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Chapter 560: Weighing the pros and cons

  In the meeting room. Wu Shengnan and Liu Hongmei soon arrived. When the two sat down, Li Dong asked: "Men Shen and Greenland a few real estate companies heard about it?" Wu Shengnan nodded: "Heard, and I also heard ……" Seeing that she wanted to say something, Li Dong smiled and said: "Heard that I instructed someone to do it?" Wu Shengnan smiled awkwardly, in fact, she is not the kind of person who spreads gossip, but this time Wu Shengnan did suspect Li Dong. Ever since Li Dong let his own neighborhood and neighborhood prices fight, Wu Shengnan is full of suspicion. And this time Munshen several real estate companies out of the matter, Wu Shengnan heart is more suspicious, is this is Li Dong has been the purpose? Seeing Wu Shengnan did not speak, Li Dong smiled: "Things have come to this point, there is nothing to hide, after all, the next will have to rely on you." Wu Shengnan and Liu Hongmei sniffed curious eyes, Li Dong smiled and said, "Things are actually not as complicated as you think, let's put it this way, this time is me and Long Hua and Nanrui three joint efforts. There is only one purpose, to make money! How to earn? We took advantage of several real estate companies are not secure, we came out to rescue the market. You do not have to care about the rest, this time I and Xu Shengzhe and they are ready to divide the properties and land in the hands of Yao Hong. But before you divide it, there are two things you need to deal with. First, Mr. Wu, you immediately have someone investigate the property industry of several companies in crisis, estimate their value, and make a detailed investigation report for me. Secondly, money! Director Liu, you and General Wu conduct a consultation, first pull out one billion dollars from Dongyu Real Estate to prepare for this takeover. The two of you have no problem with that, right?" "No problem!" The two replied with both determination and excitement, especially Wu Shengnan, this time I'm afraid it was the first time she agreed to Li Dong's resolution and the withdrawal of funds from Dongyu so painfully. In fact, even if Li Dong had withdrawn funds, it was still used on the real estate. Wu Shengnan would like him to draw some more, or simply spend all the money directly to forget, as for the land payment, really no money, Li Dong can certainly think of ways to raise money. Li Dong also did not care about them, arranged their tasks, and then sent away the two. When everyone had left, Li Dong wandered around the conference room again. He is still thinking about what Shen Xi said before, whether to secretly support Men Shen or not? There are good and bad things about supporting Munshen, the benefits have been mentioned before, on the one hand, to prepare for the annexation of Munshen, on the other hand, it can also inhibit the development of Longhua. But the disadvantages are also a lot. First, Yao Hong and he does not deal with, even if you help him this time, this guy may not honestly listen to their own manipulation. The far side is now busy with expansion, they really do not have much time to compete with this guy. Second, that is morally unjustifiable. After all, he and Xu Shengzhe Hu Ming a few people joined forces to form a strategic alliance, this time to help the door Shen, that is, a counterattack, this kind of thing will sooner or later exposed. By then his head a forgetfulness of righteousness hat less. And the third point, money! Long Hua's ten billion dollars can be delayed, but the premise of the delay is spent on the basis of helping Long Hua to suppress the door Shen. If Li Dong spent on the head of the door Shen, Xu Shengzhe is afraid that he will immediately kill over to find him to ask for money. This guy is not unaware that the neighborhood has been sold a lot of houses, but now Xu Shengzhe play dumb not to come to the money, but also the matter is at hand, he does not want to mess with Li Dong. Weighed the pros and cons, Li Dong some dilemma. What should be done in the end? He does not have to help the door Shen, but according to his understanding of Xu Jianghua, this guy and so on after this incident, it is likely that the East Yu will be suppressed. By then, without the constraints of a few companies, how will Dongyu be a rival of Longhua. So from a business point of view, Munshen can not fall down now. …… Just when Li Dong was in a dilemma, Wang Pengfei was also in a dilemma. Tian Yi International Clubhouse. Looking at the eyes of these small real estate developers in front of the expectation, Wang Pengfei some headache said: "Gentlemen, this matter to find me also useless ah. Now the most important thing is that Mr. Yao can immediately get better, we join hands to let the government to save the market to do! I just asked, this time involving the real estate companies, including Mengshen, Greenland, Hongtu, Huannong real estate four! And the bank collections, as much as four billion! This does not include those project payments and project contract payments, together, it must be several hundred million more. So much money, not to the government, even if you demolished me, I can not help them. The bank side, can only rely on the government for assistance, to say that the project and engineering payments, they can still be self-sufficient, gentlemen, I really can not do anything." Hearing him say so, the crowd could not help but be a little disappointed. Then someone else said, "Mr. Wang, let's not talk about this, what about the closed property?" "Now that Mr. Yao and the others are in trouble, the property market has plummeted and the market is miserable. At this time we certainly can not open, not open, we are in trouble!" "Yes, because of the chain reaction, I worry that soon the project contractors and engineers will come to us to call for money. In fact, not worried, but already happened, since the door Shen thing happened, a morning I received a dozen calls, all to ask for money!