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Chapter 575 - Scaring you to death!

  Provincial Hospital. When these people arrived, they were all stopped. Outside the special ward, dozens of men in black suits stared coldly at the crowd, refusing to move out of the way no matter what these people said. Xu Shengzhe said angrily, "Old Zhou! I just go, you don't stop me, can't I even get down?" Zhou Haidong coldly said, "Mr. Xu, Mr. Li is now undergoing surgery, when the surgery is over, I naturally won't stop you." "Bullshit! Who is operating in the ward, is Li Dong okay? Intentionally scaring us?" Zhou Haidong coldly said, "Mr. Li only suffered a small injury, the doctor said that the operation in the ward will be fine, no need to bother Mr. Xu to care, as for scaring you, I don't think it's necessary." "Really a small injury?" Xu Shengzhe was a little unconvinced. If it was really a minor injury, would it be necessary to use such a big battle? Dozens of security personnel surrounded the ward, even with weapons on them, although the surface came up, but Xu Shengzhe is not an ordinary person, a glance to know that these security personnel are in extreme vigilance. And Li Dong was seriously injured, many people are witnessed. At this time, the more Zhou Haidong said lightly, Xu Shengzhe more suspicious, to the end Xu Shengzhe could not help but tremble: "Old Zhou, do not hide me, is not …… is not ……" behind The phrase "can not" Xu Shengzhe how can not say out. Zhou Haidong face grim, gritted his teeth and said: "Mr. Xu think too much! Mr. Li is very healthy and will soon be able to recover and be discharged from the hospital!" "Recovery from the hospital ……" Xu Shengzhe suddenly some sadness: "He is not this kind of person, this guy if really fine will also make a big noise, but the more quiet, the more uneasy I am in my heart. " "General Xu!" Zhou Haidong frowned and drank: "Xu can go first if nothing, and when Li recovered some, I will tell Li that you came to see him." "I ……" Xu Shengzhe side is still ready to say more, next to suddenly someone cried and cried: "Where is Li Dong? Is he okay?" Zhou Haidong eyes red red Hu Xiaorui, tight face can not help but ease some, but wait behind Hu Ming, Zhou Haidong once again regained indifference said: "Miss Hu, Mr. Li is fine, just a small injury, will soon be able to recover." "Is that so? Then I want to go in" "No, the doctor has ordered, this time can not go in." "But I just want to go in and see, can't I? Woo woo ……" Hu Xiaorui was making a scene when another large group of people hurried over. Hu Wanlin Zhang Lan Yu these people have come forward to ask the situation, there are a few imposing middle-aged men to go forward and Zhou Haidong to deal with: "Hello, we are the staff of the municipal government office, Mayor Chen will arrive soon, Mr. Li's side of the body is okay?" Zhou Haidong heard that several people are government staff, his face slightly eased and said, "For the time being, what, experts are consulting. When the results are available, we will definitely notify you first, in addition to thank you very much for Mayor Chen's concern." "Then can we go in?" "Sorry, no one can go in now." "But Mayor Chen will be here soon, we have to know something, right?" "Sorry, we will communicate with Mayor Chen about this." Several men frowned slightly and were about to say something when a man suddenly walked out of the ward and stared at several people and said coldly, "What's all the fuss! Go back to your homes and make trouble, who told you? I said it is not suitable for people to visit now, you have big faces, right?" Several government workers were reprimanded by her, some do not know Shen Xi, was about to voice a rebuttal, next to someone hurriedly pulled him a little. Just kidding, did not Miss Shen is in a state of explosion? The eyes are red and ready to kill, this time to talk back, but also must get you killed to do. A few people quieted down, at this time Xu Shengzhe a few people rushed forward to ask: "General Shen, how is the situation?" "Still in the consultation, you do not add to the mess, all go back, I am now very disturbed, do not want to entertain you, when there are results, the distant side will come out of the notice." Shen Xi impatiently replied and was about to go in when Hu Xiaorui suddenly cried and cried, "Sister Xi Xi, let me in." Shen Xi glanced back, the corners of her mouth twitched slightly, and finally sighed lightly: "You come in, maybe …… maybe ……" listening to her ambiguous, the others could not help but blush The first thing that I did was to tell you that Hu Xiaorui was howling. Shen Xi saw the situation rubbed his cheeks vigorously, as if he was crying, and as if he was hiding something, after a while before he said with a sad face, "Come in, don't cry, by you so much, I also want to cry." "Ooooooooo …… I …… don't cry ……" Hu Xiaorui sadly followed Shen Xi into the ward, then Zhou Haidong crowd blocked the doorway, everyone's face showed the expression of grief and anger. See this situation, Xu Shengzhe and Zhu Yicai these people can not help but sigh. Yao Hong shook his head slightly and said, "I hope Mr. Li will be safe, it's a pity." Xu Shengzhe glared at him and coldly snorted, "Even if something happens to him, your Munshen will not end up well!" Yao Hong said angrily, "What do you mean? Do you think I did this? I, Yao Hong, can sit upright, we all know who did this!" "In the end, who did it, this matter will definitely be investigated to find out the truth! You do not think that this is so simple past, I tell you, the consequences of this matter is absolutely beyond your imagination!" "Even if the consequences are serious, it has nothing to do with me!" "……" a few people are clamoring, Zhou Haidong steeply shouted: "What's all the fuss! Mr. Xu, Mr. Yao, at this time you make no peace, don't blame us for not giving you face!"