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Chapter 564 - The Golden Path of Light

  The first thing you need to do is to take out real money, Wang Pengfei's mouth does not say, the expression is very unnatural. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Wang Pengfei smiled and said, "No, I didn't mean that." Li Dong is a bit helpless, really, no matter what time people are profit-seeking, no money out, no one will be willing to let you empty-handed wolf. Slightly ponder for a moment, Li Dong consider a moment before saying: "Okay, it looks like if I do not take the money out, then there is no point in talking about anything else. Three days, within three days my five hundred million will arrive, this is the assembly now, right?" Wang Pengfei hurriedly laughed and said, "Why is Mr. Li in such a hurry? I really don't mean that, I can't worry about you, Mr. Li?" "Come on, let's not do this." Li Dong gave a laugh, Wang Pengfei also full of smiles, money to the account on the line, as for the cheeky or not, who cares about this. After talking about the money, Li Dong then returned to the right color said: "Today the door Shen and Long Hua their negotiations began, we also have to hurry up, we have to catch up with them in front of the interception, otherwise it will be too late to drag on." "Understood, I will speed up the pace. I've brought all the people here, this time I've drawn the bottom of the barrel, all professional teams, nearly a hundred people." "That's good, Mr. Wang also knows that it's not convenient for me to show my face at this time." "Understood." The two said a few words of courtesy, Li Dong then turned back to the subject: "Let's start with those small real estate companies, do real estate, the most important thing is the team and land resources. The team we do not need at the moment, this time we want to cut off is the land piece. Long Hua valued the land resources, these small real estate companies are not large, but in the hands of one or two pieces of good land. Taking advantage of the time when Longhua and Munshen are fighting, we have to take these lands down first." This is previously agreed, Wang Pengfei also did not have a problem, nodded: "I understand, but I am not familiar with Jiangbei, which specific land is worth taking, but also to give the opinion of Mr. Li. We do not have much money on hand, although we said that this time we raised one billion, but if we do not make trade-offs, we can not take many plots." "This meeting with you, this is what I want to say." Li Dong said and took out quite a few maps and material documents from his bag and spread the map out on the table. Li Dong casually drew a line in the center of the map and asked, "Do you know what this is?" Wang Pengfei said he didn't know anything about Jiangbei, but in fact, since he was coming to Jiangbei for the exhibition, how could he be prepared at all. As soon as Li Dong drew a line, Wang Pengfei nodded and said, "Of course, the line map of subway line one, what does Mr. Li mean?" "The land near the first line were taken almost before, of which Longhua took about twenty percent, Munshen and several large companies in Greenland took about forty percent. The other forty percent of the land is divided up by these small and medium-sized real estate developers! Our first target this time is these lands, the subway line near the land, the importance of I do not need to say, Mr. Wang must also understand." Wang Pengfei first nodded, then frowned slightly and said, "But these plots are priced but not marketed, not worried about releasing them. Mr. Li, if we want to take these plots, the price can't be low, and the profit may not reach our expectation. And these places are also the focus of other people's attention, a little wind and grass, I'm afraid it will attract the attention of others, this word ……" Li Dong agreed: "Wang is right, but the subway line of land is also the most stable. Take these plots, even if there are risks later, the possibility of falling prices is also very low, although the profits are not high, but definitely put stable." Wang Pengfei still frowned and did not say anything, Li Dong saw this and slightly raised his eyebrows and laughed: "It looks like Wang is not satisfied with this, it seems that Wang is also a person who is willing to take risks." There are many kinds of business people, some like to be smooth, some like to take risks. Although safe, but sometimes want to do big by smooth is difficult, unless the business has reached a certain point. And risk-taking, this thing has good and bad, good words a risk may be worth a decade of struggle of others, but sometimes it will also make people overnight lost their fortune. Wang Pengfei smiled and said: "Business well, which has a smooth sailing. Plus overnight riches is what everyone wants, I'm a common man, naturally no exception." Said Wang Pengfei and said, "Mr. Li, there is no better recommendation?" The reason why Wang Pengfei is willing to cooperate with Li Dong, want to gain a foothold in Jiangbei is one point, another point is because Li Dong this guy has always been mysterious. Throughout his rise, you will find that this guy has been successful all the way, rarely failing. And every time he succeeded, he was able to obtain the maximum benefit. The city side aside, above the real estate alone, Li Dong took not much land, but took a few pieces of land, no matter which one is up astonishingly. The distant Suan New City, Xu Shengzhe and Li Dong were earning a lot of money in that. Nearby, there are the Binhe New Area and the government area of these two pieces of land, the same, Li Dong is also a big profit. If you count more carefully, there is also this piece of land where the Yuanfang Building is located, again, Li Dong is also a huge profit. And he only took so many in total, each piece is nearly double the profit, once can be said to be luck, twice can also be said to be luck, but every time so, a person's luck can be good to this point? Since he had a conflict with Li Dong, Wang Pengfei had done an in-depth investigation on Li Dong. In addition to the rumors, Wang Pengfei suspected that Li Dong has unknown information channels, Du Anmin may be a line, in addition to Li Dong is afraid that there are other lines. After all, Du Anmin such a character, it is impossible to pay attention to every thing. This is where Wang Pengfei valued Li Dong, five hundred million is not a small amount, if he is not at all sure, so assured and Li Dong cooperation? Hearing Wang Pengfei ask if there is a better recommendation, Li Dong stared at him for a while, and only after a while said, "Yes!" Wang Pengfei's eyes lit up and he quickly said, "Mr. Li, then you can give us some pointers?" "Mr. Wang don't rush, listen to me first." Li Dong sat down, handed a cigarette to Wang Pengfei, lit one himself, and smoked a few puffs before saying, "Since Mr. Wang is willing to take risks, let's do something risky, it so happens that I, Li Dong, am not the kind of person who follows the rules. But in business, sometimes information is more important than money, a piece of information may bring sky-high profits, does Mr. Wang agree with me?" Wang Pengfei immediately understood Li Dong's meaning, and after pondering a little in his heart, he nodded and smiled: "Yes, of course I agree. Money has a price, but information is priceless. I Wang Pengfei is not insensitive, how about this, the newly established company, Mr. Li can take 5% of the shares with information, what do you think?" "5%?" Li Dong smiled lightly: "The total investment of one billion, 5% seems to be only 50 million, 50 million is not too much, right? What we do is real estate, a piece of land can easily be hundreds of millions of dollars, sometimes a piece of land can earn double the profit, Mr. Wang think 50 million is too much?" The fat on Wang Pengfei's face twitched a bit, this guy's heart is really black ah. 50 million is not satisfied, this has not yet started, before the news is confirmed, who dare to guarantee that the future is a profit or loss. Wang Pengfei did not rush to reply this time, but began to ponder while smoking a cigarette. Li Dong's message is important or not? This guy is looking at which land in the end? Although there are not many plots of land in the hands of small real estate developers, but the distribution is very chaotic, Wang Pengfei even if all the land information is mastered, but a time can not see what things. Slightly torn for a moment, finally Wang Pengfei gritted his teeth, bet! It's only 500 million! Do not say that Li Dong himself also invested, even if he did not invest, Wang Pengfei is also willing to gamble, this guy is a gold hand. He took a few pieces of land have gone up amazingly, is this time it has changed? Ruthlessly extinguish the cigarette, Wang Pengfei nodded: "1o%! Mr. Li, you put up 500 million and take up 6o% of the shares, and I will take up 4o%. In addition, I am responsible for providing the team and operation, which is not a small expense, you do not need to appear in the daily operation, until the necessary time, I will not go to you.