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Chapter 568 - Li Dong's real target!

  Xu Shengzhe they come to the far side, in fact, just an attitude. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Li Dong did not underestimate them, from the day he first met Xu Shengzhe, he did not underestimate this guy. Therefore, Xu Shengzhe and his trip did not change anything, and did not let Li Dong relax his guard. The company's negotiation team was formed quickly, including Wu Shengnan himself and several real estate professionals, plus a Li Dong who was ready to go out in person. 22 night, the far side to the door Shen and Greenland and Hongtu several companies went to the invitation to negotiate. The first reply was given by Menshen and Greenland, who accepted the invitation to negotiate. Somewhat surprisingly, Hongtuo, which had already surrendered its arms, actually gave a reply the next morning and could open negotiations. …… received Hongtu's reply, Wu Shengnan was full of surprise and said, "Hongtu has agreed?" The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Now that he sees hope, how can he not seize it. Not only 6 Zhan Yuan, 6 Zhan Peng is the kind of person who is willing to live under others? He was not even convinced by his own elder brother all these years, he would be convinced to enter the group formed by Longhua and Nanrui as a vice president without real power? Before he was determined to join Longhua, that was only a compromise. At this time, if Yuanfang and Hongtu reached a better agreement, whether he set up his own business or took over Hongtu, it would be better than the previous plan. On top of that, even if the negotiations don't work out, they can still raise their price, who can't get along with money these days." "That's true." Wu Shengnan first nodded, and then said, "Mr. Li, which one should we focus on?" The scale of Yuanfang is here, the capital is here, to be honest, three enterprises, they can at most swallow one. Want to swallow all three, Far Eastern does not have the strength. After secretly allocating 500 million to Wang Pengfei, the most Yuanfang can draw is about 1.5 billion, so this amount of money is really not enough. Unless Li Dong is also the same as Longhua, willing to cross-share exchange or financing, or eat three is not expected. Li Dong did not even raise his head and said, "Greenland." "Greenland?" Wu Shengnan was full of shock and said, "Isn't it Mengshen?" Li Dong looked up and laughed: "Good, what I want is this reaction! What I am saying to you now is not allowed to be disclosed, understand what I mean?" Wu Shengnan looked serious and said, "Understood." "Good, then I will tell you about my plan. I said in the meeting that we are supporting, not annexing. And in fact, our purpose this time is either to support or to swallow Greenland! Mengshen's Yao Hong is cunning, not so easy to handle, and Hongtuo side and Longhua Nanrui entangled. In fact, only Greenland is the most suitable to become our target, I want Dongyu to swallow him! As long as Dongyu swallowed the Greenland, it is the second Munshen, even if Longhua really negotiated, after taking care of Hongtu and Munshen, we still have a fighting chance. But we have to make some fog out of it, this time I will mainly attack Munshen's side, you guys secretly contact with Greenland. What I want to do is to stall for time, so that Longhua is not so fast to reach an agreement with Mengshen, you also have to speed up the pace and be ready to take over Greenland in its entirety. Long Hua is ready to clear the field, have I not thought about this? Jiangbei does not need so many real estate developers, this time let Longhua annexed Munshen and Hongtuo good, then from one more strong into two countries to fight for supremacy, more in line with our strategic goals. Want to play with me, do you really think I am clay! Also, we now publicize to the public, say that this negotiation is to recover the property sold at the beginning, you say the same to the rest of the company." Wu Shengnan somewhat understood Li Dong's meaning, shocked, "Then you mean, it does not matter if the house is not recovered?" "Well, that's what I mean. Other people think we must want to take these houses back, Xu Shengzhe and Hu Ming also think so, but why should I take them back? It's not like I didn't make any money. Besides, when I signed the agreement with them, I forgot to add a clause that we didn't say which day we could deliver the house! Grandmother, we sold the house to others, but there is a delivery time, Yao Hong these people really think I will not pit him, right, but even the delivery time is not said, then why should I rush. Who would like to receive, okay, I drag him a three years five years, I see who can not hold up. This thing you also remember me, next time this kind of mistake we can not make, without the drag of Dongyu real estate, 1.5 billion capital, I can take the green land!" Wu Shengnan was already shocked at this moment, and only after a while did he say, "Mr. Li, you are not the same as the rumors." Li Dong snickered: "Rumors? Rumors I don't know? It is not to say that my Li Dong has no real ability, all rely on Shen Xi and Secretary Du support? I do not care what others say, I am a penny less? All right, everyone think I'm stupid best, wait and see, who is stupid and who is smart in these days, just know in your heart."