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Chapter 572 - I'll pit you, you'll pit me, pit!

  Seeing that the scene is quiet and the atmosphere is awkward, Liu Mang suddenly laughed and said, "Gentlemen, what's going on here? Although I am in trouble, I can still afford to buy a meal." When the others heard this, they became even more embarrassed. After a while, Zhu Yicai interrupted the silence by saying, "Mr. Liu, let's get to the point. Today to come here is not for dinner, for what, we all know in our hearts. I lean on the old man once, green land counting on themselves, probably can not survive this hurdle." Liu Mang heard the body abruptly stiffened for a moment, and then the eyes suddenly ruthless color showed: "Yes! Greenland can not pass this hurdle! Gentlemen, it took me twenty years to build Greenland, but it fell apart in one day! These days, people's hearts are really poisonous! I, Liu Meng, admit it! I can not admit it, I'm old, there are talented people from generation to generation, each leading the way for hundreds of years! But my Liu Mang heart is not happy, some people do what they do, they know. I Liu Mang is also an old man, according to reason, there is no need to be so concerned about this, but the Greenland reputation is notorious, this is what I can not tolerate. I Liu Mang dare to pat my chest to say a sentence, I have done bad things in my life, done bad things, but not done the pit of future generations. Now it's good, you know what? Today, someone pointed at my nose and scolded me, saying I wolf heart and dog lungs, saying I even children are not spared, I am suffocating ah! Liu Mang said, while picking up a glass of wine to pour himself a glass of wine, red eyes gasping for breath: "You are afraid you do not know, then I was really aggrieved! If I really did it, then I admit it. It's not that I haven't earned black-hearted money before, but the kindergarten collapsed, where can I justify this? My son called me and scolded me, saying that I had blackened my heart, because my grandson was also in kindergarten. His grandmother, the son of a rabbit spent my money, but in the end, pointing to his old man's nose scolding, how can there be such a reason?" "……" Liu Mang rambled for a long time, just do not say the main topic. Li Dong is not in a hurry, slowly glanced at the table next to Xu Shengzhe and Hu Ming and his entourage, slightly raised his glass of wine, smiling and not smiling a drink. Xu Shengzhe glared at him, but Hu Ming did not move, raised his glass and drank a sip with him. Seeing his appearance, Li Dong whispered to Shen Xi and laughed: "The old man can sit still, if I can not sit still, almost being pointed at the nose scolded." Shen Xi is not surprised: "That is your temper, scold you how, these people have money to earn, you just spit in his face can. Don't look at Liu Mang now speak of righteous indignation, as if they have suffered much, they are these people, after all, or for money. He is to his own whitewash, to those who do not know the inside story, his house is not a problem, green land is not a problem. It's just someone else who fixed him, so he'll have to sell the green space later, pathetically." By Shen Xi said so, Li Dong suddenly came back to his senses, and when he looked at Liu Mang again, he could not help but twitch the corners of his mouth: "Holy shit, thanks I thought this old guy really held back, feelings here waiting for it." Shen Xi said amusingly: "said stifled actually or a little, after all, as he said, green these years can not be easy to get up. Not to the point of despair, they will not admit defeat." "Hey, the more I get in touch with these old guys, the more I think I'm too weak. It seems I still have to practice before I can do it." Shen Xi couldn't help but laugh: "Forget it, you're not that material. Besides, they can practice thick skin, that is time to polish, you should just honestly be your big tyrannical cow." "Fuck you." "……" The two of them joked for a few moments, and this time Liu Mang finally led the topic towards the green earth. What Li Dong did not expect was that this guy was the first to talk about himself. "Greenland is my life's work, I really can't leave Greenland. But sometimes, people always have to make some choice of last resort. I was thinking that even if I was poor and had nothing to eat, I couldn't sell my heart and soul. But now it's not a matter of me not having food to eat, it's a matter of thousands of employees under Greenland may not have food to eat. At this time I can not just care about themselves, the sale of Greenland has become my only choice, hey …… "Li Dong mouth corner can not help but twitch, you big brother! When did I talk to you about the acquisition? We just negotiated yesterday, I let Wu Shengnan and you communicate, not yet said acquisition, you say so in front of my face really good? Liu Meng said this out, many people cast a surprised look. Yao Hong and Lu Zhan Yuan is a tight frown, Xu Shengzhe Hu Ming these people is a sudden realization. So that's how it is! Feelings Li Dong has been the goal of the Greenland, feelings before his negotiations are actually ** fog, he said to hold shares of Munshen is actually a lull. This time Xu Shengzhe heart can not help but be shocked, this guy can be enough ah. Secretly and green to talk about the acquisition, if not for their own out of this one, maybe green may really be Li Dong to cut off. Once Greenland is cut off, then his hope of unifying the real estate sector in Jiangbei can be shattered, even if the acquisition of Munshen and Hongtu is successful, the effect is also greatly reduced.