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Chapter 567 - Fox, tiger, silly roe deer

  "Two against one? Is Boss Xu preparing to gang-beat me?" Li Dong flirted with a smile, and Hu Ming hastened to answer, "Mr. Xu is joking, Mr. Li doesn't have to take it seriously." "Of course I won't take it seriously, he's only talking about it, he's my opponent in a real single fight?" Xu Shengzhe coughed dryly, "Talking about fighting when we meet, this is not what we should talk about in this capacity." Li Dong raised his eyebrows and said, "Yes, what is our status, how degrading to talk about fighting. We are civilized people, we have to talk about mergers and acquisitions, we have to talk about intrigue and trickery. For example, we can talk about how to kick out our allies in the process of cooperation, wouldn't that be more appropriate?" Xu Shengzhe and Hu Ming were both a little embarrassed and didn't answer for a while. Li Dong also did not care, these people are really embarrassed or fake embarrassment, he knows in his heart. To their point, who is not as thick-skinned as iron, would be embarrassed by a word? Li Dong also did not bother to break it down, walked straight to his seat and sat down, leaned back on the rocking chair and laughed: "The two big bosses are busy people now, not busy with the negotiations, what do you want to do here?" "Li Dong, can you not speak so strangely? It sounds awkward." Xu Shengzhe shifted his shoulders a little uncomfortably. Li Dong snickered: "Then how can Boss Xu teach me how not to be yin and yang? I contributed money and effort, but in the end you kicked out, I said a few words in my own office can not? Your boss Xu is too lenient!" Xu Shengzhe frowned slightly and said, "Can we still talk properly?" Hu Ming also persuaded: "Mr. Li, there is no inside story, we also want to talk with you openly and honestly, you do not rush to get angry." Li Dong grunted: "I'm not angry, angry why. As long as you have the ability, even if I am down, I have no complaints. You do not need to explain anything to me, you do not owe me, and likewise, I do not owe you." Xu Shengzhe some can not stand this guy, no good: "You are right, we do not owe you, but you guys still owe me more than a billion!" "Cough cough cough ……" Li Dong coughed dryly and played dumb, "Is that so? Sorry, I almost forgot about that. But don't worry, my Li Dong's character is here, as soon as the house in Huaqing Yuan is sold, I will transfer this money to you immediately." "You think I'm stupid!" Xu Shengzhe did not want to be dominated by Li Dong all the time, and despised: "Sold out? What do you mean by sold out? If you keep a set for yourself and don't sell it, you won't be able to sell it for the rest of your life, so you don't have to pay for it?" "Look, Mr. Hu, see?" As if he had suffered a great insult, Li Dong got up and said angrily, "Am I Li Dong such a person? I just said such a sentence, and this guy is chasing after me, is he still a friend? I don't care if he screwed me over, now he's coming to my door to force me to pay a debt, right? Okay, I'll pay you back! Just one billion? Even if I sell my iron, I won't let you lose a penny, this money is settled, we will return to the road, and don't talk about friends or not! Think about it, when you were struggling in Longhua, who rescued you from the crisis? Now that I'm in a bit of trouble, well, your true nature has come out, thanks to my Li Dong still consider you as a confidant, count me blind!" Li Dong said with a face of indignation: "Chen Ke, send guests!" …… When Chen Ke entered the door, Xu Shengzhe and Hu Ming did not say a word, nor did they step forward. The two just stared at Li Dong, and when Chen Ke looked embarrassed, Xu Shengzhe's mouth corner twitched and said, "Have some face, okay?" Li Dong rolled up his sleeves and said angrily: "What? Come on, let's fight it out, who's afraid?" "Stop it!" Xu Shengzhe said with a helpless face: "What's the point of making a fuss, shame or shame? All right, you said to pay back the money, then you pay back the money, you pay back the money, I will leave immediately." Hu Ming afraid of Li Dong embarrassed, and quickly said: "Mr. Li, calm down, no one is looking for you to force the debt, and no one deliberately pitted you, listen to us to say a few words, okay?" Xu Shengzhe said, "Mr. Hu, don't pay any attention to him. Didn't he say he wanted to pay back the money? You see he still does not pay back, believe him the hell! This guy is deliberately looking for trouble." "You look down on me?" Li Dong said angrily. "Look up to, how dare you look down on you Li richest man." Xu Shengzhe stabbed a sentence, and headache: "Stop it, we are looking for you to have business, do not deliberately take this punk attitude perfunctory me, want to drive me away? I told you to ask you for money? It was you who insisted on bringing up this issue, and now you are jumping up and down to play the monkey show, do you still want to shame?" Li Dong's face suddenly dissipated, then smiled and said: "Why do you need a face? My face is here, isn't it? Okay, this is what you said, let's not talk about the money, I will pay you back sooner or later anyway." Xu Shengzhe looked as if he had expected it, and said to a surprised Hu Ming: "Mr. Hu, see? I have long told you not to overestimate some people, some people really shameless up, we have to go to the back of the line." Hu Ming's cheeks kept twitching, it seems he is really old. It was really guessed by Xu Shengzhe, this guy just wanted to renege, thanks to which he thought Li Dong was really angry. Both people are a little speechless, for a while Hu Ming before sighing: "Okay, let's stop, let's sit down and talk, something has to be said clearly." At this moment, Li Dong also regained his proper color, went to sit opposite the two people and said, "It is time to talk clearly, I can't be pitted so unknowingly." Xu Shengzhe said with some annoyance, "What do you mean by "pit"? Can you pay attention to the words, this is a shopping mall, not a game of house! Long Hua has Long Hua's thirst, Nanrui the same, can not be the whole world around you, we follow you to beg for food!" Li Dong sneered back, "Yes, after all, I was too honest and believed your bullshit. You are a real fox in a fox skin, I should have guarded against you." "Li Dong, you don't need to be sarcastic, it's not funny you know?" Xu Shengzhe discontented: "We are here to talk to you about business, you still talk about it or not? Forget about it, you do not want to give you benefits, then we do not need to rush to send you benefits." "Benefits?" Li Dong smiled and said, "What benefits? Would you be so kind?" Xu Shengzhe rolled his eyes and did not want to pay attention to him, Hu Ming said next to him, "Mr. Li, we are not in the business of benevolence. What's more, our cooperation has not been terminated, and the agreement reached before naturally still counts. We can only say that this merger and acquisition, the far side is not suitable to participate in it, that's why we did not count the far side. In fact, we are still allies until now, what is yours is yours, and Xu and I are not the kind of people who are ungrateful and unrighteous."