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Chapter 573 - Personality can be relied upon!

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. The fact is that Liu Meng still suffered a loss, people are willing to eat this loss, can they still stop? Exhaled a foul breath, Xu Shengzhe sat down again, staring at Li Dong and Zhu Yicai two, do not know whether to say something. Li Dong glanced at him and whispered to Shen Xi and Wu Shengnan, "What now?" Shen Xi and Wu Shengnan both frowned, this is really not easy to do. If Liu Mang does not split the Greenland, the whole package for sale, the scene can have the strength to take over the Greenland is also far, Longhua, Rain three. But once the split, that has the strength of more. Even if one does not work, two or three join forces, can always get their preferred industry. Large real estate developers rarely cooperate with each other, because everyone is developing their own brand, but for small and medium-sized real estate developers, can make money on the line. As for what brand or not, it is another story, so in their opinion, it is not a big deal to find a few friends to cooperate in development. But in this way, Li Dong and they are at a disadvantage. Taking a few pieces of land or other industries alone does not give them a substantial strength boost, which is not in line with their original intention. In addition, they have to compete with others, and the cost is not proportional to the profit they get. After spending so much energy and time, the result is only a little money, for them, it is too uneconomical. Consider for a moment, Shen Xi said: "Liu Mang does not really want to split green land, after all, even if the split, these people on the field may not be able to take all the industry in his hands. In the end, what remains must be bad assets, for Liu Meng, this is more than worth the loss. And don't you forget, even if Liu Meng wants to split up, he has to ask others if they agree." "Others?" "Banks and the government." Shen Xi reminded softly. Li Dong suddenly dawned, but still frowned: "But now what? Liu Mang to really split up, as long as you can get the money before the bank and the government reacts, the matter of arrears and the accident is set right, the bank side and the government, I'm afraid, will not necessarily block it." "You think he has the time? Do you think other people are like you and don't treat money as money, something in the hundreds of millions, and they'll pay it off so quickly?" Li Dong rolled his eyes and said, "Don't drag me into this, I'm asking for your opinion!" Shen Xi said: "We have no opinion, we just think that Liu Meng deliberately threw bait to lure you guys to compete. As long as the three of us can sit tight and keep quiet today, Liu Meng's spin-off plan is a joke." "I have no problem with that, but do you see them two guys like that kind of people?" Li Dong mumbled a sentence, he was saying, next to the phone vibrated. Li Dong picked it up and took a look, it was a text message, clicked on the text message to read a moment, Li Dong glanced at not far away is playing with the phone Xu Shengzhe, thought about it and took the phone to Shen Xi two people. Wu Shengnan finished reading and whispered: "I'm afraid he'll turn the tiger away from us." Shen Xi also said, "At this time we can not leave the field first, if we go, they do not go, then we will lose a lot." Li Dong nodded at his words and quickly returned a text message. Not far away, Xu Shengzhe held the phone frowned slightly, looked up at Li Dong, saw Li Dong look like I do not believe you, Xu Shengzhe can not help but speechless. After whispering and discussing with Hu Ming, Xu Shengzhe nodded towards Li Dong in no time. Li Dong saw the situation and turned his eyes to Zhu Yicai, Xu Shengzhe nodded again. Li Dong narrowed his eyes and stretched out his finger, gestured towards him a one, then gestured towards Zhu Yicai a two, and finally pointed to himself. Xu Shengzhe was full of black lines, looked towards Zhu Yicai side, the two eyes exchanged a moment, then both nodded. Only then did Li Dong smile in satisfaction and whispered to Shen Xi and the girls, "Then believe them once this time, we have to break this deadlock to do so." Shen Xi said softly: "Still have to do more hand preparation." Li Dong laughed: "Do not worry, Xu Shengzhe pitted me once is okay, pitted me twice, he is still a little young." As several people were talking, Xu Shengzhe, who was not far away, suddenly stood up and said to Liu Meng, who was explaining to several small real estate developers, "Mr. Liu, since you want to split up, there is no need for us to stay at this dinner party, Longhua. My company still has some business, Mr. Liu, sorry, we'll leave first." Liu Mang slightly froze, was about to make a sound, not far away Zhu Yicai also got up and said, "I and Mr. Xu mean the same thing, the spin-off of Greenland is not very helpful to us, Mr. Liu, we will also say goodbye first." Seeing that both of them want to leave, Liu Mang hurriedly said, "Mr. Xu, Mr. Zhu, we can ……" before he finished his sentence, Li Dong also lazily got up and said, "Mr. Liu, then I will also leave first. The size of the split greenfield is too small, like chicken ribs, I want this thing also useless, next time we have the opportunity to cooperate again." The three people almost simultaneously proposed to leave, Liu Meng did not have time to say anything more, the three people got up and left together with the others. Seeing that they really left, Liu Meng lost his composure and hurriedly stepped forward to stop them, but a small real estate developer stopped him and greeted him with a smile: "Mr. Liu, talk to us again! Although we are not strong, we have many people to help Mr. Liu get through this difficult time or no problem." "Yes, yes, Mr. Liu, tonight is your treat, you as the host can not leave first." The small and medium-sized real estate developers were eager for Li Dong to leave, so they were not willing to let Liu Meng go. Liu Mang was entangled for a while, and his face turned red with anger, and he wanted to curse. Slightly calmed down a mood, Liu Mang saw several people have no trace, had to press down and the crowd chat. …… outside of Hui Yuan. Walking in the forefront of Xu Shengzhe stopped in his tracks, waiting for Li Dong and Zhu Yicai two parties caught up, Xu Shengzhe then opened his mouth and said, "Li Dong, General Zhu, you have seen the situation tonight." "Liu Meng Zhi is not dividing the green land, but wants to force us to raise our hands and surrender. But he does not think, now the Greenland which is still qualified to bargain with us? We three gone, you let him split try, I see how much he can sell out in the end? Once the quality industries under Greenland are sold, leaving those undesirable industries behind, Greenland will go up in smoke in no time. This time he sold the whole package, can still get some money back to retirement. But spin off Greenland, I suspect he will have to end up starving to death in the streets, this I think you two should be able to see." Zhu Yicai nodded and said: "I naturally understand this reasoning, terrible fear, someone is not willing, secretly will contact Liu Meng. Once there is a leverage, Liu Mang will not meekly bow down." Xu Shengzhe agreed: "This is certain, some people and Liu Mang, even if the damage to others, he is willing to do."