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Chapter 566 - Two against one, who is afraid!

  Li Dong personally convened the meeting, and the meeting soon began. In the meeting room. The atmosphere was very heavy, especially Wu Shengnan, his face was so gloomy that it was almost dripping water. Long Hua wants to merge several real estate companies in Munshen, this news is too shocking! Once the cooperation is reached, then where does Dongyu go? The unified Jiangbei real estate sector, Longhua, can give Dong Yu room to survive? Just like Far Eastern supermarkets, small fights are fine, those small private supermarkets how to open Li Dong do not care, but once a large supermarket invasion or signs of the rise of local supermarkets, Far Eastern will immediately spare no effort to combat. So far, Longhua is no exception. Dongyu small-scale development of a few neighborhoods, Longhua will not care. But to carry out the layout of the province, then sorry, Longhua will not let go. Thinking of this, Wu Shengnan couldn't help but get up and say: "Mr. Li, we can't let the negotiations succeed! Once the agreement is reached, Dongyu will be finished!" "Don't worry, I know." Li Dong nodded his head, exhaled a mouthful of smoke, and said in a cold voice: "Long Hua wants to merge, which is not that simple. Let's not say we agree or not, can Yao Hong and the others agree?" Just as he finished speaking, Shen Xi's cell phone rang. Shen Xi glanced at the number and gestured slightly towards Li Dong, who nodded and said, "Answer it." Shen Xi picked up the phone, did not speak, listened for a while before hanging up and said, "One good news, one bad news." "First the good news." "Yao Hong really disagreed, reacted violently, and even suspended the negotiations at one point." "And the bad news?" "Lu Zhan Yuan agreed." "What!" "No way!" "……" The conference room was in chaos, Lu Zhan Yuan, the brother of Lu Zhan Peng, the chairman of Hong Tou Real Estate. This bankruptcy crisis, Hongtu is in the middle of it, and Hongtu is also a first-tier real estate company in Jiangbei. This is just the beginning, the door Shen, Hongtu, Greenland three companies have agreed to a merger resolution, this is too fast, fast everyone is a little unbelievable. Li Dong is not surprised, his face is a bit gloomy said: "is Hu Ming's handiwork, he and Lu Zhanpeng is a good friend, I'm afraid and Lu Zhanyuan is also. The price Hu Ming gave should not be low, this time Hongtu is facing a crisis, plus Lu Zhanpeng and Lu Zhanyuan philosophy does not match, Hongtu has been signs of disintegration. Now Hu Ming intervene, whether Lu Zhanyuan is passive or active, Hongtuo side should have been finalized. The only ones left are Greenland and Menshen, even if Hongtuo is merged, the impact is not so big, after all, Hongtuo strength has been weaker than Menshen and Greenland on a chip." "But Hongtu surrendered in the first negotiation, which will have a great impact on Munshen and Greenland, I'm afraid they can't hold up." "As long as the immediate financial crisis is solved, Yao Hong and the others will not agree." "How to solve it?" Li Dong glanced at Wu Shengnan and said, "You ask me? How do I know how to solve it, think of a solution first." Said Li Dong asked Liu Hongmei, "How much money can we still come up with now?" Liu Hongmei hurriedly said, "Before the three subdivisions under Dongyu pre-sale, we sold a lot, and the total amount recovered reached 1.5 billion. Then because of the suspension, we still have almost half of the houses left unsold, plus the market price reduction storm, so this side of the follow-up time temporarily should not pay into the account. In addition to the 1.5 billion, the supermarket side of the previous allocation is still almost 1 billion points, but we better set aside a sum to meet the next three months within the development, set aside at least half. In addition to these two sides, the supermarket still has 200 million in reserve, as well as the mall and logistics side of the previous money is also not used up, the two sides together, squeeze a squeeze two hundred million or can be taken out." "That means we can currently use, in the safety of the bottom line, excluding the reserve and the supermarket set aside, can have 2.2 billion?" Liu Hongmei said with a bitter smile, "So to speak, but you said last time, the land payment of 2 billion will expire in three months. In addition, Longhua side, almost 1 billion. In addition to the 250 million for the acquisition of Hakkasan shares, we actually have almost no money to use now." "No money from Longhua! Let him Xu Shengzhe come to me to ask for it, if not, go to sue me, slowly accompany him to drag, this bastard has shady me once, and still want to get the money back now, think beautiful!" Li Dong grunted, and said: "The land payment of 2 billion is still due for some time, the beginning of next year will be due, the money is also not in a hurry. In addition to these two, the money can not be delayed, this money immediately to the door Shen call over, so the calculation, we can probably still use 2 billion, right?" "About the same." "2 billion ……" Li Dong slightly pondered, this 2 billion, he still have to take out 500 million to Wang Pengfei, the rest is only 1.5 billion. 1.5 billion, I'm afraid that can only be able to take back their own community. And then want to support the door Shen them, the money may not be enough. But their own recovery of the community, Yao Hong, they can return part of the funds, plus the Hakone side also has 250 million, plus Wang Pengfei's side will also take out a sum of money.