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Chapter 569 - Planning is in the hands of the peop

  Faraway Building. Conference room. Wu Shengnan said in a subdued voice: "22nd Longhua, Nanrui and several people have also conducted a round of negotiations, Longhua they offered the conditions we have heard. The newly established Huarui Group, Longhua and Nanrui each injected 2 billion, and then received the whole door Shen, Greenland, Hongtu three enterprises, including bank debt. Among the newly established group, Longhua and Nanrui each occupy 30% of the shares, Munshen can hold 16%, Greenland holds 14%, Hongtuo holds 10% …… Longhua they offer the conditions is this right?" Yao Hong did not move and said, "This is just wishful thinking of Longhua and Nanrui, the injection of 4 billion want to merge our three enterprises, Xu Shengzhe and Hu Ming can only think." Greenland's boss Liu Meng also said nonchalantly: "Others do not say, our net assets of Greenland is more than 2 billion! 2 billion shares of 14%, Longhua and Nanrui 2 billion shares of 30%, I have no problem with my head, unless someone's head into water, otherwise who would agree! Want to take advantage of the fire, but also have to see if we agree!" Liu Mang's voice just fell, his next Lu Zhan Yuan's face is not good. Liu Mang just said that someone's head is in the water, obviously talking about him. Although the strength of Hongtu is slightly weaker than Greenland, but also not too much weaker, to Hongtu shares, but only 10% of the shares, this condition is really not agreed to the general public. But Lu Zhanyuan also has a hard time, Hongtu Real Estate and not all under his control. Although Lu Zhanpeng occupies fewer shares than he did, but also reached 30%, this time Lu Zhanpeng disruption, internal disintegration symptoms, Lu Zhanyuan had no choice but to agree. Otherwise, Hongtu really disintegrated, it would be nothing. Sometimes internal problems are more terrible than external problems, Lu Zhan Yuan is now also hated Lu Zhan Peng the bastard, if not him, Liu Mang which dare to taunt him to his face. Wu Shengnan also do not care what they say, continued: "Huarui claimed that after the completion of the formation of assets can reach 12 billion, the actual industry should shrink some, I give a valuation, if they really mergers and acquisitions restructuring completed, the market value of about 10 billion. That is to say, Longhua they give the valuation of each company is 1.6 billion, 1.4 billion, 1 billion …… "She did not finish her sentence, Yao Hong dissatisfied:" Wu, now is the far side and we are talking! Long Hua and Nanrui side is just an unformed negotiation process, you now repeatedly bring up Long Hua Nanrui, some of the cart before the horse!" Wu Shengnan said nonchalantly: "I am just listing the conditions given by Longhua for everyone, and we can naturally compare the conditions offered by the distant side next." Yao Hong frowned and said, "Do you mean to say that you are also prepared to merge with the three of us? This is impossible! If it is a merger and acquisition, I will not continue to talk with you, Mengshen is Mengshen, I do not accept mergers and acquisitions!" Liu Meng's attitude was not so drastic, but he still said lightly, "Even if it's a merger or acquisition, I don't think Yuanfang has the strength. In fact, from the beginning I think you overestimate yourselves, while opening negotiations with our three companies, are you ready? Longhua Nanrui also took out a cash flow of 4 billion, how much can you take out? Mr. Li, if there is not enough money, just some empty promises, then I think there is no need for us to talk anymore. It's not a good time to shout slogans, if it weren't for the money problem, we wouldn't have opened negotiations with you, so it's empty to talk about anything without money." Li Dong, who didn't say much from the beginning of the negotiations, sniffed and said, "You can rest assured about this, Mr. Liu, the money, Yuanfang still has a little. But I do not deny, 4 billion I certainly can not get out. And just now Mr. Liu and Mr. Yao also said wrongly that I am not prepared to make mergers and acquisitions of several enterprises." "Then what do you mean?" "Shareholding!" "Shareholding?" Several people froze for a moment, and then Yao Hong couldn't wait to say, "Is this true, Mr. Li?" The difference between shareholding and acquisition is huge. Acquisition means that whether it is reorganization or not, at least the control of the company is left behind. The shareholding, on the other hand, is simple, it is only a partial outflow of equity, but the overall control of the company is still in their own hands. In fact, Yao Hong and Long Hua when they first opened negotiations, but also ready to let the other side of the shareholding, or sell some of its high-quality industries. But who knew that Long Hua's appetite was so big that he opened his mouth to mergers and acquisitions. Because of Long Hua, now Yao Hong has lowered their requirements, and as long as the company's power does not fall away, they can accept outsiders into the group. So when Li Dong said shareholding, several people were excited. It looks like Li Dong is giving Long Hua a break, shareholding is good, it's not just shareholding, they are not the same as Li Dong, so alone. The loss of part of the equity, they are perfectly acceptable. Even among the three companies, there are currently more or less outsiders or financing institutions control part of the equity. Now is not more than Li Dong, no problem, how big. With the words of Li Dong, the next negotiations will be much easier. But when Li Dong vaguely revealed at a later stage that Yuanfang's current funds were only enough to support a business out of crisis, Yao Hong's three eyebrows were furrowed again. Yes, if Yuanfang can really support their three families, then they will be suspicious. Now Li Dong said only one support, the three not only did not doubt, but also relieved, can support a good, at least there is hope. In any case, the conditions offered by Li Dong at least a lot looser than Longhua Nanrui. Li Dong at the same time to find the meaning of the three negotiations they also understand, is not to let them compete, Li Dong to see which gives the biggest concessions well. As long as the control of the company is still in hand, concessions on concessions, we can continue to talk. But when Liu Mang and Lu Zhan Yuan saw Li Dong talking about assets and shares with Yao Hong, his brow suddenly furrowed. The situation seems not good ah, look at Li Dong this attitude, this guy is obviously fond of the door Shen, ready to enter the door Shen shares. But this is not surprising, after all, the door Shen among the three strongest. If you can help the door Shen out of danger, the next Dong Yu and door Shen team up, or a great deal of certainty to resist the Long Hua. The two of them are slightly weaker, and it's not surprising that Li Dong didn't look at it. Liu Mang and Lu Zhan Yuan frowned, but Yao Hong was overjoyed, it seems that Li Dong is ready to help Men Shen. As long as we can get through this hurdle, Yao Hong is not afraid of future disruptions by Li Dong. Besides, even if the trouble, Li Dong will not really put the door Shen how, after all, once he decided to share this time, the investment must be quite a lot. So much money, is Li Dong is not afraid of losing? The first meeting came to an end when everyone had their own thoughts and calculations.