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Chapter 561 - Collapse, Warning!

  Faraway Mansion. Li Dong gently knocked on the table, his mouth murmured: "Wang Pengfei ……" Wang Pengfei this person is actually considered a role, only that everyone has ignored him. In Yao Hong's small group, on the financial strength, Wang Pengfei is definitely one of the best, but on the status, that has to be counted backwards. The main reason for such a result is naturally because Wang Pengfei is a foreigner. In addition, another point is related to Li Dong. When Wang Pengfei and Li Dong conflict, Li Dong let a person break a rib, the results of Wang Pengfei did not retaliate not to say, and later to take the land to Li Dong apologized in the newspaper. In this way, naturally, many people look down on him. But in fact, such a person is considered a real businessman, face aside, interest in front. Wang Pengfei can afford to let go, the ruthless when ruthless, the goose when the goose, this kind of people say a little brown that is the bite of the dog does not bark, on the city of Yao Hong is not as good as him. Li Dong called Wang Pengfei, naturally for cooperation. He considered for a long time, think this thing alone can not eat, the same, he also need multiple lines of development. The cooperation with Xu Shengzhe and the others was actually the most unreliable. After all, Yuanfang and Longhua still overlap in business, and Longhua is the leader of the real estate industry, and if Yuanfang wants to grow, Longhua is a hurdle that cannot be avoided. And Wang Pengfei is different, in Jiangbei shallow roots of Wang Pengfei, very suitable for the development of Li Dong's allies. Because of the root of the problem, Li Dong is not afraid of the situation where the tail is too big to fall off. Another reason is not enough for outsiders, that is, Wang Pengfei is a local capital predator in Sichuan. Far East wants to open up the Sichuan market and gain a foothold in Sichuan in the shortest possible time, Wang Pengfei can bring great help to Li Dong. Otherwise, time is now so tight, Li Dong in the big earthquake before the layout is not very likely. Just when Li Dong was contemplating, the phone rang. Seeing the incoming number, Li Dong's pupils shrank slightly, then he picked up the phone and smiled, "Hello, Secretary Du." "I'm not feeling too good right now." Du Anmin did not know whether it was a joke or really, said a sentence and then carried over the topic, turned to the main topic: "Now busy?" "Not busy, not busy, Secretary Du have any orders just say." "Command no, I will say a few words, you just listen." "You say, I listen." "The government will not regulate the legitimate competition in business, because this is the market norm. Even if a large group of tens of billions of dollars goes bankrupt, to put it bluntly, what impact does it have on the government? But sometimes, a company goes bankrupt, but the impact is not just the financial markets. I won't say much else, you and Longhua to grasp the right balance, my only requirement for you is that the property market can not collapse! Now the property market has signs of collapse, this is very scary, the necessary moment the government will introduce policies and measures to regulate, to save the market, because this is not a relationship between the two enterprises. You are an understanding person, remember this bottom line!" Dropping these words, Du Anmin hung up the phone. Li Dong frowned gently, the property market is going to collapse? Is the matter so serious? To be honest, the property market collapse, this idea Li Dong has never risen, because in his opinion, the possibility of the property market collapse is very small. But Du Anmin deliberately called to warn him, certainly not without a target, could there be any change in it? Thinking about the possibility of the property market collapse, Li Dong took a deep breath. This kind of thing does not blame Du Anmin warning, because once there is a property market collapse, that thing will be a big deal. The property market collapse, the first to bear the brunt of the real estate industry is naturally affected. Can be followed by the cement, steel, these manufacturing industries have a substantial decline in performance, and even shut down. A hair to move the whole body, these manufacturing industries are affected, when the time may be implicated in the entire business market. It seems that now only Pingchuan a place affected, but Pingchuan is the capital of Jiangbei, if by Pingchuan stretched to the whole Jiangbei, then the trouble is big, so that the final provincial party committee as a whole will be boarded up. Thinking of this, Li Dong heart can not help but tremble, will not play so big, right? Hastily picked up the phone to Xu Shengzhe called, once the phone, Li Dong asked: "What happened to the property market? To collapse?" Xu Shengzhe smiled a little surprised, then said: "Not to this point, right? Really want to collapse, I have long been looking for you, but today's sudden changes, so that the real estate sector is a little panic. Some small real estate developers are now selling off their properties on a large scale, and prices have fallen slightly, but they will soon return to normal." "Massive sell-off? How big is the scale?" "The specific I am having people count, but in the afternoon the market first-hand and second-hand houses almost added a thousand sets, in addition because of the simultaneous sale, prices have now fallen by almost 5%." "A thousand sets! A 5% drop!" Li Dong was a bit shocked and nervous at the same time: "Damn you! It's not that you're still arranging people to sell off, right? Now the price of housing is almost, can not fall again, and then fall, once Yao Hong and they make a mistake, directly sell their hands of the house, I'm afraid the property market will really collapse!"