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Chapter 570 - A series of changes, Liu Meng banque

  December 25th, Christmas Day. Early in the morning, Qin Yuhan called Li Dong. After reading the information all night, Li Dong, who had just fallen asleep, answered the phone in a daze. When Qin Yuhan asked him with great expectation if he would come to the capital for Christmas, Li Dong apologized and said, "Yuhan, I probably won't have time to go there this year." Last Christmas, Li Dong gave Qin Yuhan a surprise and rushed to the capital on Christmas Eve. But last year at this time Li Dong was not so busy, but not this year, the acquisition of Greenland is related to the future strategic layout of Yuanfang, the matter is very important, Li Dong really can not leave. What's more, Longhua and Nanrui are still waiting in the wings, and this time Li Dong can't leave. Hearing that Li Dong could not come, Qin Yuhan looked a little disappointed, but still smiled strongly and said, "It's okay, then you busy yourself, I'll hang up first." "Well, the weather is cold over in the capital, pay attention to keep warm." Li Dong barked two words, hung up the phone, his brow could not help but slightly wrinkled, followed by a long sigh. This year he and Qin Yuhan have not seen each other for some time, November Hu Xiaorui rushed to the capital, Qin Yuhan busy with the store, then Li Dong busy with the mall and busy real estate company, there is no time to go over. From the beginning of the school year, nearly four months, the two in addition to telephone contact, not even seen face to face. "It seems to have to set things as soon as possible." Li Dong muttered, secretly said: the best way to rush before New Year's Day, the beginning of the year 07, to do all that should be done. New Year's Day holiday, if there are no major changes, you still have to go to the capital to make a trip. Women, always have to be coaxed, too long not to see Qin Yuhan, Qin Yuhan heart must also be uncomfortable. But today is the 25th, less than a week from New Year's Day, and I do not know if it will be in time. When Li Dong was thinking about speeding up, the phone rang urgently. Li Dong took a look at the number and hurriedly connected, "Mr. Wu, what's wrong?" On the other side of the phone, Wu Shengnan did not know whether he was happy or nervous, and said in an urgent tone, "Mr. Li, something has happened!" "Speak slowly, what happened?" "There is a collapse accident in Ruijing New Town under Greenland!" Li Dong was abruptly shocked and said, "Collapse accident? Were there any lives lost? How is the situation now?" "I have not yet received news of the specific situation, but a large number of media have rushed over. And the owners of Ruijing New Town have protested, I think things are going to be big, after all, the accident of the community, others do not dare to live in confidence. You say, at this time, the Greenland accident, this is not God is helping us." "God?" Li Dong eyes narrowed, the mind can not help but think of Xu Shengzhe. There are no such coincidences under the sky, this time the green actually had an incident, plus before Xu Shengzhe that look of confidence …… no need to guess, Li Dong 100% sure, this and Xu Shengzhe can not be unconnected. Once you think of Xu Shengzhe actually also playing the idea of green land, Li Dong hurriedly said: "You immediately go to the company to gather the members of the negotiating team, I will arrive in a moment. Take advantage of this change, we have to take the green land as soon as possible, the late is the change!" "Okay, I'll go to the company right away!" "……"…… At eight in the morning, Li Dong hurriedly arrived at the company. Wu Shengnan was already waiting for him with the members of the negotiation team, and once Li Dong arrived, Wu Shengnan hurriedly came over and said, "Mr. Li, the results of the accident in Ruijing New Town are out." "How is it?" "No one was killed, but three people were injured. The cause of the accident is still under investigation, but it's quite a big deal now. This collapse is not something else, but the community kindergarten! Because Ruijing New Town just delivered in the first half of the year, most of the owners are still renovating, kindergarten has not yet opened, the two injured are passers-by a security guard. But it is also the kindergarten collapse, this time things are too serious, if only the residential building alone out of the question, that the Greenland can still get through this. But the kindergarten, that relates to the next generation of problems, Ruijing New Town owners are now going crazy, things just happened an hour, the city hall was surrounded, the Greenland building is the same. I think Liu Meng this time is not able to pass this hurdle, Mr. Li, what do we do now?" Li Dong did not rush to speak, but asked, "What time did the collapse occur? Did the whole building collapse, or part of it?" Wu Shengnan's eyes flashed with suspicion, but still said, "Around six o'clock in the morning, the sky just dawned, not all collapsed, just part of the wall appeared to collapse." "Ruthless enough!" Li Dong face showed a touch of scorn, compared to the Xu family, the leader of the industry, he Li Dong is still a little tender, this has to be guarded against, to save themselves from being played this way in the future. Six o'clock collapse, just so people can quickly notice, and still no one kindergarten, more just part of the wall problems, this thing is not Xu Shengzhe they did, Li Dong can cut off his own head as a ball kick! To be honest, to do this line of real estate, in other places to cut corners that is the norm. But a large community inside the kindergarten, generally a little moral conscience and long-term planning of the real estate developers will not save money on this.