremony alone will cost millions, and people are now beginning to wonder if Li Dong is really the same as the rumors, only a few million investment? After the stars entered, the next is Hu Xiaorui's friends. These people are all dressed up, yellow-haired, green-haired, red-haired, not many normal people, the reporters and the crowd of onlookers came a lot of laughter, we do not care too much about these people. However, Li Dong is aware that these people are not small energy, most of them are rich second generation of a lot of money. This group of second generation also do not care about other people's eyes, a group of people twisted and turned on the red carpet, posing for the camera a lot of poses, so that the reporters also can not help but laugh.