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Chapter 571 - The smell of gunpowder

  "A banquet?" In the office, Li Dong said with a wary face, "What does Liu Meng want at this time?" Shen Xi frowned: "Not quite clear, this time it is reasonable to say that Liu Meng should be low-key, but he made a big fanfare banquet, not only invited you, half of the Jiangbei real estate sector bosses he invited…… Update the fastest" "Half of the Jiangbei real estate sector ……" Li Dong frowned slightly and said, "Long Hua they are also in?" "In." Li Dong thought, then sighed lightly: "I was prepared to pick up a bargain, but now it seems that Liu Meng is not a good stubble, this guy is probably being pushed." "What do you mean?" Shen Xi said with some confusion. Li Dong shook his head and said, "What else can it mean, this guy is ready to quit. But before retreating, he looks like he wants to make a profit before leaving, and then poke a thorn in each other's side." Shen Xi also reacted at this time, surprised: "You say he is ready to talk about the transfer of mergers and acquisitions tonight?" "**Not far from it, and this guy is smart. My side has been trying to contact him privately, but he stifled us openly, if we want to take the green land tonight, not bleeding is not possible. After all, I'm not the only one who's interested in Greenland, not even just Longhua! Before we still have some scruples, but the night and so we fought with Longhua, I'm afraid there are people who can not resist. Hey, the market is like a battlefield, really no one is good." Shen Xi frowned a little: "But this time to take over the Greenland, is also a problem. After all, Ruijing New Town just had an incident ……" "Don't worry, the kindergarten construction quality is fine, there will be no big deal. When the results of the investigation come out, you can definitely use other reasons to put off the past. This point I know better than you, even Liu Meng himself is clear. But clear is clear, but at this time Liu Meng no time. Investigation team, how long can give the investigation report, this is not in Liu Meng's control, even if he can control, this time is not short. Shortly if he can't get rid of this crisis, Greenland's reputation will be more than a day's stink, at that time, even if he was cleared, Greenland market value will also plummet. While things are just happening, this is the most cost-effective time to get rid of Greenland, Liu Meng is also considered decisive enough." Shen Xi did not care what he said later, but wide-eyed, "What do you mean by that in front of you? Is it you …… "Li Dong full of black lines said: "You overestimate me, this kind of shameless thing how can I do? I have a big conscience, some people can't find their conscience before they do such things." Shen Xi couldn't help but laugh at the sound of it, and only after a while waved her hand and said, "Okay, I won't talk to you anymore. So are we really going to do it tonight?" "Of course!" "At this time, we are in the open, it is not very cost-effective. Why don't we take advantage of the fact that everyone's attention is on Greenland and change our target, either Hongtu or Munshen?" "No, we will only lose the sesame seeds and lose the watermelon. Changing targets again and again will waste a lot of our time and energy, and it's not that easy to take down Mengshen and Hongtu. So far, only Greenland is the most suitable for us. Greenland has used this collapse once, other companies will definitely not be able to use this method again, and everyone will be on guard, so if we want a quick victory, we have to take Greenland! In addition, our first victory, morale will also be greatly increased. In the end, it's hard to say who will be the biggest beneficiary of this fiasco!" Shen Xi thought for a moment and nodded: "Good! So, we have to take Greenland tonight at all costs?" "At all costs!" Li Dong nodded heavily, this time out is the first battle of Dongyu, the first battle lost, according to the strength of Dongyu and Longhua contrast, the later can not fight. …… Tianxiang Building. Tianxiang House is not the most luxurious hotel in Pingchuan, but the largest hotel in Pingchuan. The entire Tianxiang Building covers an area of more than 700 acres, that is, more than 400,000 square meters. Tian Xiang Lou has a glorious history of receiving many celebrity leaders, tonight, Liu Meng chose the banquet venue in the Tian Xiang Lou. Hui Yuan. As a luxury car drove in, the originally quiet Hui Yuan gradually became noisy. Many small real estate developers arrived first, gathered in twos and threes and did not rush into the door, but gathered outside to chat. Today the old boss of Greenland suddenly invited guests, really surprised many people. At this time Liu Meng still have the heart to invite guests, many people are confused how he thought. Just when the crowd was whispering, someone in the crowd suddenly said, "Someone from Longhua is here!" The crowd turned their heads and saw a group of people not far from here walking in a grand manner, the usually low-key Xu Shengzhe was much more flamboyant today, followed by seven or eight corporate executives and six or seven black-clad bodyguards. When they saw Long Hua's gesture, many people were a bit surprised. What is the meaning of this? Just when the crowd was suspicious, someone else shouted, "Yurun is here too!"