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Chapter 565 - The Wolf's Ambition, Far Side Out

  Wang Pengfei felt like he was about to be knocked out by the money. It was not until a long time had passed that Wang Pengfei came to his senses and hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I lost my temper." Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "It's okay, actually I lost my temper when I first heard the news." "After all, it's such a big deal, if we really win the bet, then we can lie down and count our money." "Hoo ……" Wang Pengfei didn't know how many times he was gasping for air today, after a long gasp, Wang Pengfei regained his usual shrewdness and added: "So we'll take this piece of land?" "Yes!" Li Dong nodded: "This land has a total of 30,000 mu, the land price here is not expensive now, the market price is only o million a mu. But the market price is the market price, we have a total of one billion dollars, so we can't spend it all on this. The reason I chose now is because the timing is just right. This time those who took the land before the real estate developers, many people are in crisis. Mr. Wang, you look after this, we want to take the land in their hands at the lowest price, if you think it is difficult, we can add a fire. Long Hua can burn them, we can also burn these small real estate developers!" Wang Pengfei said with a ruthless look in his eyes, "That's natural! Don't worry, I just read the information, this area, the previous land acquisition of a total of seven real estate developers, the total area of about 5ooo acres. And these seven, four are in the coalition, the other three strength is not strong. 5ooo acres of land, I give them a maximum of 100 million, to ensure that they can take!" Li Dong smiled and said, "Then I'll wait for good news from Mr. Wang!" "Don't worry, the other 25,ooo mu, I will also take it as soon as possible, but because the other land in the hands of the government, want to quickly take, I'm afraid the cost will be higher." "Nothing, control within one billion, we can afford. When the time comes to pay a hundred million first, that is to say, we have at least eight hundred million on hand can be used, this money, we can not be idle." Li Dong pointed to the map and said, "In addition to this piece of land, we also have to cut off all the good land in their hands. This is the land of two families, Mengshen and Greenland, there are many good plots of land, we can take them together and make a whole, what do you think?" "Yes, but I'm just afraid that Longhua has heard the wind." "It's okay, I'll try to help you delay on my side. After taking these two pieces of land, if we still have money in hand, we can also take some of the subway line, after all, we want to be big, we can not all hoard land, always have to make a few model projects out. The land of the subway line does not need to hoard, directly open, and finally will not earn less." "Yes, yes, yes, it's Mr. Li who has a long-term vision." Wang Pengfei hastily nodded, as a real estate developer, always can not just hoard land, long-term non-opening, the government can not promise. And the subway line near the open community or square, the ultimate return will not be low. The two then discussed for a while, roughly determine the target, Wang Pengfei will take the information impetuously away. Li Dong did not rush to leave and sat in the private room for a while. This time he and Wang Pengfei cooperation, Li Dong still contributed a lot of real strength. Just like the 30,000 mu of land in front, whether it is the completion of the new airport or the opening of the Science and Technology Park, which is a shocking and big news for their real estate developers. If not for the fear of doing it alone is too conspicuous, coupled with their current unsuitable for a big fanfare to pry Longhua corner, Li Dong will not share this news with outsiders. Sitting and drinking a few cups of tea, Li Dong straightened out the gains and losses, and only then got up and prepared to leave. As a result, just open the door of the room, the face suddenly came several men and women with a lot of atmosphere. Li Dong fixed his eyes, and then frowned. At this time, the people on the opposite side also saw Li Dong, and Zhu Yicai, who was walking in front of him, was a little surprised and said, "Mr. Li, what a coincidence!" Li Dong took a slight breath, hoping that this guy did not see Wang Pengfei, then he responded with a smile, "Mr. Zhu, it's really a coincidence, what are you?" Zhu Yicai smilingly said: "Talking about some business, I did not expect to run into Mr. Li here, sit down together for a drink?" "I don't want to bother you, I still have some things to do at my company, so I won't bother Mr. Zhu." "Okay, let's get together again next time, Mr. Li, take care." "Mr. Zhu stay, gentlemen, I'll go first." Li Dong greeted Zhu Yicai, and nodded to the people around him, before stepping away. When he came downstairs, a middle-aged man beside Zhu Yizai said softly, "Li Dong?" "That's right, it's him." "Why is this guy here at this time?" Zhu Yizai frowned slightly and said, "Not quite sure, today Long Hua and Men Shen side is negotiating, this is something strange. It seems that Li Dong is not involved, but to say that he is not involved, I do not believe the first. But this guy does not seem to pay too much attention, this time not in waiting for news, instead came to the southern suburbs, too strange." Zhu Yicai said, next to someone picked up: "Just came, I think I saw a person just left." "Who?" "Didn't get a good look, but it seemed a bit familiar." "Familiar?" Zhu Yicai face suspicious, but did not think too much, nodded and laughed: "first regardless of him, Li Dong this guy even if the whole thing, and we do not have much to do with. At this time, it is Yao Hong who should be worried about them." "Hahaha, that's true. But General Zhu, this is also our opportunity, this time the Jiangbei real estate sector reshuffle, we are in a good time." "Well, but with Long Hua in, it's not clear whether we can pick up the bargain or not, let's go in and have a seat, and talk over tea." "……"…… From the teahouse, Li Dong glanced back. Frowning slightly, Li Dong stroked his chin and pondered for a moment, what is Zhu Yicai doing in the southern suburbs at this time? And those people around him, Li Dong also knows a few. At the time of the acquisition era in Sunan, he had seen one or two of them, should be the businessmen in Sunan. It looks like Zhu Yicai seems to have some big moves, could it be that the Sunan business community is ready to take advantage of this opportunity to invade the Jiangbei business community?