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Chapter 557 - The Storm Rises

  Mengshen Real Estate. Yao Hong's face was ironic as he stared at the bank staff in front of him and said, "President Chen, what do you mean now?" "Mr. Yao, don't misunderstand, I really can't make the decision on this matter, old Chen." Chen's chubby face showed a smile and said smilingly, "This is a task given by the head office, and I really can't do anything about it. The total loan of your Mengshen Real Estate in our ICBC reached 1.6 billion! But nearly half a year, your door Shen has not been able to provide us with the required business flow, tax bills, periodic statements and other financial information. Including the flow of your funds, after our investigation, also does not meet the loan declaration required at the time. Munshen's lack of cooperation caused the head office side to worry about the flow of this money, as well as your performance. The head office has reason to determine that you are at risk of repayment, and in order to avoid the risky expansion of funds, according to the contract, we now have to take back the loan early, which is all in line with the regulations." Yao Hong forced his anger and said, "Old Chen, I'm not talking to you about regulations now! We have been dealing with you for a long time, right? We've been working together for years, and you're just going to take it back, you're forcing me to death! Old Chen, tell me, whose idea was it?" Since the bank dared to take back the loan in advance, there was naturally no problem with the procedure. In fact, because of the closure of the market during this period, Mengshen was indeed unable to provide decent performance statements, and Yao Hong did not think of forging them. Because these years he has been working with ICBC very happy, he and ICBC branch chief in Pingchuan relationship is also very good. In the past, this kind of thing is not even a matter, the bank loan funds, there are a few can be used in accordance with the declared project? But now, ICBC actually really came to take back the loan in advance! Yao Hong was furious at the same time, the first time he sensed a crisis. This is someone is going to screw himself! Associated with the two days before that just taken away, Yao Hong heart a tight, this matter can not be underestimated, if not it is a big trouble to lose all the money. Yao Hong asked whose idea, the head of the bank Chen played dumb and laughed: "Naturally the head office's idea, in fact, I came this time, but also just a routine and Yao informed. Within seven days, Mengshen must repay the ICBC loan, the total amount of 1.6 billion yuan. If Menshen fails to repay the amount due, we have the right to auction off Menshen's pledges ……" Yao Hong narrowed his eyes and listened for a while, waiting for Governor Chen to finish before saying, "Lao Chen, no room for accommodation at all?" Chen Chang spread his hands, slightly helplessly said: "Mr. Yao, not I forced you, but others forced me. Such a large amount of money has almost always flowed out of my hands over the years. If you do not return this money, I will be the first to be finished. Mr. Yao, you have to put yourself in my shoes, I also want to make a living. Besides, if I go down, the new president can continue to open the door to Mengshen? Yao, you first get together to pay back the money, the hole is filled, we still have the opportunity to cooperate in the future. This time, if Munshen can pay back the money, in the ICBC credit rating will certainly be raised, and then cooperate again in the future, there will not be such things happen again." "Minato!" Yao Hong gritted his teeth and roared, "1.6 billion dollars, you asked me to make up! Do you think this is a cabbage? How can I make it up? Old Chen, you are an understanding person, let's not talk in secret, at this time you ask me to pay back the money, is to force me to go bankrupt! Don't just listen to anyone's rumors, if I go bankrupt, you can't get back the 1.6 billion funds, we're not going to have a good time!" President Chen frowned slightly and said, "Mr. Yao, I have made it very clear. This is an order from the head office, I can not do anything about it. As for your bankruptcy, even if you go bankrupt, the final loss is your own. Door Shen in the bank's pledges, even if the value is not 1.6 billion, it is not far off. The bank will certainly not lose much, but once you choose to go bankrupt, it will be difficult for Munshen to rise again." "I know! But now you're the ones pushing me to death!" "Mr. Yao, with all due respect, 1.6 billion is a lot, but the business is not small, can't you even turn around a little? Time also does not take long, I guarantee that, at most six months, this payment can still reach you." "Half a year ……" Yao Hong gasped and muttered, "Half a year, the yellow flowers are cold! No, I ……" Yao Hong said glanced at the head of the bank, got up and said: "I have to go to the provincial government, I will go back to your ICBC side, the provincial bank's president Zhang and I am also friends, Lao Chen, this I do not embarrass you, but today you do this is unethical! Seven or eight years of friendship, in the end you come with me to this set, count me Yao Hong blind!" Mr. Chen smiled bitterly and said, "Mr. Yao, even if you hold a grudge against me, I still have to do this. As for finding someone, I think you should rest on the side of Governor Zhang, who was transferred yesterday, you know the reason. Provincial government side, I think also hanging." Yao Hong's eyes narrowed, and quickly said, "Banker Zhang transferred away? How do I not know?" "I can lie to you about this? Really transferred away, the one just taken away shortly, the head of the bank was transferred back to the head office, to put it mildly, the next time you see Zhang line still do not know where it is."