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Chapter 562 - The Weasel Gives New Year's Greeting

  Jiangbei Provincial Hospital. Hearing Li Dong come to visit himself, Yao Hong had a smiling expression on his face. Yao Li, who was gasping for air, said angrily, "Dad, he's crying for mercy! I'll go blast him away!" Yao Hong looked up at him for a long time before saying, "If my Yao family is not defeated in my generation, I'm afraid it won't last long in your generation." Yao Li's face suddenly turned red and he said indignantly, "Isn't it right for me to drive him away? He is a weasel worshipping a chicken at this time, it is clear that the good intentions, we still suffer his anger why?" "Oh, hysterical afterword is learned a few sentences, this learning is not in vain. But this is a rat and a chicken, are you talking about me?" "Dad! What time is it, you still have the heart to joke!" "Joking?" Yao Hong sighed softly, yes, his son took it as a joke, what else can he say. The father of a tiger and the son of a dog are just like that! Think about the young people in the Jiangbei business community today, think about Li Dong Xu Shengzhe these people, and then look at the official field that one shrewd second generation, and then look at his own son, a time Yao Hong full of decadence. He has never conceded defeat in his life, even a momentary blow can not shake him. But now, he is old, really old. Before and Xu Jianghua these people deal with, Yao Hong did not feel, he felt that he was quite young, can continue to struggle for thirty years! But when the business world is renewed, Yao Hong suddenly found that he seems to really can not. First is Xu Shengzhe shrewd and capable, will be Long Hua in order, followed by the sudden rise of Li Dong, and then there is the Golden Tripod Jewelry Ji Lansing control group made a few big things. Even Hu Ming's silly daughter, now knows how to open a store to make a movie. Whether people are playing tickets or not, at least it is a serious matter, they are not afraid of losing money? But what does his good son know? When people are fighting, his son is fighting and brawling, when people are getting rid of their parents' influence and creating their own business, his son is fighting with people for his father. Now he is not too old, in a few years, if he retires, his silly son can really hold up the door Shen? If there is another crisis like now, I'm afraid the door Shen really will become a thing of the past. Yao Hong sighed lightly, got up and said, "You go pick up a pick up, I'll go wash up, after I see Li Dong I'll be discharged." "Discharge? Dad, aren't you still not well?" Yao Hong stared at him for a while, crying, "I'm not going to be discharged from the hospital, Mengshen handed over to you to deal with you see okay? It's just under two billion dollars due, Dad thinks you can hold up the scene." Yao Li suddenly face snapped, grunted: "I am not concerned about you, besides, two billion you kill me I can not solve ah." "Yeah, two billion is too hard for you. But this guy you want to blow away, casually toss a few years, a few two billion will come to hand." "That's because Du Anmin ……" "Get out!" Yao Hong steeply stifled a bark, vertical eyebrows: "to pick up people, put rules! I'll be right there, if you can't handle this little thing, you can go back and make company with Xu Rulong!" Once he heard Xu Rulong's name, Yao Li immediately bristled. That guy was sent to the army to suffer, more than thirty years old, but also to go to the army, how embarrassing. He is not young, if he was sent to the army at this time, the future must be laughed at. When Yao Li reluctantly out of the ward, Yao Hong just a long sigh and began to dress and wash. …… When Yao Hong came out, he had already changed into a straight suit. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. When he went out, Li Dong was chatting with Yao Li. The two seem to talk well, Yao Li is a dude, but not a fool, said to drive Li Dong, that is only the father and son of the private words. When you really see Li Dong, Yao Li is still a bit scared, which dare to drive people away. He was beaten twice by Li Dong, once more than a hard, see Li Dong not avoid him on a good, but also dare to drive people. When he saw his old man going out, Yao Li hurriedly got up and said, "Dad, the company is still busy over there, I'll go keep an eye on it, you guys talk, I won't bother." Although the heart of the son disappointed, but in front of outsiders Yao Hong is not to show the slightest, smiled and nodded: "Go, do not panic, go to the company and uncles and uncles to learn more, the sky is not falling." "Got it, Dad, then I'm leaving." "Hmm." Yao Li finished greeting Yao Hong and greeted Li Dong, before he left the small meeting room in a flash. Only after seeing his son leave did Yao Hong faintly say, "Mr. Li, let you see the joke." Li Dong immediately laughed: "Mr. Yao is not burying me? What jokes are you looking at? I'm becoming a joke myself now." "How do you say that?" Li Dong sighed: "Mr. Yao, I have two things to do today. First, that is to visit Mr. Yao, business is business, after all, you are a senior in the business world, you still have to pay more attention to your health." Yao Hong raised his eyebrows and said, "Then thank you, Mr. Li, for your concern." "Second, I'm here to explain a few things to Mr. Yao." "Explanation?" "Mr. Yao, let's not talk in the dark, there are some things I will say clearly. The outside world is rumored to be my work, do you think so too?" Yao Hong smiled and said, "Is it, Mr. Li knows in his own heart." Li Dong's face turned red and said, "I am a straightforward person, Li Dong! If I did it, then I admit it! But I didn't do it, some people want to put shit on my head, that's no way!"