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Chapter 563 - Not much appetite

  Li Dong side out of the hospital, when the car could not help but look back at the щww……lā Yao Hong this guy still has some gusto, Hakone this is indeed the purpose of Li Dong, but he did not expect Yao Hong so crisp. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. Two hundred and fifty million, this price is really not high. Yao Hong is too painful, painful Li Dong are a little embarrassed, then continue to pit this guy is really good? But Li Dong turned his head to put this thought away, this time Yao Hong dry, it is because he had to dry. He is now even busy with the real estate company, this time not to recover some funds, Yao Hong late is likely to be a penny can not be recovered. ……17 night. Li Dong and Wang Pengfei met secretly, the two talked about what, no one knows except them. But after this chat, turn the head Wang Pengfei went back to Shudu. Outsiders feel that Wang Pengfei is avoiding the wind, after all, the real estate sector in Jiangbei is in chaos, Wang Pengfei does not want to be a bird in the head, go back to avoid a should. In the morning of the 18th, Xu Shengzhe arrived at the Yuanfang Building. As soon as he entered the door, Xu Shengzhe said, "Wang Pengfei went back to Shudu, do you know?" "I heard about it, why? Isn't it quite good? Before you said he was a variable, now this guy has gone back to avoid the wind, just right." Xu Shengzhe frowned: "My heart is not very stable, this guy went back at this time, don't have any purpose, right?" Li Dong snickered: "Cup and bow, snake shadow! What purpose can he have? At this juncture, what else can he do? To support Yao Hong and the others, we also have to see if he has the strength." "That's true." Xu Shengzhe sighed with relief, and then said, "How is your side? I heard that you have taken the shares of Hakkasan?" Li Dong laughed: "Don't blame me for stealing the lottery, you are not involved in the retail industry, so I naturally had to take over the shares of Hakko." Xu Shengzhe shook his head and said, "I'm not talking about you taking over the problem, in fact, even if you do not say, no one and you grab. But your degree is too fast, at this time should let Yao Hong and them anxious, you now support two or three hundred million in one go, but things are complicated by you. You should have discussed with us before, when the matter is over, maybe you can take these shares by spending a hundred or two million, why spend this waste of money." "I'm not in a hurry. Besides, $250 million won't affect the big picture." "You ah, hey." Xu Shengzhe sighed lightly, some helplessly said: "Next you do not interfere, things are left to us to deal with it. Yao Hong and the others have gone to the provincial government to ask for help, but at this time the provincial government is in chaos and may not help them. Longhua and Nanrui is now in contact with the provincial government, we take the initiative to take up this problem, the provincial government will do a favor, I'm afraid. Back to the provincial government should facilitate our negotiations with Munshen and theirs, the wind you do not come out, turn around you get the money on the line, the black pot I carry for you." "So good?" Xu Shengzhe straight rolled his eyes and said, "I am afraid you add to the chaos, I said big brother, you rely on the line, okay, this time waiting to count the money, you do not do this kind of thing." "Say as if I deliberately messed up." Li Dong muttered a sentence, and asked, "Is it okay for you to come out directly? Yao Hong and the others are willing to talk to you?" "Whether he is willing or not, they will be willing if I add more fire later." Li Dong frowned and said, "Adding fire? You're not afraid to scorch them, these guys really to that time, I'm afraid will look for you to fight." "Don't worry, I've got a handle on this." Xu Shengzhe gave a perfunctory sentence, and asked, "You took out more than two hundred million in advance, the back of the money is no problem, right?" "No problem, not bad money." "Not bad money is good, if not bad money can you by the way to the Long Hua that community payment to close?" Li Dong snorted, "Just kidding, I'm so poor I can't afford to pay. Besides, the plot is not yet sold out, and you asked me to stop selling, I can't get my money back now, I can't even get the land payment together, this time I only got some money together, so you can be more lenient." Xu Shengzhe glanced at him, and he knew he was saying that for nothing. But he did not really want the money to come, this time to ask for money, designated not to. Of course, if according to the formal contract up, this time Li Dong should pay a sum of money, but this time to talk about the contract is not necessary, to save Li Dong to force the anxious. And Li Dong chatted a few words, Xu Shengzhe will get up and leave. As soon as he left, Shen Xi and Wu Shengnan pushed the door and said, "What did Xu Shengzhe say?" "Nothing, that is, the Long Hua side and Nanrui and the provincial government began to contact, the matter is almost at an end. Both the government and the bank, will not let the door Shen they really bankrupt, this time Longhua and Nanrui willing to take over, even if Yao Hong they are not willing, the government will also reverse the pressure. Besides, Xu Shengzhe has other tricks up his sleeve, he should be able to reach an agreement in the end, now it depends on how big his appetite is." Shen Xi asked, "What about us?"