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Chapter 574 - A cold caused a bloodbath

  Li Dong just came out of Tian Xiang Lou, and without waiting for Shen Xi to ask, he picked up his cell phone and called Wang Peng Fei. As soon as the call came through, Li Dong asked, "You haven't left yet, have you?" "No, I'll see if I can get some benefits." Wang Pengfei smiled and said, "This time you don't want, I have no problem picking up some benefits, right?" "Think too much of you! If you can pick up benefits, my name is written backwards, Liu Meng will not split." Wang Pengfei sniffed and sighed: "Guessed, but not to try it is not willing ah." "Do not be reluctant, do me a favor." "You say." "When the meal is over, you find Liu Meng talk, use Pengfei's name to see if you can take over the green land. Anyway, you are ready to come to Jiangbei to develop, at this time you are interested in Greenland, people will not suspect you. I made an agreement with Xu Shengzhe and the others that they would not contact Greenland openly within half a month. This half month, I keep an eye on them, you grasp some tight, see if you can handle Liu Mang. As long as you can take the green land, I guarantee that in the future, Jiangbei real estate sector, there will definitely be a place for you Pengfei!" Wang Pengfei slightly lowered his voice and said, "Is this feasible? After all, my strength is here, Liu Mang may not be able to trust me." "How not! You Pengfei in Sichuan Shu is also a well-known large enterprises, you Wang Pengfei is not a nobody, he Liu Mang why not trust you!" "That ……" Wang Pengfei wanted to say something else, Li Dong said grimly: "Old Wang, what relationship between our brothers? I didn't forget you when I got rich, this little favor you refuse to help? It's not like I'm asking you to pay, I'm just asking you to show up, this time you're pushing and pushing, you're not going to eat the green land alone, are you?" Wang Pengfei heard this and quickly said, "Mr. Li, look at what you said. Am I such a person? Besides, how can I have the strength to take over Greenland? Don't worry, I'll take care of it, I promise to do my best." "Then, thanks a lot, if things work out, I, Li Dong, am not the kind of person who is ungrateful." "Okay, I'll hang up now, I'll go and probe Liu Meng later." "You go ahead, I'll wait for your good news." "……" hung up the phone, Li Dong slightly relieved, Shen Xi saw the situation and asked, "Wang Pengfei?" "Hmm." "You are not with Xu Shengzhe they ……" Li Dong rolled his eyes and said, "You still take it seriously? The first thing you need to do is to look at it, and then they will be looking for someone to contact Liu Meng. We keep an eye on them, really I caught the handle, I will go to the door to ask for debt, Zhu Yizai side is difficult to say, Xu Shengzhe I still owe him a private one hundred million, then don't blame me not to pay him back." Shen Xi could not help but laugh: "Then what if Wang Pengfei was caught?" "It won't." Li Dong confidently said, "I work with Wang Pengfei, only you and Wu and Wang Pengfei a few people know. As long as you do not say, Wang Pengfei is not stupid, he is still ready to work with me to see if we can make a profit, certainly will not say. We do not say, who will know that I will cooperate with Wang Pengfei? I'm afraid even Xu Shengzhe didn't think that I would do it." Shen Xi nodded at her words, and Wu Shengnan even assured, "Don't worry, Mr. Li, I won't reveal anything." "No need to guarantee anything, just watch your mouth." Li Dong laughed and said, "Mr. Wu, don't withdraw the negotiation team, immediately divide the staff into two ways. One way openly and door Shen contact, all the way secretly and Hongtuo negotiation ……" "Mr. Li, this is?" "Just a diversion, save Xu Shengzhe and the others to see me so idle and suspect on." "I know." …… December 26th. When Li Dong woke up in the morning, he felt dizzy and instantly realized that he should have a heavy cold. The weather is colder these days and he is busy, probably caused by the wind and cold from drinking a little wine last night. For several years, since his rebirth, Li Dong has been in good health, even if not much exercise and almost never sick. Now this illness, Li Dong suddenly realized that he turned out to be no different from ordinary people. Just about to get up to get some cold medicine to eat, just sitting up, Li Dong suddenly felt black in front of his eyes, bang on the bed. The back of his head knocked on the head of the bed, Li Dong shivered in pain, but also because of this knock, let Li Dong's head clear up. Although the head is clear, Li Dong but feel weak. After resting on the bed for a while, Li Dong fumbled with his cell phone and reluctantly dialed Shen Xi's phone number. Once the call came through, Li Dong said vaguely, "Call me an ambulance, I'm sick." "Sick! What's wrong with you!" Shen Xi was startled, and hurriedly asked questions, Li Dong interrupted: "Do not be startled, the flu, just a little dizzy. But you toss a little bit of movement, it is best to let everyone know that I am sick, especially the Longhua side, I am sick, these guys will always divert some attention to it, to Wang Pengfei to buy a little time." Shen Xi heard the first sigh of relief, then complained: "At this time you still think of calculating? You can't put anything else in your head but money, forget it, I don't care to talk about you, I'll rush over. Do you really want an ambulance?" "Nonsense, of course I do. Besides, I just bumped the back of my head, seems to be bleeding, grandmother, quite painful, I can't really curse myself with this crow's mouth, right?" Li Dong touched the back of his head, his hand was a little sticky, then muttered a sentence on the blackness in front of his eyes, this time is really a black, the whole person next unconscious. ……26 morning, the urgent ambulance siren broke the quiet of the Wanyuan district. When Shen Xi cried pearly tears followed the stretcher ran downstairs, Tan Yong a group of security personnel face gloomy than the cold wind cold. Li Dong was sick, or rather not sick, but injured. When Li Dong's phone fell silent, originally thought he was joking Shen Xi suddenly realized that something really seems to have happened.