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Chapter 558: Munshen's bankruptcy vs. 10 billion i

  Tianhu Hotel. The opening ceremony was still going on, and Li Dong, as the investor, had just finished his speech and stepped down from the stage, when there was a sudden commotion in the scene. Many reporters have answered the phone, and then have turned their eyes to Li Dong. Li Dong frowned slightly, this is something wrong? He did not know that Yao Hong suddenly shouted his name before he passed out, otherwise Li Dong would have been angry, this thing can not think of his head, right? In his suspicion, he was placed in the forefront of the Wang Pengfei is also answering the phone. After a few moments, Wang Pengfei waited for Li Dong to come over and sit down, and hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, I'm still a little busy here, I'm really sorry, I have to rush back to deal with it." Li Dong frowned and said, "Mr. Wang, the ceremony is not over yet, it's too disgraceful for you to leave at this time, right?" Wang Pengfei smiled bitterly and said, "Mr. Li, there's something really wrong, otherwise I can't leave." "Okay, since Mr. Wang has something to do, I won't stop you. But wait a little longer, I'll send you after the incense, you have to leave before the incense is done, this is a slap in my face." Wang Pengfei looked deeply at him for a while before nodding slightly and said, "Okay, let's wait until the incense is finished." After the incense is offered, the ceremony will be over. At that time, even if he does not leave, others will have to go, can Li Dong still leave him alone here? Wang Pengfei took a deep breath, thinking of the other side of the phone just said Yao Hong shouted "Li Dong", could it be that this guy did this? To be true, then Wang Pengfei will have to re-examine the strength of Li Dong. This guy did not say a word, actually got through so many relationships, gave Yao Hong a head-on blow, this is not ordinary people can do. Also, if Li Dong really did it, what is his purpose? To say hatred, it must be Yao Hong hate him, after all, this guy because of the matter of price reduction and Yao Hong they have a lot of disputes, but the end is mostly Li Dong win. Now the two sides are in a rare period of peace, Li Dong suddenly stirred up strife, can not be to revenge, right? When Wang Pengfei was thinking about it, when the leaders of Pingchuan Municipal Committee finished their speech, it was time to offer incense. Film opening incense, this is not superstition, but the default rule of the trade. So even with the presence of the leadership of the municipal party committee of Pingchuan, the incense is still on the incense, although the leadership of the municipal party committee does not participate, but also do not avoid, on the side to watch. After the incense, the opening ceremony should also be almost over. At this time, the surrounding reporters swarmed. The crowd has not yet reacted, a reporter said loudly: "General Li, just came the news, door Shen into unpaid wages and bankruptcy fiasco, the bank for loan recovery, door Shen's General Yao suddenly fainted in front of the door Shen building, before the coma shouted your name, you can and we reveal, what is the deeper meaning of this?" As soon as the reporters' words were out, the other guests on the floor froze. Many people are not in the real estate business, so although such a big thing happened, most of them did not receive the news. Now, when they heard that Mengshen was in a bankruptcy storm, many of them were filled with shock. Door Shen is going bankrupt? This is too sudden, right, since Yao Hong and they set up a small group, door Shen is regarded as the number two enterprise in the Jiangbei real estate session. Especially when Longhua shifted its strategic goals, Munshen became the leader of the Pingchuan real estate sector. A few days ago, Yao Hong, they are still in high spirits, invited guests to celebrate the feast. This is only a few days, the door Shen will go bankrupt? Many business bosses hastily took out their phones and called out, asking what had happened to change and whether it would affect them. …… At this moment, Li Dong is also a little dazed. Before the reporter asked, he really did not know what happened. Because things were arranged by Xu Shengzhe and them, Li Dong did not get too involved, so the specific things he actually did not know much about. But in his opinion, this matter how to think should not think of himself. On the one hand, he does not have the strength to do this, the other point is that he now seems to be busy, Yao Hong how to associate should not be associated with him. Even if Yao Hong heart suspicion, will not be mentioned in front of others. But now the reporter said what? Yao Hong is unconscious, before the unconscious also shouted his name, this is considered a misstep happened to find the right host? Or is Yao Hong's resentment towards himself so deep? Think so, Li Dong's brain is rapidly turning. Seeing everyone staring at him, Li Dong pondered for a moment before saying: "Sorry, this news is a bit too abrupt, I was not prepared at all. I was a little shocked to hear this news so suddenly, this reporter friend, are you telling the truth?" "Really, if Mr. Li does not believe, you can call and ask." "Ask is not necessary, such a big thing, I think all of you will not create rumors." Speaking of this Li Dong suddenly sighed: "I did not expect, really did not expect, how the door Shen suddenly into the bankruptcy storm, gentlemen, I was too surprised. Really, the other day I also had an exchange with Mr. Yao, then Mr. Yao is still full of spring, not the slightest sign.