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Chapter 559 - Sitting on the Mountain and Watching

  Li Dong was pestered by reporters for a good half a day, it was hard to get out. When he wanted to find Xu Shengzhe and the others, which can still see people. Li Dong gritted his teeth, this bastard, he helped him take the blame again this time, the pits this is! Seeing Zhang Meng Yang Si these people are a little confused, Li Dong gasped and said: "The film you look after yourselves, something to find Hu Xiaorui discussion, I am very busy these days, I'm afraid I do not have time to care about this." Zhang Meng smiled and quickly said, "Mr. Li, just do your job." He is not stupid, just now the reporters asked what he heard clearly, Li Dong is now involved in all the big moves in billions. As for the movie, it makes me blush to say it. Total investment of four million, Li Dong invested two million, this is called investment? People this time to participate in the opening ceremony, give really not their face, even if it is not Hu Xiaorui, Li Dong will not even see to invest in such a small film production. Li Dong also did not say much, admonished the crowd a few words, and said to Hu Xiaorui: "I'm leaving first, you have something to call me, lack of money directly with me." Hu Xiaorui is not just stirring up trouble, knowing that Li Dong has business, Hu Xiaorui nodded and said, "Then you go busy, do not delay." "Okay, I'm leaving then." Li Dong dropped these words and hurriedly walked out with the distant party. Other people have also seen the situation have also left, not a moment's work, the large banquet hall will be empty, only the crew and a few celebrity friends to support the show. When Hu Xiaorui sent her friends out, one of the actresses took Yang Si's arm and said enviously: "I've really learned a lot today, Si Si, this time you've changed your career, but you have a valuable person to help you, so you won't be afraid of not having good scenes to shoot in the future." Yang Si saw the situation and hurriedly said, "Which is not the case, you can see, Mr. Li does not want to develop in the film and television industry, and even if Mr. Li wants to develop, but also has nothing to do with me ah." Her friend laughed and said, "You're still lying to me, I don't know that you signed an endorsement contract with Yuanfang. I heard that Mr. Li personally approached you about it. If he didn't value you, could he talk to you personally?" Yang Si hastened to humble himself a few more times, but the others complimented him. Yang Si saw some helplessness, this kind of thing can not be said, not to mention that these "friends" may not really congratulate her. The acting circle to make "friends" is sometimes really quite ridiculous, now do not look at everyone is complimenting her, but if you wait a year or two, if she has nothing to improve, then I'm afraid there are many people who have fallen on the well. …… Li Dong and his group left the hotel and headed to the company. Once at the company, Li Dong said to Chen Ke: "Immediately call Mr. Wu, and let Director Liu come to the meeting together, I have something to say." Chen Ke nodded hastily and left in a hurry. Li Dong also did not care about her, continued to Liu Qi said: "Go, have someone inquire about the specific matters, as well as the current situation of several companies in Munshen, and whether Yao Hong is really in a coma or not, if it is true, have someone buy a bouquet of flowers and send it over, say that I have time to go over to see him." Liu Qi forced a smile and nodded his head, also retreated. Waiting for people to leave, Li Dong and Shen Xi said: "You go to the province inside a trip to see the situation, this I have to grasp all the news. This time I was pitted, Yao Hong suddenly shouted my name, this guy better not really unconscious, if he really unconscious, I have the biggest problem! His grandmother, he hates me so much that he still thinks about me when he's in a coma?" Hearing Li Dong complaining, Shen Xi couldn't help but laugh, "Who let you always make the limelight recently, I think you'd better restrain yourself in this matter, better let Long Hua and the others take the lead." "Sure, if Xu Shengzhe still wants to fish in the water and make a fortune this time, don't even think about it! My goal is actually not those houses, I just want to take Yao Hong's hands of the Hakko shares, as for the house, if you can take it, take it, can not take I will give up. Xu Shengzhe wants to use me as a shield, but also depends on whether I agree! In addition, we are not stupid, now others do not see, but when the results come out, Longhua picked up the bargain, others will not suspect?" "Well, it's best this way. Our goal is set a little smaller, this time Yao Hong is in a critical moment, in fact, there is a sentence I do not know when to say ……" "You say." "I think we better not really put the door Shen to suppress. Two tigers fighting each other, there must be a wound! When I say two tigers in the real estate world, I don't include our far side. At this time in Jiangbei, it is only Men Shen can and Long Hua don't don't have a head. If you get the door Shen down, I'm afraid the most happy is Xu Shengzhe. Without the constraints of the door Shen, Longhua will expand greatly, one side is unmanageable. One party alone, this is not in line with our goal. Only let them both fight, we sit back and watch the tiger fight, and when they are almost done fighting, we will come back to clean up the mess, this is the best choice." "This ……" Li Dong froze for a moment, then he pondered slightly, "Isn't this too ventriloquist?" Shen Xi gently shrugged her shoulders and said, "As I said, this is just my personal opinion. I know you have a good relationship with Xu Shengzhe, but business is business and personal relationship is personal. Besides, Long Hua's current principal is not Xu Shengzhe yet, Xu Jianghua and you don't have a friendship, right?"